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  1. On 10/06/2021 at 18:57, spyguy said:



     7 Aug 2014  Yorkshire  Property

    A west Leeds shopping centre which is home to retailers including Tesco, Farmfoods, Boots, Greggs and Pound Stretcher has been acquired for £18.5m.

    Property investment company NewRiver Retail has exchanged contracts for the sale of Bramley Shopping Centre with Rockspring Property Investment Managers.



    Bramley Shopping Centre sold to investors for £10m

    Commercial property and investment company LCP has made a £10m acquisition after signing a deal for a suburban retail site.

    Thursday, 10th June 2021, 11:47 am



    Can't lose with property....except for the odd £8.5m


  2. 3 hours ago, Si1 said:

    Our local politicians are hitting them when equality legislation saying the centre is no longer accessible to people with disabilities, which is true imho. Additionally saying that the planning request to update the centre never mentioned removing the seats. There's quite a fight to put the seats back.

    Additionally as part of the new management plan, the security guard provision in the centre is being cut right back, and hoards of feral youths are starting to scooter and cycle around the centre. This could signal a relative decline of the area imho and depress house prices and the local economy, if it becomes a poorer quality area through the economic downgrading of the central shopping area.

    Seatgate, it's a scandal.  Let's hope they get re-instated soon.

  3. Krusty goes full on 'Karen' at Heathrow airport.  You can imagine the 'don't you know who I am' comments being said.

    Doesn't she realise that this is Priti Patel's hostile environment.

    I'd like to see a Krusty versus Priti takedown.  I'd pay money for that. 




  4. 2 hours ago, Wayward said:

    Kwasi Kwarteng vows to put free market approach at heart of UK’s post-Covid recovery

    The UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has vowed to put a free market approach at the heart of the post-Covid recovery, as the economy is weaned off the massive state support it received during the pandemic.

    Become an FT subscriber to read | Financial Times

    It is shameless...free market?... what like the housing market?  Free markets unless it suits them to distort markets to enrich themselves and selected privileged cohorts.


    Great, does that mean Help to Buy is going to end, or are the building companies still bribing the Tories with their donations?


  5. 20 minutes ago, FANG said:

    I am aware that this is a very complicated issue to resolve. But the service on which we all rely is in a massive decline.

    I constantly read about endless waiting times, needless deaths and suffering.

    It appears to be on the verge of collapse so should we demand as a nation immediate improvements from the NHS and the Government .   

    The NHS  is gradually being privatised so eventually will they introduce a medical insurance system like the USA where only the wealthy can afford to use it.    

    Are you Laurence Fox in disguise?  NHS isn't perfect but every time I had to use it I didn't have any issues. Sure, I had to wait a bit to get seen but nothing that in my view was excessive.  I think it's a brilliant organisation.

  6. On 18/07/2021 at 08:23, Big Orange said:

    It seems far off for us or Germany despite our problems, but feels inevitable for the RSA now - Zuma and his supporters seem far too aggressive, greedy, and stupid to run a industrialised democractic nation (and people running the modern parts must really hate their guts and ready to take up arms).  

    I'm worried this century that we're facing something like a Bronze Age Collapse (and we're still in the very early part).

    Already happened in UK, under Boris's watch too.  He is oblivious to any underlying issues, only sees the glorious uplands of Brexitannia.


  7. So I just saw this story on CNBC as I was grazing the internet.  Made my mind hurt, so Danes are wealthiest in Europe with assets of Dkr 300,000 but on average each owes Dkr 560,000 .  Doesn't that mean the average Dane is Dkr 260,000 in debt ?

    Debt is wealth, FFS that's nuts. Is that how people in the UK think now.


  8. 3 hours ago, spyguy said:

    I cant find the study, but a few years back someone showed that the high returns PE get was all down to leverage. Lots n lots of leverage.

    FT had  a good article on the PE weasels  behind EG.

    Inside the secretive private equity firm behind the £6.8bn Asda buyout With the help of US hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, two bankers built TDR into an ‘old world’ force


    One element of TDR’s investment approach is rooted in their early Bankers Trust days, said the same person who has worked with Dale and Robertson: “You buy an asset, take your money back, and sit with a free option on the upside.”

    The firm bought the gym chain David Lloyd in 2013 using £190m from its fund and £528.5m in debt, company filings show. Since then, TDR has recouped more than £550m in dividends and other repayments, almost three times its initial investment. That has been paid for in part by piling fresh debt on to a company that now owes more than £1bn.


    These are the fuktards behind Punch Taverns, where they leveraged up pubs via securitisation. then blew up.

    Even now, most towns I visit have several empty boarded up pubs.

    Massive massive wealth destruction, except for them.



    Private Equity = Buy a fairly well run company with highly leveraged debt, load the debt on to same company and take massive dividends for management over the next few years.  When company goes bust then just walk away and keep all your dividends.  All employees out of work and a good company down the drain.  This is modern capitalism, it's just hollowing out of companies by parasitic management. 

  9. 15 hours ago, Flat Bear said:

    I take all your well-made points.

    I try and analysis it all in a similar way to you (the real economy) but there seems to be a deep political agenda on some posts and a belief the banking sector could somehow have answers for the political and real economic problems.

    I am uncertain of the real global situation at the moment, there are so many factors. Will we get the very high inflation go through the system that I am currently seeing in my business or will somehow it not reach the CPI basket like the BOE, and every central bank seems to think as well as many posters? But I really can not see how it can be avoided. It will be interesting as well as frightening to see what actually happen in the next six months.

    I am currently resourcing many products/materials from China where we were getting most from Europe. I have added to the situation the (hopefully temporary) problem of the very high cost and reliability of shipping. The situation in the Eurozone is much worse than people imagine and although I would not go as far as to say there could be a Euro collapse this year, there are serious problems ahead. On a human level I do feel sorry for the companies in both Northern and Southern Ireland who I cannot (unwilling to with the extra levels of paperwork etc) supply. But 56% of N.I. voted to leave so I do not feel too bad. I am fairly certain there will be a breakup of the Eurozone sooner than many think. Maybe it will benefit Britain now that N.I. is now part of the Eurozone? But it will not benefit them or Eire in the medium to long term, so I can only see trouble ahead.

    The QE experiment does actually frighten me. I am sure there will be more defaults either by design or otherwise at all levels. Like most people on the planet, I have been looking for a safe solid currency but there is nothing easily available. The currency markets have been very quiet for a while, but it can all change very quickly.

    Your main point about Capitalism stands if there is no return on work/capital/investment then it shuts down. Government cannot create wealth they can only spend it, albeit on our behalf or what they think is in our best interests. There are other views such as the soviet experiment, but this failed dismally.

    The unlocking of lockdown will cause problems and it is a very worrying time for the UK government. Maybe that is why they are extending it as long as possible?

    You mean 56% of N.I. voted to remain not leave? 


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