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  1. Christ !! there are 200 councils??, what a waste of tax payers money.
  2. Lending always falls in December and November, its called seasonal. More people busy eating mince pies and Christmas shopping. Nothing to see here, move along folks, move along.
  3. Went there for Christmas, building project seems to be booming still, expensive to live there, rent wise but shopping is cheapish, drinks are £7-£8 a pint, mainly due to the pound worth less!!!, taxis are cheap. £10 will get you a ride anywhere for 2 hours. Flights are cheap and hotels reasonable, will go back. The tallest building in the world is huge!! and the view from the marina is impressive. will go back for sure. Best place to stay is the Jamarah beach area.
  4. The car parking situation in the UK is joke. There is a company in my neck of the woods, Ealing, who pays local thugs to go around with cameras taking shots of number plates, a few days later a letter arrives in the post asking for £150!!!. It turns out its a scram and not run by the council, they get your registration details from the police database and then send fake letters. The police aparently sell this information on to 3rd party companies who choose to do whatever they want with, in this case its fraud. Be warned.
  5. £450 a month can get you a Audi A4 with leather seats, if you're lucky a sunroof thrown in.
  6. Alot of these amature clown landlords are downloading the freeby Assured Shorthold Tenancy contracts from the internet then adding bits and bobs here and there in the vain attempt noone will notice, the funny thing is it cost about £50 for the real thing, how many bloody landlords can't afford £50!!!, if thats the case they should go back to school and maybe get a proper job!!
  7. Panic over, I've met him and had a chat, as it turns out he's got several flats on the street and it just happens so that in one of his other flats a room has become available, the folks living there seem really nice and more my age group, he's met me half way and said if I pack my things by the weekend I can have the room on a periodic tenancy for £150 less than I'm paying now. I'll be buying something soon probably next year Jan so this suits me fine, just a pleasent chat and a hand shake, could have turned out alot nastier but it always pays to talk things through. All deals should be done like this. Thanks guys for all the advice and support, much appreciated.
  8. The contract I signed is botched short Term Tenancy agreement, it states I pay 1/3 for the flats rent for my room, the other two sharers pay 1/3 each also. It has no mention of remining tenants being resposible for the whole rent if anyone moves out (I have seen these before and accept the terms but this contract does't have this). This is his fault I guess for not getting a agency to write his contract. He sent us all an email 2 months ago stating this was his notice for us to move out, I then agreed with him I can stay and he find 2 more to share, this was our ageement until he changed his mind last week, he now wants me out this coming week!!!, its my understanding because he agreed with me I could stay, he now has to give me 2 months notice from now, not back date his notice to April after we had an agreement in principle. Anyway like you seem to suggest he needs to do the legal route to force me out, I dont want the hassle of this so my only option is to move on and not cause the LL too much bother.
  9. Help is appreciated. I signed up in November 08 with a landlord to rent a 3 bed flat in London, I found two other folks to share with, the tenancy agreement was signed by us all and we move in. After 2 months it became appartent one of the flatsmates had a mental disorder and was prone to erratic behavour. I informed the landlord of this in February, he discussed the issue with her and it was agreed she moved out and she found a replacment tenant. All well and good so far, after she found the tenants the landlord then decided he wanted us all out of his flat even though the contract was until Nov 2009. After reading the constract it states this. ** Break Clause with a 1 Month Notice Period starting after 6 months of Tenancy I understood this to mean I can give notice to leave after 6 months, it doesn't state he has the right to throw me out, its like he put it on there as an after thought without any detail of his process for notice to us. Any way to cut along story short, the other two have now left after the 6 months and he agreed in 2 emails he will find another two tenants to move and I can stray on on a monthly basis. After two weeks of looking for tenents with no success, he and his wife are now blaming me for the reason people not liking the flat and has now asked me to leave with no notice. He has used the reason young people dont want to share with me becuase I'm not their type, I'm 35 bloody five not 85!!! Not wanting to take his sorry **** to court but it would apprear the landlords contract has not being worded correctly and he is trying to pull a fast one on me. Advise would be welcome, should I ignore his treats and continue to look for tenents. Cheers. J2T
  10. It depends where in London you're looking, if wanting to buy in Fulham and you offer 75% of asking price they are likely to slam the phone down, if looking in Southhall and offer 75% you might be in with a chance, its all down to location btw £1500 pcm doesn't get much in terms of nice rental in most parts of London, £2500 pcm is where the nice houses come in, thats if you want 4 bedrooms and a garden.
  11. China are good at copying, not very good with ideas, they are a nation of average sheep followers. I should know I have to deal with their engineers everyday, (oh what a chore that is!!!). The key point to note in your comments is "Manufacturing", we do the sexy designing they do the boring stuff with machines and lathes.
  12. China are good at copying, not very good with ideas, they are a nation of average sheep followers. I should know I have to deal with their engineers everyday, (oh what a chore that is!!!). The key point to note in your comments is "Manufacturing", we do the sexy designing they do the boring stuff with machines and lathes.
  13. Fair point, Renault have beeen junk status for decades, during boom times even sh1t floats, they should have gone bust years ago. Put Rovers and Vauxhalls in that box too along with Fiats and Peugeots!!.
  14. Dents in cars is a sign of a recession, you need a holiday dude or a strong drink or maybe both!!!.
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