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  1. Was going to say that BoJo had this issue covered already. He has 8 he admits to but he's a notorious spaffer so probably has a few others out there.
  2. Unfortunately the Gov sold off the Land Registry a few years back and it's now a private company. Which means that they charge for searches. It's almost as if they knew something......
  3. Just use the land registry. If the same name is on there twice there's a good chance one of the properties is being rented out.
  4. Just get the interest rates up and it will sort itself out.
  5. That costs extra, ha ha. But I'm sure they would do anything to boost their flagging careers.
  6. Krusty goes full on 'Karen' at Heathrow airport. You can imagine the 'don't you know who I am' comments being said. Doesn't she realise that this is Priti Patel's hostile environment. I'd like to see a Krusty versus Priti takedown. I'd pay money for that. https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1480983/kristie-allsopp-rages-airport-stepson-girlfriend-immigration-twitter-news-latest-updates
  7. I wonder if the volume of beer going in was equal to volume of pish going back into the cans.
  8. Great, does that mean Help to Buy is going to end, or are the building companies still bribing the Tories with their donations?
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/03/cdc-to-issue-new-eviction-ban-effective-through-october-3.html Can kicked down the road for a couple more months.
  10. Are you Laurence Fox in disguise? NHS isn't perfect but every time I had to use it I didn't have any issues. Sure, I had to wait a bit to get seen but nothing that in my view was excessive. I think it's a brilliant organisation.
  11. I'd like to have a free market in housing but unfortunately its run by a Central demand system at the moment.
  12. Meanwhile this..... https://www.cityam.com/london-mayor-offers-financial-support-to-hongkongers-settling-in-the-capital/ It depends on what type of migrant you are and how you arrive in the UK. Clearly if you arrive in a dinghy you are not wanted, arrive at Heathrow with some cash (maybe) and then red carpet is rolled out.
  13. Anything really that is listed on this website. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/
  14. Ship them all to Langley, USA because it was the CIA that started destabilizing all their countries in the first place and causing their displacement.
  15. Last week we were told to prepare to come back to the office from 1st August. Just been told that this has been delayed until further notice. Apparent reason is that they are scared everyone will get sick at the same time and no one there to cover the work.
  16. How about a windfall tax on the housebuilders who have profited from the HTB policy? Silly me, it'll never happen.
  17. Already happened in UK, under Boris's watch too. He is oblivious to any underlying issues, only sees the glorious uplands of Brexitannia.
  18. Sit in your bedroom and play on your organ! Was this the vergers house?
  19. It looks like my local health clinic. Seriously though, 7 years training to be an architect and all they come up with is some brick pillars with a bit of wooden trellis on top. Someone has to draw the line......
  20. It doesn't matter about the death rate, it's the replenishment rate that matters. And that's not going down despite Brexit. Plenty of people in the world to go around. And despite what Priti Patel says, there are lots of people coming into the UK.
  21. So I just saw this story on CNBC as I was grazing the internet. Made my mind hurt, so Danes are wealthiest in Europe with assets of Dkr 300,000 but on average each owes Dkr 560,000 . Doesn't that mean the average Dane is Dkr 260,000 in debt ? Debt is wealth, FFS that's nuts. Is that how people in the UK think now. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/02/these-are-the-richest-and-poorest-countries-in-the-eu.html
  22. Private Equity = Buy a fairly well run company with highly leveraged debt, load the debt on to same company and take massive dividends for management over the next few years. When company goes bust then just walk away and keep all your dividends. All employees out of work and a good company down the drain. This is modern capitalism, it's just hollowing out of companies by parasitic management.
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