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  1. Deep down I think some already do, the old "dog in the manger" routine.
  2. If only they still had that firebrand of militant trades unionism Norman Tebbit batting for them. And no, I'm not joking.
  3. Yes, but none of that really speaks to present situation which is, being generous about it, an industrial relations problem in the sort of old fashion Tavistock sense of the phrase. The substantive issue for airline's business case was dealt with a while ago, this is just Willie's ego at work. Although I do agree with you getting hold of good people is hard, and then there is the sunk cost of training and certification in the case of a company like BA. All the more reason for management not to treat them like pawns on a chessboard.
  4. Because the situation is not the same. Workers don't strike, they lose their perks/pay, Willie holds out, he loses more than he'd lose giving them their perks/pay, it isn't equal and its just Willie being bloody minded as if BA were his personal possession. I find it hilarious anyone would support one man's temper tantrum over the interests of the workers, shareholders and customers. But I guess on HPC I should come to accept Turkeys not only voting for Christmas but flipping the calendar pages over when nobody is looking just to hurry it up. Funny how you get threads like this and then "my jobs been outsourced" "I don't have a pension" whining from people who not only don't believe in standing up for themselves, they don't believe anyone else should either. And no, I don't believe workers do need to accept it or ****** off, we all live better lives because people have consistently believed otherwise for hundreds of years.
  5. Is this one of those games where you ask endless questions until I can't answer them and conclude I'm not allowed an opinion, despite the fact you have an opinion and so many questions to ask (I can't help noticing a page ago you had all the facts at your fingertips and were capable of indepth personalised projections of the fates of "agitators")? Anyhow, no they didn't get paid, Willie decided off his own bat that anyone who was sick was on strike. Surely you can see that this isn't the sort of thing any self-respecting union (or indeed person assuming they aren't utterly crushed debt-slaves) can accept. Willie does know that, its basically a humiliation package, he wants them to back down with their tails between their legs. I'm not sure that can be in the best interests of the company at this point even, arguably, if they call off the strike action.
  6. Willie took them away in March to punish people for striking. Which is supposed to be illegal actually. The disciplinary action is against staff who were at any point sick during the industrial action; Willie wants to take their sickpay away from them because he suspects some of them may have been well and just trying to hedge their bets. Which is also supposed to be illegal.
  7. Right now? Not a lot. UNITE pretty much have what they came for. Travel perks and vindictive disciplinary action against 50 people remains. Usually when industrial action ends both sides drop the nonsense like that, usually in the interests of future good relations etc. Willie thinks he knows better. Its mostly the personal pride of one man now, nothing especially relevant to the running of the airline, and BA shareholders will just have to bleed until either he grows up or they make him grow up.
  8. Executives aren't judged on anything, there is no correlation between their performance (within any measurable variable) and their pay. BA are paying someone a million pounds a year to destroy their company for example. Well yes, that sort of thing is normally their prerogative isn't it (see above).
  9. Well the idea behind MAD is that nobody gets hurt, but you have to be prepared to do it or it doesn't work.
  10. Thats about the strength of it. What the muppets here can't quite bring themselves to believe is that when there are strikes on, management tell lies! It amazes me that TFHers who see a conspiracy under every pebble on the beach are suddenly obedient true believers in the face of the most blatant nonsense spoken by a rich man in a suit I think sheeple is probably a bit generous, I'm thinking of something a bit more bovine.
  11. Ideally not, but management are unfortunately just as ruthless. There is only one language they understand.
  12. The situation is however that for most of us it would be a good thing if they took one for the team and destroyed BA and wiped out the shareholders. People think Maggie taught the unions a lesson, and maybe she did, but not the one they were thinking of. Its MAD or nothing, anything short of going all in is pointless. Tear it all down, leave nothing standing and then salt the earth. And then nuke it from orbit obviously.
  13. I think we need the services of a mathematician who has studied the map colouring problem to evaluate that one.
  14. But therein lies the problem; the definition is circular as usual.
  15. Do you believe the rest of the world is wrong as well though? We'd have fewer graduates than Turkey and Mexico for example. Do we live in the sort of country that needs fewer graduates than Turkey and Mexico? Serious question.
  16. I agree very much with your third point and its one I used to make here to universal head scratching, perhaps I didn't explain it very well. The issue at stake is this, cutting spending is fine, most people will in abstract support it. Removing the requirements put upon those organisations is the old third rail of the Daily Mail mentality. It is the correct and necessary thing to do but you just know within days they'll find some sort of photogenic and emotive sob story. Its not unrelated to the waste and bloat narrative they are pushing quite hard at the moment. Sooner or later it would be honest and I think in the long term actually much wiser to just say we can't afford some things. Yes, care for the elderly is nice, we can't afford it, sorry. Instead of pretending some care assistant on the minimum wage is the problem because they aren't cheaper (the reductio ad absurdum being obvious). Its only the same logic as claiming Tesco are profiteers because they won't give me food for whatever I feel like paying them.
  17. I'm thinking insurance, mobile phones, banking, cars and property. You can do it by supermarket as well. Not really thinking at the level of individual items. Perhaps I'm being a bit "arch" here, I genuinely think hardly any companies involved could claim to pay their taxes in full in this country. Heres the thing though, mentioning no names because I don't want to go to jail, there are certain Bermudan and Honduran companies that try very hard to have us believe they are terribly British. This extends to sponsoring national events, sports teams etc. If it doesn't matter where they come from, why do they do it. And if there is a gain in it, why are we asked to accept a deception?
  18. Simply that given the choice between two fairly similar products at the same price, you might choose to buy the one where more of the cost indirectly goes back into your own pocket. Companies get small bumps all the time from 'charity contributions' (like 0.05 of a penny per unit sold), why not get a bump from an NHS hospital's running costs for a year or reducing the deficit from higher tax revenues? Its clear there is no government that is going to do anything about these scams, but then really many would say the decisive power was in our hands all along anyway. My money, my choice, the democracy of the marketplace. But I don't have a choice if I don't know and it doesn't seem that radical to think the ethical practices of a company might inform part of the buyer's decision process if they are so minded.
  19. You have French and German figures including pension liabilities and PFI? I'd quite like to see them.
  20. How is landlordism and rent seeking "productive"?
  21. That isn't what I'm talking about. I'm talking enjoying the services of one country and registering for tax at a lower rate in a third world country via a PO Box. The dodges that go on are ridiculous, some of our largest companies, we are led to believe, are really based in British Honduras. This isn't about non-doms, I think that is relatively trivial in truth. I'm talking about companies with 10s of 1000s of employees here and no employees in, say, Belize, that are the none the less paying tax in a country nobody involved has ever been to and not paying it here. That isn't a "competition" any civilised country can win.
  22. Yes but it isn't the only factor involved.
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