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  1. The biggest impediment to the company I work for is the middle management layer. They seem to spend all their time in meetings, produce pointless memos and spreadsheets and eventually pile more and more pointless "admin" tasks onto the fee- earners / producers. I swear that they turn up to the office each morning wondering what other pointless tasks they can dream up to justify their positions. At the end of the fiscal year, they will produce heavily biased charts on power point slide shows that prove the company would fold without them. T0ssers.
  2. I know it's extremely naive.... however I've had a few tinnies so don't really care (until tomorrow morning, of course) .... but... why don't we just say "you can't lend what you don't have" and put an end to all this fantasy money? I will regret pressing "add reply" but I'm going to do it anyway.....
  3. 10X the average salary for that. I'm starting to think us Brits deserve everything we get.......
  4. A computer model that I believe.... Ah... forget it.... I can't attach the file for some reason....
  5. There's a lot of noise about Germany leaving the Euro and bringing back the DM (yeah, can't spell it at this time of night)....... http://www.google.ca/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=germany+leave+euro&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&redir_esc=&ei=3CWsS86EMoP58AbB-cihCw (Google "Germany Leaves Euro".....)
  6. I thought I'd bring this up again.... there's an article over at WorldReports.org (Christopher Story) about a woman who cleared her mortgage (in the UK) but could not sell her house as nobody knew who held the deeds! (I'll find it later)... and then there's this: .... This results in the frightening fact that the holders of mortgages, so chopped and packed, are not possible to identify by MERS or anyone else,at any time and by any agency. This means that any property holder, be they a domestic home owner or a business owner, is paying their monthly fees for property they can never own. Because of the diversity of the packaging, it is totally and completely impossible to ascertain what person or organization owns a specific mortgage and as a result, a clear title to MERS-controlled property is impossible to get at any time, even if a mortgage is fully paid. No person or entity, has been or never can be, identified who can come forward and legally release the lien on the property once the loan is paid. In short, MERS conceals this fact from the public with the not-unreasonable assumption that by the time the owner of the home or business discovers that they have only been paying rent on property they can never get clear title to, all the primary parties; the banks, the government agencies, the mortgage companies, or the title companies, will be dead and gone. MERS is set up to guarantee this fact but, gradually, little by little, mostly by word of mouth, the public is beginning to realize that their American dream of owning a house is nothing but a sham and a delusion. The solution to this is quite simple. If a home or business American mortgage payer , goes to the property offices in their county and looks at their registered property, they can clearly see if MERS is the purported holder of the mortgage. This is fraudulent - MERS has never advanced any funds in the transaction and owns nothing. It is merely a registry. If MERS is the listed holder, the mortgage payers will never, ever, get clear title to their property. In this case, the property occupier has two choices: They can either turn the matter over to a real estate attorney or simply continue pouring good money after bad. And is there relief? Indeed there is. In case after case (95% by record) if the matter is brought to the attention of a court of law, Federal or state, the courts rule that if the actual owner of the mortgage cannot be located after a reasonable period of time, the owner receives a clear title from the court and does not need to make any further payments to an unidentified creditor! It will stop any MERS based foreclosure mid process and further, any person who was fraudulently foreclosed by MERS, which never held their mortgage, and forced from their home can sue MERS and, through the courts, regain their lost homes. The number of such cases is growing daily and interested parties can find a great deal of concrete legal opinion, and advice, at: [email protected], www.chinkinthearmor.net, www.conversationswiththecrow.com (This one is merely a collection of published works discussing similar official frauds and swindles) As the home-owning American public becomes more aware of this swindle, the legal community will rejoice with a flood of fees from the swindled and the growing anger at other such official rip-offs will surely mount. MERS has been set to obfuscate, confuse and otherwise conceal ugly facts but one is reminded of the fact that if one blocks the spout of a boiling tea kettle, the top blows off. Note: As of 22. March, the first two informational sites have been shut down at the request of an American government agency. http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a3026.htm PS... TBR is not a TFH site!
