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  1. Mr Cameron will also take comfort from the news that 60 per cent of voters believe the television election debates will play an important part in helping them decide which way to vote. phoney tony lite. No wonder the Conservatives are slipping..... they'd do well to dump him for someone with gonads, quick.
  2. The investigation.... BB So, did you do anything naughty? GS No. BB Ok, off you go then.
  3. I didn't see the programme, but what you say surprises me. I haven't lived back home for several years, but when I was last there "full time" I didn't know anyone who had a good word to say about the eu, and that was before the lisbon treaty. I honestly can't imagine any of my old friends and acquaintances feeling better about it now because the eu has a "pressie"! Quite the opposite! So the thought of a room full of Brits having a go at someone for defending the UK against the eussr doesn't compute.... how did that happen??
  4. NF "You seem to have a loathing for the very concept of the existence of nation states," Mr Farage continued, adding: "Perhaps that's because you come from Belgium, which is pretty much a non-country."
  5. Second rate compared to who, exactly? brown? cameron? He has more substance and conviction than either of the two knobbers that will likely be "in charge" of the UK for the next 5 years. Good on him, it's nice to see a politician that talks sense for a change.
  6. Anyone here old enough to remember this? His name was Jeff Randall too! (I think!)
  7. Plus... Who wants to buy sh1t made in China anyway? It's half the price but lasts one tenth of the expected time! Total fvckin' junk. I'd rather pay double and have something that does what it's supposed to, for more than a week. People are wising up to false economy.....
  8. The jobs are probably for those willing to take part in medical trials......
  9. No worries.... "divide & conquer" isn't trade marked.... yet. Good post by the way.
  10. Is it fair to say that this is the inevitable outcome of allowing people who know the price of everything, and the value of nothing, to take charge?
  11. But the non-boomers do.... I posted a reply to some thread or other saying that this "boomer" "X-Gen" "Y-Gen" nonsense is a simple ploy to divide and conquer. The real culprits are those that believe that they are born to rule and engaged in massive theft from Joe Bloggs in general, whatever his age. The banksters, the politicians and the ceo's have convinced themselves that they are superior to us ordinary folk by virtue of the fact that they have arrived at positions of power, whereas nurses, engineers, teachers, cleaners and dustbin men deserve to be at the bottom of the pecking order and so are worth next to nothing.
  12. I doubt it after the fraud has been exposed. "They're closing New York and cutting the London desk," said one source who declined to be named. The Swiss investment bank would keep several staff at its London office for "day-to-day trading", but Paul Ezekiel, the bank's head of carbon trading in New York, would leave and the bank would not pursue further deals or emissions reduction projects, the sources said. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSLQ28981320081126
  13. I just pulled my savings and bought toilet paper, cigarettes, seeds and alcohol.
  14. Or just shut your account down. A bank with no money won't get very far..... oh....
  15. You're quite right. Although there appear to be instances of the population rolling over and being shagged in the rear by those who would be king over the last few centuries, I have a feeling that there's about to be a shift. A few years ago I would talk to people about how we were being shafted, and I'd get the "you're a plonker" look. Not these days. Just about everyone has some kind of resigned understanding about what's going on. In the end it boils down to Live Free or Die. Death has always been Man's biggest fear (own up, it's true).... but I think that fear is now in question. Does this make any sense??
  16. They haven't even begun to look at the right places to make cuts. nulabia will make the wrong cuts at the wrong time because they are a bunch of control freaks with low self esteem. Absolute tossers!
  17. That is a fair comment. All Apprenticeships in "olden days" required the Apprentice to sit exams, and if passed, the Apprentice was given some form of a Nationally recognised Certificate.....
  18. Well, Eric, there are only two at the time of posting this.... and this is a good one (as was the other).... I suspect it might be your good self?? Hello! Why is there never any challenge of this mantra?: "Even though prices may have dropped to more affordable levels, restrictive mortgage availability is making it harder to buy." No, it's never that house prices are still stupidly, unaffordably high. Perish the thought. It's that "credit is not available", "lending is too restrictive". Levels are now "more affordable" are they indeed? Compared to what? More like they are 'less insane' than they were. But that doesn't make them sane. Prices were driven up (to insane levels) by stupid lending, stupid borrowing, unsustainable credit, reckless speculation - hence the credit crunch. Remember that? Only insane prices could support the massive underclass of non-producers and get-rich-quick merchants who fed from (and fed) the housing bubble trough; mortgage brokers, lie-to-renters, estage agents, cowboy-builders, feng-shui consultants, interior designers...the list's practically endless. I expect - especially with shabby reporting like this - the country will never be weaned off thinking it can create a sustainable economy from inflating house prices with cheap credit and the incestuous service 'industry' this spawns that feeds off and feeds into this bubble. Though the use of the word 'industry' here is really a misnomer, since it produces nothing.
  19. There is another way to look at some of those jobs.... that you're being paid for an education, rather than vice versa? That is if they truly offer training. The photography one, for instance..... photography courses cost an arm and a leg these days.... so if you can get out, get some pocket money and learn from the pro's.... it's not all bad.
  20. spent 4.3 Bn more than they brought in for January alone.... it beggars belief. If the [email protected] stopped spending so much..... blah blah blah We continue to give millions to '3rd world' countries.... like India that seems to have a healthier economy..... why??? They continue to permit / encourage outsourcing, when Britons are desperately in need of jobs and the gumment is desperately in need of the income tax derived from those jobs.... and the reduction in claimants. They continue to discourage tourism with their ridiculous "anti terrorist laws" which can see you harassed for having a camera in London, or requirement that you be subjected to a blast of radiation and ridicule (ooh, I like that, so it's now TM'd!!) at the airport. They are a bunch of fvckin' numpty heads and the sooner they're driven back to wherever it was they came from. the better.
  21. Figures released yesterday showed that the government had to borrow a further £4.3bn in January to help cover the deficit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z59HteiHkZ0
  22. This is great news! The unelected bureaucrats who 'run' the eu will be having kittens..... oh, how I pray it all ends in tears!!
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