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  1. That is precisely my opinion to the extent it isn't even the speed as such that bothered me. Going forward it is also what bothers me about Cameron's conservatives because I don't believe he is strong enough to hold the line and basically shut up the Tebbits (and indeed, Tebbit) in his midst. There has always been a moralising, preaching, grandstanding element to the Tory party, this goes back a long way and I don't say that entirely as a rhetorical criticism, I think even historians of the Tory party itself would have to agree (some would in fact praise it). This extends to their view of the poor; the worthy and the unworthy and in past eras legislation that made, for example, vagrancy a crime. This is very deep in the culture of the party. Cameron has yet to address this issue (unlike Blair, say what you like about him otherwise) and he has been given a free pass for not doing by events. We may yet see a problem ignored return to hurt him. Doe anyone, for example, genuinely believe that the attack on single mothers back in the day didn't have any element of moral (as opposed to economic) judgement to it? This matters because "we're all in this together" would be a healthy idea to circulate, it isn't just PR, if you are red meat eating Tory consider that if he ******s it up badly enough he may either not be able to continue or have to backtrack.
  2. I was going to say the same thing myself. There have been quite a few alarmist posts about disorder in Greece as if exactly the same sorts of things haven't been going on for decades regardless of conditions. The link to 1967-74 is apposite, being a load of chippy troublemakers is part of their (modern) national myth so to speak, its practically a traditional activity for a good Greek patriot. There is also a bit of a misunderstanding about what kind of country it actually is culturally, I think this error originates in thinking modern Greece is something contiguous with Ancient Greece, when it is nothing of the sort. Still don't have any takers for explaining to me why Greece, where taxes are largely optional and regulations and laws are honoured more in breach than observance isn't a wealthy libertarian paradise. It seems we never quite have the right sort of capitalism nor the right sort of libertarianism.
  3. He was. http://www.snopes.com/quotes/internet.asp
  4. Yeah, nothing wrong with a nice short skinhead and a polished pair of boots right?
  5. According to you. Shall I link to a far right blood and honour type site and claim that represents "nearly every private sector worker"? If this is the best you can do Sadman, I wouldn't bother. Is it the school holidays are something?
  6. To be competitive with countries with higher participation ratios. The question you have to ask yourself is whether our economy is more like the countries above us in that list or those below (you notice how out of place Germany looks - thats a bit of a clue).
  7. That would explain the comments he was making on the radio recently about his election defeat which I thought were a bit near the knuckle because it wasn't quite long enough ago. Basically he said that he was relieved to lose because he was terrified he was going to have to lead the party knowing they had nothing to offer!
  8. I've always said that five year olds shouldn't have been given the vote.
  9. Someone gets it. This is in any case a reflection of the "hard choices" everyone says they want and then start squealing when they actually have to face it. How did people think a decline in their standard living was going to become manifest; a civil servant coming round and taking half their CD collection away?
  10. To be fair about this, 7% is massive and against trend for the west as a whole which has seen a steady fall since the 1970s. I don't really believe it is that high actually. Put it this way, I have the same job title as the man who employed my grandparents as housekeeper and groundskeeper after WW2. I live in a small rented flat and drive a five year old car. Thats a hell of a fall from grace isn't it. Furthermore, the boom was against a backdrop of relatively high immigration, capitalism was well served in that regard in being able to keep earnings growth down.
  11. "My ambition is to employ still more men, to spread the benefits of this industrial system to the greatest possible number, to help them build up their lives and their homes. To do this we are putting the greatest share of our profits back in the business." Henry Ford, just before he was prevented from doing so.
  12. Small diesels are really expensive, doesn't like a very smart tip to me unless... I remember when I just lurked HPC.co.uk used to be home to a lot of ordinary people who were priced out. Seems these days the average poster owns a company with a turnover of 6 million a year, bets heavy on commodity markets and owns a Ferrari. Perhaps we need a Captains Of Industry subforum. And a sub-sub-subforum for your Domestic Staff which I can join and talk to people more on my level.
  13. Those wages are far too high. Time to get rid of the minimum wage.
  14. http://www.guardian....y-boom-divisive It turns out they don't. http://www.guardian....g-housingmarket Groan.
  15. http://www.guardian....y-boom-divisive It turns out they don't. http://www.guardian....g-housingmarket Groan.
  16. This is the problem with nationalised utilities. Unfortunately none of us can vote out the French Government that controls it.
  17. http://www.theglobalist.com/AuthorBiography.aspx?AuthorId=47 is the one. I don't think its entirely insignificant his remarks were made on Australian TV.
  18. Hey, stop being a sheep and start automatically believing everything Rupert Murdoch tells you. Its the only way to be free.
  19. If they were socialists the Labour party would be very low on their list of parties to vote for.
  20. I assume this is what happens on any major announcement or foreseen situation? Similarly, if 9/11 Mk2 kicks off, wouldn't they be called back as well?
  21. They'd be better advised to make people pay their taxes occasionally. I don't really understand it actually, nobody pays tax, everyone does what they like, why isn't it a libertarian economic powerhouse?
  22. Ta. Actually I didn't mention the funniest one. What do you think of when you think of the 1950s? Short trousers, socks pulled up, school cap. The golden age of British education of course!
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