  7. That's the eu falling faster than the UK! Today, anyway.....
  8. Throughout all of this, the chancellor keeps a smile on his face - he even breaks into a comradely chuckle with Mr Brown from time to time. Chuckles.
  9. German and Dutch leaders have concluded in the nick of time that they cannot defy the will of their sovereign parliaments by propping up a country that lied about its deficits, or risk court defeats by breaching the no-bail-out clause in Article 125 of the EU Treaties. Chancellor Angela Merkel has halted at the Rubicon. So has Dutch premier Jan Peter Balkenende, as well he might in charge of a broken government facing elections in a country where far-right leader Geert Wilders is the second political force, and where the Tweede Kamer has categorically blocked loans for Greece. The failure of EU leaders to cobble together a plausible bail-out – if that is what occurs at this week’s Brussels summit – is a 'game-changer' in market parlance. Eurogroup chair Jean-Claude Juncker said last month that such an outcome would shatter the credibility of monetary union. It certainly shatters many assumptions. There will be no inevitable move to fiscal federalism; no EU treasury or economic government; no debt union. It is Stalingrad for the federalist camp and the institutions of the permanent EU government. snip EU leaders may yet rustle up a rescue package that keeps the IMF at bay, but alliances are shifting fast. Even Italy has slipped into the pro-IMF camp, knowing that rescue costs can be shifted on to the US, Japan, Britain, Russia, China, and the Saudis, lessening the burden for Rome. Besides, too much has been said over the last week that cannot be unsaid. Mrs Merkel’s speech to the Bundestag was epochal, a defiant warning that henceforth Germany would pursue the German national interest in EU affairs, capped by her call for treaty changes to allow the expulsion of fiscal sinners from Euroland. Nothing seems so permanent about the euro any more. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/ambroseevans_pritchard/7494718/Has-Germany-just-killed-the-dream-of-a-European-superstate.html
  10. “Who owns the British banks now? You do. Has there been any accountability? No,” said Markopolos. “Both here and in the UK political parties represent corporate interests, not the people’s interests.” Spot on.
  11. I think they have the date wrong? Published: 10:07AM GMT 28 Jan 2009.... things weren't that bad back then? Plus, the standard of journalism is really dropping at the broadsheets.... the "story" felt like it finished in mid-sentence. Plus, tough sh1t Sandbanks, a bubble within a bubble if ever there was one.....
  12. Four Labour MPs implicated in 'cash for influence' scandal Former Labour cabinet ministers have been accused of offering to use their political influence in return for payments of thousands of pounds. MPs Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon and Margaret Moran – who are all standing down at the next election – were secretly recorded discussing financial payment with an uncover reporter posing as a company executive looking to hire MPs for lobbying work. Mr Byers, the former trade and transport secretary, is alleged to have described himself as “like a sort of cab for hire” for up to £5,000 a day, echoing Mohamed al-Fayed's revelation 16 years ago that you can "hire an MP the way you hire a London taxi." Don't mp's have to swear some kind of oath or something..... waste of time if they did actually, they'll say anything to get what they want. This brings me back to a point.... those who want to govern generally are not fit to do so.... they're the wrong sort. There has to be a better way.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/labour/7490787/Four-Labour-MPs-implicated-in-cash-for-influence-scandal.html
  13. 2009 will be remembered by millions of ordinary people as the year they lost their job, their house, or the prospect of an education. For the rich, however, it was a bonanza. The world’s billionaires saw their wealth grow by 50 percent last year, and their ranks swell to 1,011, from 793, according to the latest Forbes list of billionaires. The combined net worth of these 1,011 individuals increased to $3.6 trillion, up $1.2 trillion from the year before. On average, each billionaire had his or her wealth increase by $500 million. Four hundred and three billionaires reside in the United States. They constitute just 0.00014 percent of the country’s total population, but control 8 percent of the national wealth. Each of these individuals holds over 300 million times more wealth than the average US resident. snip.... The number of US