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  1. Well the Spanish do not agree with you as it is very popular with them including the Spanish Prime Minister and several others who have holiday homes in Vera Playa! Not a bad principle to buy where the locals do in any property market! Lots of scope for development and lots planned including the AVE Some of the best beaches in Spain and Cabo de Gata is an interesting country park and attractive mountains provide a backcloth to views Some parts not so attractive as others but that applies to everywhere but a low crime rate and of course the best overall weather in Southern Europe So all i
  2. Everyone used to think that Spain had all the problems and Dubai was the star in the east! Dubai probelms now make those previously experienced in Spain look minute in comparison and at least most of the properties were built and the majority of the so called' illegal homes' will be made legal And the legal system whilst slow is at least european and you can exercise bank guarantees and the banks will pay [ or be made to pay] The stories coming out of Dubai do not make pleasant reading, lets hope it recovers in due course but for many off plan investors it is not looking good just now
  3. In this current market life style buyers should be a touch careful about buying direct from owners OK if you know the market well but all too often the asking prices are historic and unrealistic. Now this may be because the seller does not have to sell and so will just sit it out until a buyer comes along at the price they want Now you may just find a bargain but you should take as your starting point an offer circa 25% less than asking price and bear in mind that there are lots of distressed sales out there: 2 bed duplex , price paid 185.000 € owner has to sell to clear debt so will take 1
  4. Yes but they are very selective as you can imagine As always the most important aspect is location and in recessions like this buyers tend to be conservative and hence go back to basic locations That is why France and Spain will remain popular...known locations and modern economies and as far as Spain is concerned all the problems of the past have been sorted by new regulations for buyers Off plan is dead in the water or should I say 'in concrete' for several years to come Those buying want ready now or re sales..there is ofcourse no benefit in buying off plan now ...just extra risks Also
  5. relatively crime free for a EU location and Spain is in Almeria between Aguilas and Mojacar And there are gated and secure developments Good schools and nice properties Relatively quiet location except for July/ August and the Spanish PM and some other ministers have holiday home here A nice 2 bed villa on a good size plot will cost you from circa 150.000 € depending on where you want to live Just now some very good buys about but who knows what the position will be like in 2 year or so...I would have thought that we will see some economic recovery in EU by then
  6. Well Polaris World is ticking over - at Condado de Alhama the first buyers are taking possession and by all reports loving it; some report that the mortgage valuation is higher than the price they are paying which is probably a surprise to them but the prices were very competitive Like all developers the world over Polaris World are reviewing their building time scales and on ready now there are some very good deals not only for the unsold properties on the established resorts but on Condado de Alhama Long term a 2 bed unit at 119.800 € may turn out to be not a bad deal for life style buye
  7. After yesterday it looks as though we are all in for a torrid time everywhere! All the so called emerging markets now look very bad and in times like this the best locations come out best and also the safe ones [ if anywhere value wise is safe] So what do life style buyers do? If you are in or approaching your 60's and want to spend full or part time in the sun, or even want a holiday how in the sun then you have to make a pragmatic decision Life is moving on, waiting a year or so for values to improve, to make your purchase look like a good investment, is a long time Spain and other pop
  8. Cuevas is nice but also near Huercal Overa and if you want to be near the coast San Juan de los Terreros Some good deals here and it is an area just being developed and very popular with the Spanish in summer Not a bad policy to buy where it is popular with the locals Not all builders are having to reduce their prices, some just stop building for the time being But mainly for life style buyers not inexperienced investors!!!.....if you buy with a view to enjoying it yourself and treat the capital growth over the next 5/10 years [ yes values will recover as they did after the 70's crash wh
  9. It seems to get worse in UK by the day and to think that it was only a short time ago that everyone in UK thought we had the strongest economy in EU!! Now all the slagging about the Spanish economy is put into perspective!...having problems like everywhere but at least their banks did not get caught out in USA and had to be saved by their government buying large chunks of them Seems as though Santander is buying up our banks!! They have their own property problems and it will take time to sort out but for those who can buy there are some very good deals on properties in good locations Same
  10. Interesting and this forum post has been quite quiet for a while...perhaps those interested in Spain have been there on holiday or just watching the Olympics After the holidays are over interest from life stye buyers will possibly start again and there are certainly good deals about from all developers, even the big well known ones like Polaris World So for anyone who has the funds or can get the finance ,which is still available in Spain, the last quarter of 2008 may well prove to be a good time to go over to Spain to have a look and see first hand what you can get for your money After al
  11. On past markets 12/18 years to the next boom is probably a touch too long to wait...perhaps circa 10 years Should start to move again circa 2010 but booms only come every so often But that does not mean everyone should keep out of the property markets in EU, most are life style buyers and the current market in general reflects the current stage of the economic cycle You can waste a lot of enjoyable life style if you wait for the booms to start before buying...............no reason not to buy for life style reasons in EU provided you can afford to and look for the good buys which are aroun
  12. Yes,because the administrators will still run the business and then look at all options.....that is the procedure Parador may well in some form or another still trade in the future In the meantime many of their clients will be a touch concerned........and of course one of the problems the administrators have in running the business that anyone wanting to buy in 2008 will probably not want to use them Service business are always the most difficult to deal with in administartion
  13. This is a copy of the press release today Parador Properties, which was once considered to be one of Europe’s top estate agents, has gone into voluntary administration. The company had operations in Ireland, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and the UK, though most of the homes it sells are located in Spain. The company took a client-centered approach to property sales by flying prospective purchasers to their desired destinations and offering advice about specific areas and communities. Simon Lambert and managing director Jack Hamilton founded Parador in 1998. Homes Overseas rece
  14. Well you have to admit that with the ever increasing cost of heating your home which everyone says is going to increase a lot over the next 10/20 years.....at least on the Spanish Costas this is cheap!!!.....only needed a bit for a few months a year.....hot water now by solar for every residential unit and probably for everything else in 10/20 years Air con...well living there you get used to it and then only needed for a few really hot weeks.............should make Spain a very attractive location for the future retired generations who live off their pensions....and do not want to waste foss
  15. As 2008 moves on there are some good deals about for 'life style buyers' The odd bank sale if you can find them.....just received details of a 2 bed GF apartment in Vera Playa Almeria now at 157.000 € as the bank wants a sale...an offer circa 136.000 € may interest them! Most in this part of Spain are just holding on as it is going to be a growth area when EU economy gets back to normal...say circa 2010 So in the very best locations the price is static with the odd offer! and very much cheaper than CDS and the life styel more ' relaxed' But most 'life style' buyers can not wait for ever..
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