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  1. The "left" abandoned Labour during John Smith's period of leadership. I hate this Americanisation of our politics where its possible to pretend that New Labour, much like US Democrats, are somehow unreconstructed Marxist-Leninists. The left certainly didn't vote for them in 1997, I think you'll find that was the same "aspirational" idiots who are now denying all involvement. In Civilization & Its Discontents, Freud called what you are exhibiting "the narcissism of small differences". You're right though, it is all Dave's work. That being the problem for many. You seem to have contradicted yourself a tad. A nice piece from Andrew Rawnsely on the subject of Dave's relationship with his party: http://www.guardian....meron-coalition
  2. I've noticed that as well. Something has clearly happened. Sad thing is I'm sure its something he could put behind him and feel better about and so on but people like to cling to these things for perverse reasons sometimes. I say that as a semi-professional grudge-munger myself.
  3. Mega, you've got some serious issues.
  4. Ah that weasel word "aspiration". If your aspiration is to own two homes, I don't see that anyone is stopping you. However, in this context "aspiration" seems to be a codeword for entitlement to unearned money, but we don't say it out loud because that is a vice only poor people have.
  5. Interesting to hear City workers spouting Marxism . Not that I buy it in this case, to say they should be paid a percentage of the profit they are generating is like saying a JCB driver should get the wages of 50 men because he can dig holes faster. Alas, the JCB driver's value is determined by the labour markets as wage labour. Very interesting program notably for just how weak their arguments are, I always thought they might have some better points tucked away somewhere.
  6. Another Gordon Brown who thinks the markets will conform to his wishes regardless. How many NHS consultants do you think will ever get out of bed if you cut their wages by 30%? Or is your aim more on cutting 30% off people already on the minimum wage? Again this Brownian refusal to accept that cuts mean a loss of services. We can't afford things, they have a price, lets admit it and move on. This sort of argument is no less deluded than anything New Labour came out with.
  7. Whats that supposed to mean? I suppose we could not employ those people at all, there would be a body count that Al Quaeda would envy though. They are quite badly paid on the whole, you've been getting a bargain. More than one free lunch is ending in a sense. This is a form of notorious public sector inefficiency in itself I suppose, just a temporarily acceptable one, is it a stretch to say its labour market PFI of a type?
  8. We need to do something, the roads are a bit of a ticking time bomb as regards future investment and so on. I'm not sure this is the something we should be doing but the future projections are not very comforting.
  9. They are all pretty sure they are going. There will be no 'triage'. There is a bit of confusion on this issue, what is happening is cuts. This is not the same thing, even by analogy, as a corporation rationalising or carrying out an efficiency review. In the case of the engineers, this will lose the country money almost from the word go because although they are being kicked out, the requirement for them will remain and isn't negotiable. They'll go back on consultancy terms for more money most likely. I think the government needs to be honest, the 'bloat' rhetoric is fine but it doesn't really cover the extent of the reality. They just have to say up front we used to be able to do some things, offer some services, have a national presence in this arena or whatever it is; now we can't, sorry, we can't afford it. University is a good example of this, it really boils my piss that nobody can bring themselves to say it; we can't afford it for your children, sorry. If you want to pay thats up to you, but yes, its a fall in your standard of living one way or the other. We are a poor country and this is how it has to be.
  10. The solution I used to read about here is that whatever happens its fine, you just raise the rents and pass on the costs. Can't recall what the poster's name was now though...
  11. Not as funny as the blanket denial. The public sector (and indeed the civil service) isn't monolithic. As ever we all pretend they are either Sir Humphrey or that useless dithering woman from the Thick Of It, but it isn't so. I know some civil servants, most are professional engineers, one is a senior diplomat who knows emerging markets very well first hand, one is an economist (boo hiss!). And given this is now the 21st century they haven't always been in the public sector anyway. They don't constitute competition if unemployed as members of the labour market? Dream on.
  12. Presumably the person doing the renting out is in the inflationist camp.
  13. I'm not sure what you think was exposed here. Don't get it.
  14. I have no idea and neither do you. I can only judge them on their actions which at the moment is paying a fool a vast amount of money to flush their money down the toilet.
  15. No and yes. Or is buying a holding in a company losing millions of pounds every day considered a smart contrarian move these days? I prefer companies that have good management, make money and grow. Old fashioned perhaps.
  16. Divide and rule tactics should be treated with the contempt they deserve.
  17. Court cases are very expensive and the justice system has already been shown of late to be biased towards BA. Much better to spend the day at home and let Willie destroy even more of the value of the company he is paid a fortune to run. And lets not have any shrowd waving, if you invested in BA you knew the kind of thug you were getting to run it; employees shouldn't have to bear the moral hazard of your bad decision making.
  18. On the other hand it is illegal to discriminate in any way against someone for either union membership or having taken (lawful) industrial action. So why do some people have a perk and some other people don't? Also, very bearish for BA to get rid of staff in those kind of numbers given the amount of training invested in them. No idea why they are paying Willie so much money to wreck the company and burn their money, bit like Gordon Brown saving the world really. I wonder how much sick staff who Willie is denying sick pay to can take from the shareholders? I might write to Willie for some free money myself, he doesn't seem to care how much his ego wastes.
  19. I think classes are best defined by attitudes, values and culture (ie. Pierre Bourdieu's view of stratification). Money is a very vulgar American way of looking at things and tells you very little. Exhibit A; The lottery winning chav who blew it all, went to jail and is in debt. The strength of Bordieu's view is it explains (I think anyhow) why both the left and the right are infuriated to find neither enforcing equality of opportunity or equality of outcome lead to what they want to happen and the only solutions they can ever come up with are "what we did that didn't work last time - only more of it"
  20. She's correct from a media point of view. The Daily Mail doesn't go a single day without screeching and catawalling in the name of people who "quietly cope" and allegedly "don't like to complain". There are plenty of people our society doesn't give a flying ****** about, the middle classes don't feature in that list however.
  21. "Governments chose to nationalise the problem and make the taxpayer liable, hence why govt austerity is necessary and also supports why govts underperform supracorps." Do they know nothing? All our financial woes are to do with 73 year old retired dinner ladies getting pensions of £2,300 a year. Everyone at HPC knows that, why don't they?
  22. But unskilled work doesn't pay a living wage. Yes I know, happy for a cup of rice etc etc., but then try living like a peasant in Hyde Park and see how long people put up with it.
  23. I don't see how that follows my comment. If you have faith in your abilities surely you shouldn't be bending over for every passing thug like Willie Walsh? In any case, I hate to tell you this snowflake, but the world is a very unfair place and bad things happen to good people. Genius is overlooked and hard work goes unrewarded. It really sucks, but we have to live in reality not in the pages of ******ing "Atlas Shrugged".
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