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  1. I agree with what you are saying, this is just the sort of way all these people think.
  2. Could be calling an early General election. say May 2022. Boris might be gone by then, judging by the start of a campaign to get him out. Then they'd be in power until 2027 at least, with even more right wing cabinet.
  3. Not in the U.S. it doesn't. Wouldn't surprise me if this is what the current Government are aiming to have in this country. i.e. big corporate investors working in a similar way : https://www.reuters.com/world/us/special-report-giant-us-landlords-pursue-evictions-despite-cdc-ban-2021-04-23/
  4. In reality this has been happening for a long time already. When in 2014 Hereford council wanted to redevelop the cattle market into a retail and leisure centre they had to pay for Debenhams & Waitrose to take the two biggest units so that they would sign up. If they didn't then the developers would not have started to build. This is common practice by big chain companies. The council will reduce council tax as well for a number of years, they make the money on the smaller units that are leased out to smaller companies and also on the parking at the location.
  5. We are all going to be Gnomeless soon. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/apr/16/garden-gnomes-running-out-in-uk-as-garden-centres-business-booms
  6. No Gnomes seen for 6 months. Gnome price inflation ahead. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/apr/16/garden-gnomes-running-out-in-uk-as-garden-centres-business-booms
  7. Thanks for posting the full article. I can't help feeling this is similar to the end of dual MIRAS in 1988 with a mad rush to buy anything before the deadline in order to save a few thousand on Stamp Duty. That didn't end very well, although it took a while for the impact to be felt and also interest rates were rising at that time, which isn't happening at the moment (although inflation is expected to pick up over the next year). Anything could happen.
  8. According to the Telegraph today, house prices are set to Rocket due to shortage. I can't post article as its behind the paywall. Maybe that will happen but I do think the end of stamp duty holiday will cause prices to drop back a bit. Assuming the holiday does end and isn't prolonged again.
  9. And yet she is in line for an aware for "" LIFESTYLE"" podcast of the year from Society of Editors. Guess her lifestyle of borrowing far in excess of what she could afford and buying property makes her qualified to tell everyone how great it is. https://www.inpublishing.co.uk/articles/soe-press-awards-2020-shortlists-announced-18298
  10. It's Tory levelling up. Retailers in the North can close as many shops as retailers in the South. Quits.
  11. Agree, unforseen consequence of NIRP. Chasing yield to try and keep above water.
  12. Not just UK councils that have been investing in dodgy schemes. Turns out some German councils have put a lot of money into Greensill Capital Bank. Now not like;y to get their money back. https://www.dw.com/en/german-town-fears-huge-loss-on-greensill-bank-investment/a-56777333
  13. John Lewis doing similar with their old department stores that are no longer required.
  14. Possibly due to the story below. Banks sat on pots of money that they can't lend out as demand not there. If you look at LBG lending figure of 0.2bn it's tiny compared to the others. I guess they are looking at someway to circulate the money out again and some genius came up with the plan to become a big landlord themselves. I expect they got a big bonus for thinking of that. I can't see them being a great landlord, too corporate to be bothered. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-banks-results-graphic/uk-banks-face-savings-glut-on-road-to-pandemic-recovery-idUSKBN2AU12A
  15. About time the house builders got hit with a windfall tax. Instead of massive payouts to directors.
  16. HKers laying the foundations to flee. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hongkong-britain-property/hong-kongers-snap-up-uk-homes-and-do-what-they-excel-at-being-landlords-idUSKBN2AP0JV?il=0
  17. Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it and it might not look like you thought it would. 😁
  18. Knowing the people involved it was more the £850 a month for a room in a three bed flat in a nice area type of people. Young professionals before they get married type. Probably all moved back in with parents in the shires for more space and save a load of cash on rent.
  19. Agree with the above. Maybe they will abolish SD and replace it with a tax on HP growth, but it's not payable until the house is sold. I doubt they will but you never know. I expect Rishi will do whatever Goldman Sachs tell him to do.
  20. Seen a couple of ads from friends of friends on Facebook offering room to rent in London. Seems that the owners are struggling to fill them and are advertising anywhere they can to get a tenant. Some are copied from spareroom.com so that route seems to be fruitless at the moment. Never seen this before.
  21. The future of the High Street is now to demolish most of it. Seems like a good idea as there are too many retail units that are no longer fit for purpose and will never get new tenants. I expect the owners will be bleating for a big pay off to compensate them, at over inflated prices. Hopefully councils will use their power to force sales through at 'market values'. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2021/feb/11/is-this-the-future-for-britain-stockton-on-tees-park-high-street
  22. Bet there's a real Buzz about this property, especially when its a bit misty.
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