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  1. The 'view' is that they a bargain and are being forces to capitalise to a over high level of 11%. They are never mentioned with other failing banks, because their balance sheets are far, far stronger which has been reflected in their share price until Brown assulted the banks last week. HBOS problems are down to the fact that they are the UK mortgage property leader.

    BTW, you can't short Bank shares.

    You could always Buy PUT options !!

  2. Indeed, and with a statement like today's from Nationwide's boss.. just where does it leave our Fionullalalalalalalalaaaaaa ? She's had it wrong all the way along.. but still... 25% drop.. 'heh.. it's just a number' :huh:

    Is this the same Nationwide that last year said that at worse the housing market would be flat, with probable growth of 3% . As the months went past this was regularly revised downwards. Now I wouldn't believe they know how far that HP will fall any more than anyone else does. :P

  3. I had a similar situation the other day. I was speaking to an EA about renting. She was very nice but obviously had no clue. I thought she was new but wondered why an EA would employ new staff right now so I asked. She said that she'd been with the EA for years but in sales. There's was nothing going on in sales right now so the EA had moved her to lettings because that's the only business they were doing.

    Schuey, I had exactly the same conversation when I changed my rental last month. How ironic !!

  4. the polish social club in kemp town closed down late last year, and alot of those polish babes that used to walk around seem to be missing this year. I guess that they figured out that they were only here to do the jobs that no one else wanted to do, and so thought they'd be better off going back home.

  5. Back on topic..... I work in London and last year just walking around the streets you used to hear lots of Eastern European dialectics. This year however it seems that there are less of these. Also the Polish community shop in Brighton has shut down. Asda also doesn't seem to be selling as much 'Lech' lager as it used to. I must admit that if i have a few lagers of whatever brand that i turn into a Lech quite easily..

  6. Went to look at a rental place on Saturday. The agent said that the landlord couldn't sell so was looking to rent until the 'current crisis blows over'. I wanted to say that they'd have a long wait but couldn't be bothered arguing with the agent. I asked out of interest how the sales market was , she said that she normally did sales but was no doing rental as she had all the time in the world to show people around. so that must be bad then. Oops

  7. In Brighton there are is a community of people who live in lorries or all kinds of big vehicles, they park them along the wider streets around Preston Park, some are crusties but some are regular people with 9-5 jobs who just can't afford anything else (or refuse to pay extortionate amounts of rent). they've been there for at least 3 yrs that i know of. There are alot of other people who do this in other towns and cities, just look at all the camper vans you see parked up alongthe streets, alot of them have people living in them !! So this kind of existence does happen in the UK , just alot more low key.

  8. I was walking past Alexander Hall in the city on Friday evening and all their staff were assembled in the lobby having a meeting. on senior looking guy was talking to all the other staff , most of whom didn't look too happy, all sitting there with head in hands. Now i don't know for real what it was about but I've just got a hunch it wasn't to announce extra large bonuses, but was to announce a consultancy for reviewing staffing levels. Expect bad news from them in next 3 weeks.

  9. I went past three EA offices today in Brighton , all were empty of clients, the EA's were either reading the newspapers or just sat gormlessly looking out of the window at the passing traffic. I know Dec is probably their quietest time but they seemed particularly quiet for a Dec

  10. I used to have a German client called Mr Dryer , of course German for Mr is Herr .. Herr Dryer

    Everytime he called i used to disolve into fits of childish giggling, until eventually the account was given to someone

    else to look after. I do miss that morning chuckle though, it was quite theraputic.

  11. I had the opposite a few months back. Since I hadn't used one of my cards for a couple of years they wrote to me saying they were going to take it away unless I called them to give them a reason not to.

    Fine by me.

    I had a letter from HBOS about my Halifx Classic card saying that they have just put the interest rate up from 16.9 % to 24.9 %

    . I have no idea how they justify such a high rate when interest rates at 5.25% , I'm guessing its a way to claw back all the bad debt that they had to write off from other delinquent accounts. Luckily I have zero balance on it so it will be promptly closed.

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