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  1. Heh, I thought he was an Egyptian financier! Good post though.
  2. You don't have a point. Trade with Europe is about four times larger than trade with the US. (US is about 16%, Europe just under 60% from memory). Have you spent much time in the US 'barebear'? I don't think they have very much to do with us "in the way we are" at all. That is just an illusion created by speaking similar languages. They certainly don't consider us to special friends or anything, thats just something UK politicians claim. Some as Canadian politicians, Japanese politicians, Israeli politicians, S.Korean politicians. etc etc. George Orwell got it right when he called the UK "Airstrip One", that is basically our place in the US world view. We pay the US an absolute fortune to trade with them. And that is before we consider their illegal protectionism. Wake up!
  3. These tend to be very difficult to manage (tenants are either in a state of internecine warfare or ganging up on the landlord), bring up to full occupation (appeals to the transient/broke tenant, neither is good for your voids) and damages/depreciation tend to be high. Whilst there is a significant increase in the amount that can be made in theory, I'm not sure it always work out in practice. Even the Krusty-esque BTL-rampers admit this much anyway. This is "pro" landlord territory I think. One might wind up trading 750pcm for a year (family or professional couple) against, 1080 for a couple of months and then 270 here and 540 there.
  4. These self-made people have every opportunity to have input now, they generally can't be bothered. More likely we'd see the rise of political power for those with hereditary wealth and throw ourselves back a few hundred years. Would you rather have the Honourable Kirsty Allsop as Chancellor of the Exchequer? Might as well let people buy Army commissions while we are at it.
  5. I expect the BMA takes a dim view of below market value offers being issued as prescriptions...
  6. Part 245,147 in a series of threads where all jobs are utterly worthless and over-renumerated, with the exception of City workers and the people who do the IT for them. So we're agreed then, the economy is directed along the right lines, we're getting poorer because we deserve it and nobody deserves to own a home. Labour landslide next time round then.
  7. Yes, those are the only two options after all.
  8. I interpreted it similarly, The Times has read it that way as well: The Bank of England’s Governor sounded a stark warning tonight that the economy faces its most testing period for a decade, and that persistent inflationary dangers leave the Bank boxed-in over taking action to stave-off a severe downturn. When talked about writing letters to the Chancellor, it was in the context of rising price pressures, not in the context of any action he was going to take, indeed he restated that he had limited options.
  9. I think they might be actually. Look, all this stuff is well over the heads of journalists, they haven't got a clue what has gone on or is going on. They are basically clutching at straws, both in financial terms and in terms of looking for something to write about that they are comfortable with. Calling for IR cuts is attractive to the journalist mindset because its something that "should" happen and something that "could" happen but "they" might not do it. Seriously, having had dealings with the press in this country I'd say you can never go wrong underestimating the intelligence and knowledge of our journalists.
  10. He has a blog. He's like totally web 2.0 dude. Haven't read it in much depth but just imagine a genetic hybrid of Casey Serin and Dr Bubb and I think you'll be reasonably close.
  11. According to Peston, its because its their sole business.
  12. This won't be allowed to persist. The media situation I mean. I predict a widespread attack on single mothers on benefits before the end of the week. In a rewrite of the old saying: if the government gives you fifty quid, you are the problem. If the government gives you a billion quid, they are the problem.
  13. I have no idea as to why, I'm treating this as a purely empirical matter.
  14. It might not be profligacy although I've never met a bloke who owned a storecard; lower earnings and a propensity to leave home earlier are probably pretty big reasons.
  15. I've said this before to deathly silence and tumbleweed but...if you look at the debt stats there are many young women that have no choice. Its a filthy rich alpha male who can clear their debts or its no kids and no quality of life. And that cuts both ways really, its asking a lot of the average chap to marry into having his assets destroyed overnight and put on the treadmill for the rest of his working life to pay off years of someone else's high living. I don't think that is shallow, its just pragmatic. The only problem with all this is that there maybe aren't enough rich men to go around and not every indebted young woman looks like a supermodel. What happens next I have no idea. Nights in with the cat/gadgets browsing MSE/for porn I suppose. Going back to the OP, I don't think debt is good for any kind of relationship.
  16. I was just going to post this. My observation is that (1) they obviously have plenty of time on their hands, (2) the substance of the public's complaints was that the Foxtons Minis were parked up hogging spaces all day (3) Given 1 and 2, poetic justice is certain to come real soon.
  17. I agree, its going to hurt a lot of people when the minimum loan available is £15,001. Perhaps amounts below that will be available but with the "debt holiday" priced in. Debt isn't always suicidically stupid, consider the case of someone borrowing to buy a modest Nth hand car to take a better paying job. Trust Nu Lab to persecute the working class just to buy votes from the middleclass Millards who have bought too many pairs of shoes. The loan sharks will be popping the champagne corks and sharpening up their baseball bats if this comes in.
  18. Just to be pedantic here, the Bank of Scotland (BoS), which is now part of HBOS, isn't the same institution as The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).
  19. It was meant to wind you up. It is interesting you noticed the way it was written, I can't believe people don't recognise who it is that keeps writing these things each time in exactly the same style... good luck!
  20. There is going to be a debate on Thursday the 24th of January after which they will vote on whether to accept the findings of the independent review. Admittedly, it is turkeys voting against Christmas. The only group rumoured to be voting for in large numbers are Tory backbenchers, if they can find the time between their public speaking and company directorships.
  21. Subverting the thread a bit, there was a nice line delivered in the House today on this topic, I'm not sure who by, caught it on "Today in Parliament" when I was in the car. "Would the leader of the house agree that under the proposed Lisbon treaty -- if its ratified -- more powers will be transferred away from this house and so our pay should be reduced?" The humourless reply was that he should bring the point up in the debate on pay next week...
  22. They didn't work "night and day". They actually worked relatively little compared to the factory workers they were forced to become. Something like a third of the year was taken up with feasts/holidays alone. They also enjoyed enough diversity in the ways in which they could work that they could vary their economic activity with the demands of the seasons/economic situation.
  23. Then he could use the best road in the country "Brian Clough Way". It goes from Derby to Nottingham you see (although fortunately for commuters, not via Brighton and Leeds). An unusually clever tribute.
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