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  1. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they don't have good reason to get you. Heres a suggestion, if you fear a "smear attack" don't syphon off other people's money into your boyfriend's hands. You'd think in occupying a senior political position he'd have more sense, and then you remember he's a banker, the "best and the brightest" who claim they can't use any judgement and its always everyone else's fault for not saving them from themselves. Banking isn't a profession, its a disorder.
  2. Its just in the nature of people like that to feel entitled to anything they can get their hands on. They'd steal candy from babies on the way home from the office if they thought they could get away with it.
  3. Wow, half a million for the seat in the Lords. When you think about it, it might be cheaper to buy one of those and take the expenses than to actually buy an ex-Council Flat in the capital. I wonder if its been on Money Saving Expert yet?
  4. Oinking trougher, his sexuality is a red herring. We're all in this together! Savage cuts required! Hopefully Cameron will stick to his word and show Mr Laws the door. "We can't go on like this".
  5. Wouldn't "work" even if we did, modern wars between nation states, even without atomic weapons, would take less time to complete than it would take to email out the conscription notices. I read a projection for the a conflict between N.Korea and S.Korea/USA online from a Washington think-tank. If it started at midnight, it'd 50/50 as to whether it would last until breakfast and would depend mostly on the disposition of the carrier group and whether B2 Spirit Bombers had been relocated in advance or had to be flown from the mainland US.
  6. I agree with you actually, not sure if thats clear in what I wrote. Its not purely economic behaviour; women have always aspired to being mothers in the absence of other options. That some of them have other options for identity is a relatively recent phenomenon anyway. Theres a mistake being made here in confusing which is the new thing. Women in famine-stricken Ethiopia seemed to manage to have children without being promised flats, tvs and 20 benson and hedges.
  7. I think benefits are just the result. If you talk to the pramfaces about it they'll tell you the reason they are really getting knocked up because its an option instead of getting a job that either doesn't exist or is very menial. There is this idea they have them to get benefits specifically but I think thats to slightly misunderstand what is going on. Motherhood is a role, its respectable and respected in society more than being a toilet cleaner or whatever. If you've got no prospects but you can do "the most important job in the world" (according to the same right-wingers who'd otherwise criticise you), then it becomes attractive. Economic analysis doesn't really capture that, I think they'll keep doing it however you adjust the benefits regime. They may even have more babies more frequently, the degree of self-sacrifice and difficulty involved will just make it an even purer vocation.
  8. It would be worth reading in The Times if it wasn't a retread of an article from The Guardian at the beginning of the year (The Guardian one contains some HPC bait through as well re: house prices and deindustrialisation which might make you think it isn't just about benefits alone...causes vs. symptoms?): http://www.guardian....age-tory-policy .
  9. An excellent post highlighting a major contradiction. I think its unanswerable but I look forward to people trying
  10. They can get a loan like every other entrepreneur. Lots of schemes around. Its a bit of a myth that cooperatives are uncommon or scarce. Anyhow, most equity in the world is inherited. The Chancellor has about 4 million pounds + investments in his back pocket, what risk do you think he took to "earn" that beyond being his father's son? Always the same though isn't it, people who want to work for a living are treated as scroungers for actually wanting their effort to be fairly rewarded and we pretend the Osbornes and Paris Hiltons of this world are only rich because of their driving Ayn Rand will to power drives. You'd have a point if we had 100% inheritance tax, but we don't.
  11. Freudian capitalisation? Deeply, deeply ashamed morelike.
  12. I'm happy all those sorts of people and their crushing inadequacies are located in one place well away from me as well
  13. Last time something like that happened to me I was in within 3 weeks. I explored the private option, which would have been a month! Again, can't fault it really. The NHS and crime (policing) are both strange phenomena when it comes to people's views. The average person thinks that both are in a terrible state and the country is doomed. The average person also thinks their personal experience of both is pretty good. Go figure.
  14. I have a slightly different suggestion: http://www.housepric...howtopic=143071 I care less where goods come from and rather more about the economic activity that takes place in this country that is related to them.
  15. Thought there was something odd abut the tone of this. He has a point and then botches it completely with silly inaccuracies...how strange, almost like he wasn't in possession of the facts needed to write the article he wanted to write. Why would a journalist get themselves into that position? http://www.guardian....daily-telegraph Ah, 30 pieces of silver in one hand and a briefing sheet from Osborne's office in the other, all makes sense now. Just following orders.
  16. No, we're getting 20% cuts in everything by the autumn. Whether its announced next month or they wait a bit and call it the Comprehensive Spending Review is just a question of timing (same difference), the same consultancy firms were offering the same advice and planning for all three main political parties before the election. Given this is what Labour were going to do so I can't see Coalition doing anything different, just moreso perhaps.
  17. I agree with that. I don't think of corporations as evil, my objection to them is that they aren't even capable of that. They have all the sophistication of a virus. We've enslaved ourselves to something that in truth answers to nobody and doesn't even exist outside a few signed pieces of paper. Absolute madness.
  18. Slightly different isn't it, reforms of systems will have to wait for a budget, they aren't as such in the gift of the government to do but rather parliament (technicality in theory but it exists). There are things like wholesale reform of benefits etc. still to come and then to make other cuts you have to remove the legislation that created the function. Its no good sacking pen pushers if it means your GP never sees any patients because he now has all their reporting and admin load to do etc. They could also do something about the 100 billion + in tax they don't bother collecting every year. Its like New Labour and inventing new laws, if they just enforced what they already had there'd be no need. But politicians don't like that, they aren't seen to be doing anything.
  19. Neither Port Sunlight or Bourneville were entirely desirable forms of paternalism. Its relatively enlightened in some ways for its day but you shouldn't underestimate the degree of control they exerted over the lives of their employees. Its not that much different from the old US mining companies and their games with company scripp, its just they had ideas about what they intended to enforce on people that were slightly more palatable.
  20. I'm not finding that to be true, your mileage may vary. I think the point is there are different priorities about. The UK is attempting to reinflate the ponzi economy to aid bankers, City types, estate agents and other worthless tertiary sector workers. There are some countries that have the crazy idea that things like production, education and growth matter.
  21. I agree, exactly the sort of income tax regime we need. And here you are again, doing your Gordon Brown impression. NHS consultants will work for whatever I pay them! I laugh in the face of labour markets! Or are you going to build a big wall round the place to stop people leaving?
  22. Well that and you just keep re announcing things by pooling and de aggregating things. E.g., 100 million maintenance grant for school buildings (announcement 1) 50 million of capital investment in school buildings (announcement 2) 150 million for "Investing in schools" initiative (announcement 3) 70 million for building investment in secondary schools programme (announcement 4) 70 million for building investment in primary schools programme (announcement 5) So you've spent 140 million, you've cut 10 million from what you intended to spend and you've announced 440 million pounds worth of spending. I chose education because this was one of Ed Balls' favourite techniques, he'd conceal a small cut as a new programme.
  23. Please let us all know which corporation it is who makes its employees immune to cancer.
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