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  1. The future of the High Street is now to demolish most of it. Seems like a good idea as there are too many retail units that are no longer fit for purpose and will never get new tenants.  I expect the owners will be bleating for a big pay off to compensate them, at over inflated prices.  Hopefully councils will use their power to force sales through at 'market values'. 



  2. 1 hour ago, telespy said:


    A three-bedroom bungalow with a gigantic electricity pylon in the back garden goes up for sale for £380,000.  

    The Hampshire home is for sale with Jeffries and Dibbens in Portchester and appears to be a lovely family house.   

    It boasts three bedrooms, a conservatory and garage, as well as a huge electricity pylon in the back garden.

    Bet there's a real Buzz about this property, especially when its a bit misty.


    Organised criminals have siphoned off up to £2 billion intended for furloughed workers, tax officials believe.

    HM Revenue & Customs has estimated that between 5 and 10 per cent of £39 billion in payments made under the Treasury’s job retention scheme are likely to have been claimed fraudulently.

    Of these, it is “almost certain” that more than half has been paid to organised criminals posing as legitimate businesses to make claims under the emergency scheme, tax officials have told the National Audit Office.

    As well as organised crime, the NAO said that other types of fraud included employers making furloughed employees work or inflating claims.




    What about the bounce back loans too? Tip of the iceberg...


    And here they are...

    Boris Johnson cabinet now two-thirds privately educated after reshuffle,  compared to 7% of UK population | The Independent | The Independent


    Read the thread. We've had lack of respect from our landlord for 10+ years (no repairs, no deposit protection, no energy performance certificate, no right to rent booklet, attempts to force us out without following due process). Evicted us once from previous property without following due process there.

    Just go for a rent repayment order and get your money back. 



    Thats USA - where there are is tons of land and those malls are out of town.

    "Most" shopping centre REITs have alternative use valuation's in this country now at 90% of their shopping centre value. New river reit - who has the low cost nonsense councils tend to buy up as last resort being the most obvious example.

    What starts in the US tends to follow to UK sooner or later.



    Sure this is been on before. Could be carnage in this location though, if you don't want to life in the high-rise, I think new-ish flats of similar sqft are around the £400k mark now.

    You have to wonder about the type of person that furnishes a place like this though. 

    amazing. Bet they had designers in to furnish that house.  I particularly like the statuette on the balcony, useful to drop on to someone if you are feeling homicidal. 


    Nearly 22%


    Price Change History
    27/07/2020 Price Changed: £279,950 £269,950
    12/06/2020 Price Changed: £345,000 £279,950
    11/03/2020 Initial entry found.

    Didn't the floods earlier in the year get to town walls?  there's no garden, although the park behind made to look like a garden in the photo, plus it looks like an office. Probably worth about 120k in my opinion. 

  8. 2 hours ago, highcontrast said:

    Whilst I knew this is what happens/has happened, actually reading this has made me feel a bit ill.  Seriously, you can get 18 years worth of benefits??? Don't they say find a job after a year or else we stop paying! Absolute madness!

    And why have i worked for 20 odd years to only get 6 months worth of benefits??? Talk about shafting your own.

    Obviously uk born scroungers from birth do the same, but the fact that you come from overseas (without EVER contributing!) and do this is simply staggering is it not? No wonder every man and his dog wan't to come here, the UK taxpayer will fund their life...FFS.

    No wonder the country is screwed. No wonder the Brexit vote went the way it did IMO.


    And that was what Brexit meant to most of the people who voted for it. Nothing to do with trade deals. 

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