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  1. RBCI signal! Sorry RB but you did (used to) do it to yourself.
  2. Yes. It isn't as such their fault, they are just a big group, their interests win out because they can shout the loudest. Think of every decade since the 1940s, we think of it through the eyes of boomers. The youthful 60s, the agitation of the 70s, the greedy 80s, the growing authoritarianism of the 2000s etc. The years 2010-2030 will be about the elderly, thats just how it is. The young will be as invisible to the popular imagination as the elderly are in our received picture of the 1960s. I do take the point of "The Pinch" that they might like to make the effort to see how the world is for others outside their bubble of self-absorption and self-praise.
  3. Silly old Bogbrush, guess what started this whole mess? Problem is the overpaid private sectorist they got in didn't understand what he was doing and suddenly the largest local authority in the country had somehow brought about a situation where every single employee qualified for an independent review and tribunal hearing. Unfortunately the independent reviews found the equal pay act wasn't observed and that most were already underpaid, hadn't been paid money owing to them, hadn't been promoted when they should have been etc. etc. huge amounts of backdated money owing etc. So thats the macho saloon-bar talk option followed to your satisfaction and it only cost a billion pounds... this has been rumbling on for years, to be fair to them Private Eye said it would end like this years ago.
  4. I will look it up in my privately owned internet and get back to you.
  5. Just look at the adoption curve. Nobody hung around as soon as the TV and radio came within their reach, they were straight down the shops.
  6. So if you spun off, say, the road network as a private entity owned by the state, reduced taxes and charged you for your company's use of the roads for the purposes of its business (and externalities accruing, no such thing as a free lunch) then it would be wealth generating? Or would it only be wealth generating if you were charged more so there was a profit on operating costs? I'm sceptical that the view of "wealth generation" here isn't about what people do, goods shipped or services provided but rather the presence or absence of double-entry book keeping.
  7. Adam Smith was a critic of state mercantilism. The tome in question was called "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" so I think we should agree it is relevant here to the history of social and industrial development. Financial capitalism did not come first, in fact it was and still is dependent upon the state. There was never a capitalist Garden of Eden that the serpent of the state spoiled for everyone.
  8. Anyone have the suspicion that Gordon promised this to RyanAir to make them back off?
  9. Really, so Adam Smith was a socialist? Explain.
  10. “I told them, ‘We are creating a victim society of people who think they have no responsibility’.
  11. Hrm? Nationalisation is working very successfully. Most of our strategically important industries are nationalised.
  12. Then again, they could make her lead negotiator with the unions. Call Me Dave: So how did the pay cut negotiations go? Lady De Krust: I offered them a 25% raise to secure the deal. Call Me Dave: [facepalm]
  13. You know how it works in the US, they'll find a way of catching someone lying to a Federal Agent, threaten them with 30 years in the Big House and then discuss plea bargains in exchange for information. To be fair to the US Federal authorities, once they go after you, they really go after you. Of course if you're poor and you get murdered they don't give a toss, but in defence of the integrity of capitalism they'll do virtually anything.
  14. Nobody has ever shown a reliable correlation of any sort between executive pay and the performance of the company. I can believe Pareto holds true, I don't see any evidence for believing it goes beyond that. Sacking clerks is neither here nor there (it should actually raise the median anyway rather than lower it), nor is outsourcing given you could outsource Mulally's job. I take the military line on this anyway, command (read: management) carries authority but its just a function at the end of the day. Would Mulally be worth 7 million dollars to you if he was running a fruit and veg stall in the market?
  15. "To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity." Maximilien Robespierre, 1794
  16. An inevitability long foreseen by K. Marx. It was claimed the "immiseration hypothesis" was false and had been falsified, however I believe this appearance had a lot to do with the expansionist phase of globalisation which led to a tighter-than-anticipated labour market. It was clear things were beginning to break down nearly 30 years ago when the promised "trickledown effect" failed to occur and wages have been declining in real terms ever since. For the rest of its existence, the doctrine of capitalism will make nearly all of us steadily poorer and will inflict steadily worse conditions upon us as wealth is siphoned to the top with each wave taking out people in higher and higher strata. The dreamers and the utopians have the odd idea that things like national insurance cuts or cutting red tape will stop this, its like thinking whistling will stop the wind blowing.
  17. Sounds like you're just having a rant motivated by sour grapes really.
  18. Automation is pretty paradoxical. The only thing worse for jobs than more automation is not enough automation. This is why I think a lot of people further up-thread are bickering about the wrong thing, the balance of jobs doesn't really tell you anything either way.
  19. He has done some very good programmes on Radio 4. His piece on executive pay was superb and for my money (hoho) really got to the bottom of what has been going on.
  20. Those trades all look to me like jobs that have been largely automated or gone the way of the blacksmith. It really would be a bit 70's trade union to insist you can't type your own Emails and you should instead let a typist bash them out for you.
  21. What is your objection? This isn't a particularly controversial definition of class differences. Orwell talks about in Paris & London for example.
  22. Yes, I think a lot of people have misinterpreted what is going on with Clegg attacking Brown in the press.
  23. Thats odd, I seem to recall Osborne praising the wisdom of Gordon's spending plans and adopting them as Tory policy. I also don't recall the Tories being much in favour of regulation, in fact weren't they against it?
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