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  1. Another retail chain bites the dust. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/1125364/select-fashion-stores-closing-administration-buy-clothes-online
  2. Probably don't have that brief but in an election year they may get huge pressure to cut rates. Of course they shouldn't do that but who knows where it will lead. It's the bleating of the masses that gets me, our house was worth x and it should always be that much or higher, blah blah. I hope they crash 20% and take the banks with them.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/business/grogonomics/2019/mar/21/house-prices-keep-dropping-and-theres-no-end-in-sight Looks like the RBA are being pressured to keep the bubble inflating but they are reluctant to do so.
  4. What does this article have to do with houseprices ?
  5. How about a windfall tax on housebuilders and clawback on bonuses for the bosses. Anyone care to start one of those petitions that has to be debated in parliament if it reaches enough signatures.
  6. https://www.news.com.au/finance/real-estate/buying/sydney-man-reveals-key-to-buying-four-properties-in-just-four-years/news-story/f68798d118abd64ab15c29193bed7850 And yet the very same web site is still promoting the dream with articles like the one above. They should do a follow up in 5 years time to see what happens. PS. Having to choose between having a social life or having somewhere to live shouldn't be something young people have to do.
  7. www.news.com.au/finance/business/banking/it-is-worse-than-being-back-to-square-one-westpac-hit-with-class-action-over-irresponsible-lending/news-story/6b3d4058db96c442c05ae0e2112f32c6. And so it starts. Some really good quktes in here and pictures of tearful ladies. I really don't believe that the borrowers didn't understand what they were getting in to.
  8. The interest is generally front loaded so that in the first 5 years you pay mostly interest and very little capital. Therefore your accrued equity would not be as high as you state.
  9. Not much humanity from EA when they are rinsing every last penny out of you so they can by a new X6. Still, another 120 empty shops on the high st will only add to the sense that the economy is going down the pan.
  10. Another 113 shops going to be standing empty. High St is shrinking so much.
  11. www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jan/26/small-supermarket-wales-owned-surrey-casino-property. Councils being lent money by central government to invest in commercial property. Meanwhile central government pursues hard brexit which may crash property prices by up to 70%. Perfidious Albion.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jan/23/sadiq-khan-makes-rent-control-key-plank-of-mayor-re-election-bid Rent controls - a vote winner in London
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jan/17/scottish-shopping-centre-sale-postings-kirkcaldy I call retail property is the next black swan. This is just the start of it, there will be more. British banks up to their eyes in lending to investors in retail parks. Only the highest quality retail property will survive, the rest will be re-purposed for something else.
  14. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/companies/jack-wills-lenders-draft-in-ey-amid-retail-strain/ar-BBSgLPb?ocid=ientp Jack on the Rack. Jack Wills is struggling to sell lots of overpriced preppy toot.
  15. Mothercare has to be a good contender. I ordered a load of stuff online and it arrived over a period of 3 weeks. 3 different deliveries. Must cost extra to do that. One thing never turned up at all. Kept calling back after about 6 months they cancelled the order. Duh.
  16. Yeah, those mean old people at the Gambling Commission stopping us lining our pockets. Clearly don't realise that their house just isn't worth that much.
  17. Seems like this route to sell your house is not legal. lol. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jan/03/couple-forced-to-close-raffle-for-their-500000-north-yorkshire-home
  18. Is it too soon for a WHO/WHAT WILL COLLAPSE FIRST IN 2019 thread ?
  19. www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/29/collapsed-intu-bid-reveals-bricks-and-mortar-retailers-fight-for-survival. Retail property is heading down. Big losses for banks invested in them. Plus local councils invested over last few years so bound to go down as they are terrible investors. I call it as next financial crisis.
  20. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/14/debenhams-shares-fall-by-21. Timberrrrr. Probably hang it out until after christmas.
  21. 4 more HoF stores closing as the landlord won't accept a rent cut. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/14/four-more-house-of-fraser-stores-to-close-as-rent-talks-fail I think that the real estate investors are lining up to lose alot of money in retail estates - the likes of Intu are squeaking. Intu might be the next failure, or the next Black swan. Is there a way to short retail property ??
  22. Berketex brides gone bust now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46203181
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