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  1. Has everything been locked now? Is this only a bad dream?
  2. Hi everyone I have never stayed long in the company of people who did not appreciate this company. The current drama around the gold thread is ridiculous. The moderators are mostly opposed to this thread and topic, and the current situation is making it much less convenient to access the thread, especially if one wants to have the main forum on the screen at the same time. The floating thread indicated much better when there was action on the thread and in gold, or other parts of the economy. There is no need to discuss the relevance of gold to property, credit and the economy in gen
  3. Even better: don't buy the rising market at all! OK, that's really my last post now until the gold thread issues get's solved. Bye.
  4. This thread is not just a metal thread. Gold is a macro-economic variable, the only currency that cannot be created by will/paper. The present crisis and bursting credit bubble is deeply rooted in the abolishment of the Gold-Dollar standard in 1971. And, yes, house prices (and how they relate to gold) get discussed on here too. I think it is very inconvenient to access the thread where it is now. I either need two windows, or I either miss out on the main forum or the gold thread. I therefore very much favour an unpinned version in the main forum as it was before (and was widely accepted too
  5. Oh dear. Well, someone asked to pin the thread. Then someone complained about the thread being pinned. Now access to the thread has gone back to inconvenient. We should just go back to good old free-floating. Sorry Oldie, I know you do your best here, but even people on the thread have different opinions.
  6. I also liked it free-floating in the main forum the best. Two big advantages: (1) Usually only 1 or 2 clicks away. (2) The position indicates how lively the discussion is at the moment. If it's not going to be in the main forum, I might follow Pluto's example - although I hope he takes back his decision if the thread gets floated again.
  7. Bloomberg all bullish on gold today. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home
  8. Oh man, I do spend to much time on here. But the markets are jittery today. Makes for good discussions.
  9. Buffett seems to have wisened up now. http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/03/03/business/buffett.php
  10. Is the thread getting moved around again? Strange things going on.
  11. Someone sold a shed load of Dollars, it seems.
  12. Whoaaaa! Who was that!!?? EDIT: OK, it has stopped now. Pheww, that briefly looked like a moonshot to me.
  13. Scotland will crash and burn. In contrast to popular Scottish opinion, the credit crunch and UK-HPC WON'T stop at Hadrian's Wall.
  14. It looks increasingly like a commercial signal failure in silver. The shorts are heading for the hills, while the price is going up! I can easily imagine it to go to $25-$30 in this upsurge (see recently posted charts).
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