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  1. I stumbled across this while reading Nates Blog...... It has been apparently written from behind the cells. Some interesting conspiracy stuff but the attempted murder is a bit mad Looking_Behind_the_Curtain_1_.pdf Looking_Behind_the_Curtain_1_.pdf
  2. More here. Interesting story behind him as well. http://www.contrahour.com/contrahour/2006/...n_armstron.html
  3. When you have dealt with them you will understand. Mr Tesco - "I'm increasing the days of settlement for your business" Mr Supplier - "Oh sh*t our cash flow is going to get shafted" (thought inside head) Mr Supplier - "How about we drop our prices instead?" Mr Tesco - "Every Little Helps"
  4. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=100864
  5. A bit of a moving feast this one though and a potential bottomless pit. When you think you have sufficient capitalisation today, tomorrow your liabilities may be 2 or 3 times greater than first thought. But at the end of the day the only way to move on is to recognise the losses and move them away from the current lenders. There needs to be strong regulation on future lending to make sure this does not happen again... then in 80 years time we can do it all again!
  6. Yikes http://foreign-exchange.freehyperspace2.com/gbpusd_off.htm
  7. Testing support levels last seen in 2001 and 1992 @$1.42. If it breaks $1.40 / $1.39 it is all the way to $1.10 in a quick fashion.
  8. Unless "We The People" wake up, pick up thier pitch forks, load their guns and start shooting holes in goverment officials. I think we still underestimate the citizens of the USofA. And so does their goverment..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oaklahoma_City_Bombing How do you act when theft has been legalised?
  9. This is the equivalent of a 4 year old sh*tting their pants as and burying the soiled artifacts in a neighbours garden. Our government have resorted to the simplistic behaviour of a 4 year old. Isn't man-kind and evolutionary wonder?
  10. http://economicedge.blogspot.com/2009/01/b...ed-house-3.html He's been posting on Tickerforum for some time. Although this article is quite technical and chartist, he can also write about social economic insights. I thought this article on Bonds was a good overview for those like me who are constantly trying to understand more about the impacts of Bernanke's buying of America's debt to keep America's mortgage rates low and for how much longer it may be sustainable.
  11. Now That's What I Call Inflationary Policy http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle5507498.ece
  12. If the money was being loaned to an inefficient business, it may become inflationary. Creating bonds to be soley loaned on a deflating asset class will not be inflationary.
  13. Velocity & Wage Inflation. You need to square the circle. Just because you buy 100 pounds of petrol, does not mean that you are going anywhere. You need a mode of transport, a driver, a route, and a road.
  14. Hmmm. Looks like the printing presses are having no effect... Deflation it is again, eh?
  15. Deflation. By April you will be paying 20% less for a block of cheese. 100% guaranteed!
  16. He gets paid by the people who buy into his paper gold trading business......
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