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  1. I like how she actually wants sympathy! She borrwed 17k now its time to pay it back. Its not a new concept you stupid woman. They lent it to you, they didnt give it to you
  2. The feeling of utter exasperation at after four years at university trying to aspire to better jobs/housing/lifestyle, I found myself so priced out of a property market that meant I could just about afford a one bed flat in some sh*t hole part of town that was worth a third four years ago. I hated the depressing thoughts and general malaise it put on me. Boll*cks to it
  3. Bentley Coupes owned by 'property developers' (re: ex-Carpenters, electricians and brickkies), The new massive Chav underclass, Starbucks, 'weekend millionaires', Peter 'the ****' Mandelson, Footballers who can hardly read or write being paid 130k a week, Billionaire club owners - Abramovich, and finally a complete lack of common sense on part of nearly the entire british population for a decade
  4. I may have missed something here, but did the £500 billion bailout of the banking system go through a voting system in a similar manner to the Americans $700 billion one? Or did that **** Brown and his wet nurse Darling just push it through unhindered? If the latter happened then its another step away from a democratic Britain. Its taxpayers money so surely there should be more control over how its spent rather than just letting these two incompetants burn it!
  5. I did an aerospace apprenticeship followed by a first class BEng and an MSc and to be honest if I could go back ten years and change I most certainly would. I have been fortunate in now being a contractor but it makes you think why would anyone go through an Engineering degree to get 25k a year. We are apparently comparable to lawyers and doctors so where is the pay?
  6. I've seen chat on the website of prices still rising in certain areas like Brighton and such like. How can they possibly rise? Particularly when you look at Brighton already being hugely over priced. How can anyone on anything near the average wage afford any property over 150K? The maths just dont add up and to be honest they have not added up for several years!! A 200k mortgage will set you back upwards of 1300 a month easily, how much must somebody need to earn in order to buy that? Well in excess of 50k a year, and how many people earn that?? Gone are the days when a mortgage would be paid off by inflation. The money we have locked up in equity is not real money, we cant honour it with gold or paper money. Its nothing. Better we just sit back and let the debt-drunk society correct itself, not heap more fuel on the fire.
  7. I've set one up later today on at 175k, no intention of buying whatsoever but gonna offer 130k ish, just to see the reaction!
  8. I work as an aircraft designer and have a little knowledge of the EFA Typhoon. It is pretty much an early 80's concept that has been continually revised to give it more roles/functionality, a kind of 'jack of all trades'. Its hugley overbudget because of this (10's billions) and should really just have been an out and out interceptor. As far as stealth technology goes this was always banded about to potential customers when the aircraft was in developement. In fact it is comparable to an F18 for stealth, basically its not designed that way. For pure stealth, the airframe would be something along the lines of an F22, ie purpose built for the job. Capability wise its comparable to heavier aircraft such as the F15 and F18. It has been said that we would have faired better buying either of these aircraft with updated avionics - but that wouldnt be British! Its a pretty good aircraft but already well out of date and hugely expensive.
  9. As far as I know the medals are only plated and not solid, pure gold.
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7485050.stm Probably one of the best regiments in the British army and one of the first into any conflict, yet the government wont recognise what these guys do for Britain. Half of them probably cant even get British passports! I know, why dont we just carry on bailling out dole-bludgers and illegal immigrants instead?! This kind of thing makes me furious
  11. To be fair he has done a fairly good job of it. It would cost way less than 250k. Probably looking nearer the 100k mark IMO. Crazy how that can suddenly make the house worth over a million!
  12. 14k a year is a joke. Perhaps as a supplementary income but even then its only 850 a month? Despite what people think, wages havent really moved for about the last 6-8 years. When I finished my apprenticeship in 1999 skilled fitters were on 21k a year. Now the figure is more like 23k. Its just not happening. We have a strange phenomenon where low paid works are sitting in 250-300k properties only because they bought them years ago.
  13. I've lived there for years now and its getting worse everyday. I can remember terraced 2 bed houses for 60k now being 130k in an area of town nobody really wants to live. The average wage is far far below the 23k quoted and the quality of the people in the city is made up of chavs, immigrants, doleys and no hopers ( there are a few nice, normal folk but these are few and far between ) Its nowhere near a hard town like Glasgow but the people (plastic gangsters or mockneys) there who like to think it is. Generally the place lacks any kind of future for the kids growing up there unless they fancy being a hairdresser or a bricklayer! All the wealth in the city is controlled by a few developers/drug dealers (both are mutually inclusive) and anyone from the city will know who these people are. The place lets the south coast down, its the sshit hole in between Brighton and Bournemouth. I for one am looking to get out asap.
  14. Thats the case with myself. I just want a reasonably priced home and dont want to be ripped off for absolutely nothing other than peoples blatant greed. Hike interest rates, combat inflation and f**k the housing market - Save the prudent and punish the greedy
  15. I like the 'the contract was in Spanish and nobody explained it to us' phrase! Ignorance of the facts is no defence you dumb ass. Even though you are blindly ignorant and about to lose 200k! nice work
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