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  1. I hope landlords don't put rents up 60% to bring them in line with house prices.
  2. I need some reassurance. Is the HPC going to happen? The general media condenses seems to be that everything is on an even keel now and that it is all over.
  3. Mortgage Introducer: Haart 'disappointed' by no change in rates Sorry I cannot believe this t***** Russell Jervis. He said: “The Bank of England has missed a real opportunity to help the homebuyer and the housing market.†What a stupid comment. If the rate comes down he would just put up the prices to soak up the difference; not changing mortgage repayments one bit. The market would fall from higher.
  4. Yes for a limited time only - Until it is reduced again.
  5. I love it. There is obviously no limit: Igloo, Tepee, Mud hut, cardboard-box under Waterloo Bridge, etc…. This program will run forever. The one I want to watch is “Estate Agent shop to Luxury Apartment Makeover†TV.
  6. What do people think Nationwide always seem to have been accurate in the past?
  7. I had the same dream and the bus turned into a lay-by.
  8. I don’t live in London so I don’t know the market. I have just been with a friend who is a potential FTB and renting in Archway. She said that Archway is going up and she is collecting her savings for a deposit. I said that I thought that the whole of London in going down. I also said that I didn’t think that it was a good time to get on the property ladder because even if the market didn’t crash it will probably go down a bit more. She looked at me as if I was mad. Who is deluding themselve her or me? If her what is she thinking to consider buying in this market?
  9. I forgot to add that the pension companies could be the buyers waiting in the wings ready to snap up properties causing the market to rise. Especially if the IR are low.
  10. I agree most people I know are desperate to own there own homes. I also get the impression that they will buy as soon as prices are within reach as long as they get a reasonable deal. They see it as a long term home that will bounce back in price in there is a dip in price.
  11. 1. Bear. 2. STR own home + two BTL let. 3. South/South East. 4. IT, Freelance. 5. Degree. 6. 44.
  12. The housing market looks like it is going to fall a bit. Manufacturing seems to be doing badly so interest rates could be brought back down and with house prices not going up this wouldn’t be a problem. Manufacturing was the reason for interest rates coming so low in the first place. I know of lots of people who are looking to buy either first time or BTL a small dip in prices would be the sign to jump in to the market. With the above could house prices go back up in 2005?
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