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  1. As opposed to spending ones time on an internet forum? Pomposity rules.
  2. On the virgin media 50mb line here. And as I am on it I'm eligible for the live torrent video network i.e every live tv channel on the planet free and every movie you could ever think of 'on demand' (including 1080p) from other >40mb connectees
  3. Bloody hell, this thread is a bit dramatic isn't it. The general consensus seems to be that education is pointless and school is a conditioning arena. What about the opportunities that education affords those that embrace it? I had some wonderful teachers at school who opened my eyes to many things that existed outside my immediate environment. A fascination with physics and the universe that continued into adulthood. An understanding of classic literature that still informs my way of thinking until today. A great breadth of friends from all walks of life who have added, in their own unique ways, to the person I am today. An awareness of history and how it moulded the world we live in today along with an understanding of other cultures and languages. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically... Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” - Martin Luther King Education is what you make of it and should be equally accessible to all. If you don't partake then take your medicine and stop moaning about other peoples pay and conditions.
  4. That's right - I'm in the public sector, doing a good job in schools I think. The sort of thing, in my opinion, that cannot be given over to a sector of society that holds shareholders values over the public good. But I have to agree on worthless jobs. In my immediate vacinity there are three guys who apparently do an ICT role for schools but they have not been out to a school in the 2 years they've been there. I'm totally serious. I happen to know their joint salary is £120k. They could go, tomorrow, and nobody would ever know. Shocking, frustrating and very demoralising. Believe or not some of us in the public sector hate the waste as well.
  5. I have only ever had two people's posts blocked - This BX man (stupid, peurile posts) and the nuts one, the one who has a maid an an avatar.
  6. Arrears accelerated in Q4 2008 - square the circle dear boy or go home and think on it
  7. Hilarious But I'm happy paying my fiver, well worth it. If the property bee guy wants to spend his overspill on that garbage then that's up to him
  8. OK children, this morning we're going to cover how to live life to the extreme before being found out. Anyone want to demonstrate how to take a line of charlie, anyone?
  9. maybe the site should be called www.housepricecrashbuteithercreditoremploymentorbothhasdisappeared.com
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