billionaires grew to 403, up from 359 last year. The Asia-Pacific region had 234 billionaires, up from 130 the last year. Europe has 248 billionaires, despite having twice the population of the United States. The 1,011 people on this list command a phenomenal amount of personal wealth. Their holdings are larger than the gross domestic products of every country besides China, Japan, and the United States. The wealth of the 403 US billionaires could more than cover the 2008 US federal deficit, with money left over for the states. While the number of billionaires on the list is just short of the all-time high of 1,125 reached in 2007, it represents a phenomenal rebound. At this rate, the number of billionaires will once again hit record levels next year. Carlos Slim Helú, a Mexican telecommunications tycoon, moved up to the first position on the list at $53.5 billion, beating out Americans Bill Gates ($53 billion) and Warren Buffet ($47 billion). The wealth of all three men rose dramatically. Over the last several years Slim Helú made roughly $27 million a day compared with the average daily income of $16.50 for Mexican workers. Please, somebody tell me this recession isn't planned.... http://www.wsws.org/articles/2010/mar2010/forb-m12.shtml
  14. Ah..hem. I firmly believe that Britain can go up against Germany and make a pretty good account for itself.
  15. Yes, you're probably right.... but more accurate to say just one of the (many) problems.... they're all bloody "in". Where TF is King Henry when you need him most??
  16. I still can't believe it... the most disastrous gumment in UK history..... and the polls indicate a hung parliament. Cameron needs a red hot poker shoving where the sun doesn't shine. And the tories should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. Why don't they just dump cameron and put Ken Clarke or someone in???
  17. “They have created a virtual world for the clipboard-wielding tax officials to learn how to size up family bedrooms, measure your conservatory and put a value on your scenic view.” You should never be taxed according to somebody's opinion.... especially the opinion of a council jobsworth. I'm starting to wonder if the Poll Tax idea was so unfair after all.....
  18. You are Nouveau Cgnao and I claim my fiver. Drastic as your predictions are, I fear that you won't be far wrong. But don't worry.... it'll all come out in the wash.
  19. I thought this big news.... it's really worth keeping an eye on. Still, as before, I'm sure we'll all be massively disappointed as slimery wins yet again.
  20. U.K. Rules He also claims the banks violated U.K. securities rules by failing to inform Milan in writing that for the swap deal the city was a counterparty to the lenders rather than a customer. Banks abiding by the rules of the Financial Services Authority are required to shield customers from conflicts of interest and provide them with clear and fair information that isn’t misleading. Officials for the FSA in London didn’t have an immediate comment. The prosecutor, who seized assets from the banks equal to their share of the alleged profit, is claiming JPMorgan charged about 45 million euros in commissions that were hidden from the municipality, while Deutsche Bank made about 25 million euros, Depfa Bank earned 21 million euros and UBS made 10 million euros, court documents show. “The thesis brought forward by the prosecutor was particularly innovative and aggressive,” said Giampiero Biancolella, an attorney specializing in financial crime who isn’t involved in the case. “The indictments prove the allegations are legitimate, though the charges don’t yet prove the banks are guilty.” http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aC.ZO2bOdS2A&pos=3 Is the Rule of Law making a comeback??
  21. OK, I know it's short on facts, I know some of you don't think much of the Daily Mail, and I know the gumment have said it won't happen. But posted for posterity...... Despite claims to the contrary from the Treasury, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage claimed Britain will not be spared from the burden of a Greek bail-out, saying 'it is certain that Britain will bear the brunt'. 'Unacceptable': Philip Davies urged Gordon Brown to guarantee the taxpayer wouldn't foot the bill He added: 'Our public deficit is as bad as Greece's yet we will still be bailing them out and it will cripple us. 'The fact we are not in the eurozone makes no odds. We will not be sheltered from it.' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1257965/UK-taxpayer-WILL-pay-tens-billions-euros-Greek-rescue.html#ixzz0iOGUHM7O
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