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  1. I'm pretty sure there was only 1 forum before this one, i found it in October 2003, so it could not have been going that long, it was like a breath of fresh air reading posts from people in the same situation fed up with high house prices and the never ending deluge of property porn programmes, i always enjoyed reading posts from Topher Bear, RJG, Van, TTRTR, Buffer Bear, Gavin, Bubble Pricker, Evil Sam(my fave poster)etc.
  2. Some of us were flitting back and forth between the old site and the new site lurking before finally signing up, in 2001, 2-3 bed terraced houses in a half decent area were between £40K - £50K, by about 2003 they had nearly doubled in price, that's when i decided i had had enough of the overpriced houses and was certain that this could not continue, i did not think back then that it would have taken this long though for the situation to turn around.
  3. When i was delivering components into Vauxhall at Luton, it seemed to be common knowledge that the plant only had another 18 months left before production of the vans is moved elsewhere, i'm sure the car plant at Ellesmere Port was mentioned, but it would not surprise me if production of the vans went abroad.
  4. A mate of mine who delivers components to build the vans at the Vauxhall plant in Luton said that one of the big breakdown companies, AA or RAC, can't remember which, had cancelled their contract for new vans this year and he said something about either the company he works for or the Vauxhall plant going onto a 4 day week.
  5. "Having given Brains, inventor of International Rescue's Thunderbird machines, an open brief to design their latest project, executives of the World Aircraft Corporation attend a meeting to hear his proposals. They are astonished to hear that in an age of high technology and speed, he thinks it would be a good idea to build a 21st Century airship. The committee room descends into hysterical laughter at his suggestion." I know, how sad am i - lol.
  6. Very large transport company i now work for had already started cutting back on staff numbers when they took us over recently, they have now given 30 days notice to 3 depots that they will be shutting and the staff made redundant.
  7. Stupid Bint! Please do not use this thread as an excuse to post up a picture of the bearded lady, it gave me nightmares the first time.
  8. No, what is happening is that the VED groups are being expanded from 7 bands up to 13 bands by splitting some of the existing CO2 emissions bands, as an example my 2005 car is in band F, form 2009 my car will fall into the new band J, so my annual car tax will go up from £210 this year to £260 next year, then it will go up to £270 in 2010, if i was to buy a new car that fell into band J from 2010, there is going to be a one off 'showroom tax' to pay, so my first years tax would be £425, then it will be whatever the standard rate is the next year and so on. Cars that fall into the highest tax band M, which is 225+ CO2 will be £440 in 2009, in 2010 the first year tax will be £950, then the standard rate after that will be £455. These new tax bands are being applied retrospectively to all cars registered from March 2001 onwards, what this means is, if your car was registered from March 2001, then your cars CO2 emmisions will fall into one of the new 13 bands and you will pay the new tax that corresponds to that band, you will not have to pay any 'back' tax.
  9. I found this website when it started as the old forum back in 2003, at the time i could not believe how high house prices had gone and were still going up rapidly, i did a search on google to see if there was any like minded individuals and eventually stumbled across HPC, back then i did not think it would take nearly 5 years for the madness to end(hopefully).
  10. Yes, i think the guys name was Chris Parker, i can't remember his username on here, that London Tonight video looks like the one i recorded and uploaded onto the HPC website for Bubble Pricker, the quality was shite because the server at that time would only let me upload in 5mb chunks, so had to compress the video clip right down. - lol.
  11. I think that building used to house the Pagoda restaurant, i seem to remember a big illuminated red PAGODA sign on top of the building facing the lower precint, if you squint hard, i suppose the building does look a bit like a pagoda tower, lol. I have fond memories of going in to Town with my Mum on a Saturday morning, these days i try to avoid the Town Centre as much as possible, this is a better view of the Lower Precint as i prefer to remember it -
  12. http://england.shelter.org.uk/advice/advice-7507.cfm
  13. For £3 you can download the LL's title register which will tell you his/her name and address on the property you were renting. http://www.landregisteronline.gov.uk/
  14. Check you tenancy agreement as it may say you have to allow access for repairs when given a reasonable amount of notice. On reading your last post it sounds more likely the LL wants to carry out improvement work which is different from repairs, what sort of work needs doing?, i am sure if the property is un-inhabitable while this work is going on your LL has to put you up in a Hotel. http://england.shelter.org.uk/advice/advic...wipLive-13041-3 http://england.shelter.org.uk/advice/advice-4082.cfm
  15. Probably accidental overdose by taking something like St. John's wort aswell as prescription anti-depressants thinking the 2 combined will work quicker and more effectively, but all it does is send you on a major downer, headaches, throwing up all the time and head spinning when you stand up, so i'm told.
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