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  1. I think Natal will be the place to visit and Natal Grand Golf will be news breaking once it finishes. You will notice many small developments built all along Natal, but it will never compare with Natal Grand Golf. Why buy small shabby developments in NE Brazil, when you can buy in the biggest and most prestigious, that will be known all over the world? Cheers AI
  2. Thanks Magnate, I don't bother reading crude comments that stem from pessimism or competitiveness. People always like to think or hope that their investment is better than others to help reassure themselves. I see forums as a place where people help each other by sharing information and experience NOT bag other investments they did not invest in. I will be happy if I make a dollar because I am new to this game, love the challenge and experience. But after thorough research on developments all over the world, this is the best and biggest I have seen so far. And as everyone already knows, N
  3. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone was thinking or has purchased in this development. I will be depositing my non-refundable reservation fee tomorrow for a penthouse in building Jade 8 in the Marginata site. It has sea views and is selling for 122, 000 Euros. The development site is 22,000,000m2 in total size, so I think this will be definitely the biggest development in NE Brazil. Prices on penthouses are going up by 25% Tuesday 29th. Input would be much appreciated. Cheers AI
  4. Hi Dogbox, I am interested, please tell me more. Would it be possible to get your email address? Cheers, AI
  5. Hi All, I was wondering if German property owners (especially Berlin owners) would like to help us newbies to the German market by providing information on the following:- 1. Where exactly in Germany did you purchase and why? 2. When did you purchase? 3. How much did you purchase for and how much is it worth now? 4. What type of net rentals did you receive and what do you expect now? 5. What is the current medium price and market rental return on the location of purchase? 6. What type of investment did you purchase whether it was land, unit, or entire building? 7. Which reputable Agent
  6. wow, this product sounds excellent. what are the risks apart from the fx risk? What are the chances of the bank repossessing properties?
  7. Hi Soup Dragon/Dog Box, Just a question regarding property insurance. When people purchase overseas property, don't they normally also purchase insurance that will protect them from natural distasters, building damage, floods, and also loss of rental income? How straight forward would it be to get your money back if you lost your overseas property from a natural distaster or property damage from your insurance company? And would'nt there be insurance for this development?
  8. From 2003 the Spanish government is spending more than $6 billion a year on thier high speed train infrastructure, approximately 0.6 percent of the Spanish GDP. For a country to spend this much money on infrastucture, there is a still a lot of potential. I would bank my money on new stations between Madrid, Alicante, and Valencia. Network The main cities have local networks connecting the smaller towns and villages. In Madrid there are 9 lines with frequent services of less than 15 minutes with a 95% punctuality. From Madrid Central station travellers can easily reach any other destinatio
  9. Hi Catara, Thank you for the link. But its in Portugal or some other language:(
  10. Hi Dogbox, May I ask at which development you purchased at? Or specify the website, so that I can do more research? Cheers, AI
  11. Hi Dogbox, Micro location? hmmm. Well, this location also seems like a Micro location because it is emerging and is becomming a very popular tourist destination as more flights from uk and us are created. Dont you think so? Find it quite bizzare how this location displays all factors that shows positive growth, but no one is investing in this forum. in the following development, it is nearly all sold out within months. http://www.brazilianhomes.com/
  12. Hi All, I have been doing some research on the Brazil market, and it looks like it is going to be my next investment, especially areas like Natal, Maracajau. Why? They call Maracajaú has being dubbed the Caribbean of the Rio Grande do Norte. Its beaches are with crystalline water, sea-front coconut groves, white sand dunes and a large coral reef a few kilometers from the coastline. Also, the new Sao Gonzalo Do Amarante Airport being built near by, the works of which are due to be completed by the year 2009, is foreseen to be the biggest commercial airport in Latin America and the fourth la
  13. Thanks for the reply. Your points seem very valid. Can you specify the website in reference to Canoa Quebrada? The land plots on Fortim beach seem like a really good short term investmest as the Fide S.A. Group from Spain just announced their new Golf & Marina Resort right next to the beach plots. This new US$ 400 million project is located right next to our lot development and will include an 18 hole golf course, marina to keep your boat and a 5 Star Resort Hotel! They are to begin breaking ground later this year. As a result we expect our land values to at least double within the next
  14. Hey Catara, Not sure if you misread my previous reply, but i was wondering if you are going to purchase a land plot on fortim beach brazil? I cant seem to PM in this forum. Also, just wanted to know your thoughts on how a huge beach front block divided up into plots compare with a unit in a resort? Cheers,
  15. Muttley, If your not convinced, then which location do you think would be a sure way to make easy money?
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