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  1. A whole new industry has sprung up with people using professional snagging reports to highlight issues on new builds. This is on top of survey reports which are mostly for the mortgage company benefit. Some new build companies will not give permission for a snagging report to be made on the property. Alarm bells should be ringing if that happens and you should walk away from the deal.
  2. Good. Less to55ers driving A3 around thinking they own the road and have a 'right' to be in front of everyone.
  3. You beat me to it. Looks very bad for Sweden, also Denmark has recent bubble been pumped up and looks like they could suffer the same fate.
  4. He gone an dun it Cleetus...... Boy did Carney look unhappy at the press conference. His unblemished record of never raising an interest rate is in tatters. He actually looked physically ill, very Grey.
  5. http://www.which.co.uk/news/2017/10/buy-to-let-landlords-face-compulsory-ombudsman-scheme/ From the Tory party conference. I wonder if it will get to be legislated on. First steps to HMRC getting access to lists of landlords
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/09/23/concern-scale-peer-to-peer-lenders-defaults/ Seems that property investment isn't such a one way ticket to riches after all.
  7. http://uk.reuters.com/article/us-britain-sterling-crisis/commentary-does-boes-hawkish-lurch-nod-to-sterling-crisis-idUKKCN1BV1RJ Interesting article. I thought this would happen but it's been longer coming than I anticipated.
  8. 12 years ago when I lived in Brighton there used to be loads of old lorries / vans parked around Preston Park with people living in them. Some had stoves / toilets in them. A lot of people had normal office type jobs going off to work in suits etc. Some were dossers too. The locals got fed up with the disruption in the end and the council bought in a parking scheme. All the people just moved around the corner to park in Withdean. I suspect that they now introduced a parking scheme too and then they move somewhere else and so on.
  9. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Carillion share price plunge. The whole sector is now looking very unloved.
  10. Is the lady in the advert the target age group for their first time buyers mortgages? Should be about the right age range for saving up a deposit after paying rent all those years.
  11. Just convert them empty rigs to social housing and the housing crisis is solved. Lovely sea views, commute is not so good, but then there aren't any jobs anyway. Rent them out, job done. Plus decom issue is resolved.
  12. I rent a room in London during the week in a 5 bed house and landlord just gave notice to move out in April as he is selling up.
  13. I do, It was about a week after I bought a house. Shat myself when I heard the news, no way I could have afford the payments at those levels.
  14. I was looking at this myself on Friday . Not sure what the impact will be but with all the uncertainty it is definitely worth keeping an eye on. My view is that the price will be a little higher but the auction will be fully subscribed. Worth keeping a look on the Gilt futures markets too and the price to insure against default on Gilts. I expect that these will show the future direction. Still, with £1.5 trillion of debt we don't have much to worry about.
  15. It looks like Chickens are coming home to roost and the tide is rushing out.Etc http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/banking/banks-are-loaning-too-much-to-people-who-cant-pay-it-back/news-story/57af9a6edf85528f5fa38beddd7bb2e3
  16. Imagine we have a 7 year long winter. I can't see it happening though. Eat the rich ?
  17. I work in the city for a large CCP and we were told last week by the BOE to prepare in the next 6 weeks for interest rates to go negative. NIRP is coming soon as central banks are to coordinate more interest rate cuts.
  18. +1 its been in the Metro, all London house prices being inflated by foreign buyers
  19. There are loads in Bracknell and Reading that were built at the peak of dotcom boom that have never been let. That must be 10 years ago now.
  20. I think its either going to be Portuguese or a Spanish bank. I hope its Santander cos they took over my bank and are awful.
  21. Now this is interesting. Anyone want to suggest a name for which Bank is most likely to have tapped this facility ? http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/feb/18/fears-for-eurozone-bank-borrowed-ecb-overnight-fund
  22. I agree that the city is looking very run down and could do with some inward investment. Plans to redevelop the cattle market have been proposed but is meeting local opposition. There is no university of hereford to bring in new life, but there are some very good schools up to A level standard. On the plus side prices are dropping like a stone around here, local paper is full of houses marked as 'new price' or 'new to market' expect -10% by next spring at least.
  23. I think that Shelter have their offices in Centre Point. If that's true then it's certainly an irony. Shelter, who campaign for the homeless, could have to campaign for their Landlord. !!
  24. Santander bought these banks using shares so that they could get their hands on their deposits - because they couldn't borrow on the open markets at that time. I could never understand why Santander who less affected by the downturn, but Ithink they were just clever at dodging the crunch but now it is catching up with them Also on Friday Portuguese bonds were trading at 7% yield, I think they are next to be bailed out by the ECB/IMF and then Spain will follow quickly. Santander also have big involvement in Portugal.
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