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  1. Good points. It boils down to conspiracy or c0ck-up.
  2. You might be right, but what is clear is that the eu in its present form is neither respected nor desired by "the people". I for one hope it collapses, but wouldn't mind seeing it rebuilt as a co-operative of individual Countries that retain, completely, their Sovereignty.
  3. Good news. The eussr, a step along the way to globalised "gumment", is going to struggle to survive in its present form. Maybe there is a God after all!!
  4. Oh, it's not just us.... the ham shanks are on the hook too....! It seems to be Taxpayers all over.... now, who doesn't pay tax? I'm seeing a picture emerging..... As the European debt crisis picks up steam and batters world markets, various reports are surfacing that the US taxpayer is on the hook for billion of dollars in bailout funds via the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The United States provides approximately 20% of IMF funding, which means the taxpayer could pay $8 billion to prop up Greek banks. More precisely, it is being reported that taxpayer dollars will be utilized to rescue top European banks throughout the EU in order to contain their dangerous exposure to Greek debt. And if this contagion spreads to Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Ireland, as many believe, US taxpayers could be providing a whole lot more through additional IMF bailouts. If confirmed, several critical questions arise. For example, how will the U.S. afford a massive, intercontinental "Too Big to Fail" scheme? We're running $1.6 trillion deficits, mired in $13 trillion of debt, and floundering in 16.9% real unemployment. A record number of Americans are on food stamps, and record foreclosures are still battering the housing market. Will we borrow more from China and Japan? http://caivn.org/article/2010/05/04/us-taxpayers-could-be-bailing-out-european-banks-debt-crisis-worsens
  5. This is a very disturbing development.... but one that's come up sooner than the eu bureaucrats hoped, I think. It will open many people's eyes. So looking on the bright side, this could be good news.... the beginning of the end of the eussr.
  6. Yes, I have read both negative and positive "reviews" of Mr. Larouche ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyndon_LaRouche ) . But I've never met him and therefore not been able to form my own opinion. There's a surprise! Regardless of the various reports about his affinities and politics, I can't help feeling that he means well.... His views aren't exactly "off the wall"....... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financetopics/financialcrisis/7683271/Merkel-plea-to-save-Europe-as-contagion-hits-Iberia.html I also happen to believe quite strongly that this whole globalisation venture has been a scam from the start. Now't good'll come of it!!
  7. Today, globalization has already been making the rich richer, and the poor poorer; but hyperinflation would be the most brutal form of dispossession, robbing people of their savings and their life's accomplishments. Many Germans can still show you their grandparents' and great-grandparents' Reichsmark banknotes, which made them billionaires, or even trillionaires, but which, in the end, couldn't buy them anything. Even neo-liberal [business executive] Hans Olaf Henkel recently told a talk show that he believes that in the end, we're going to pay with inflation, if we keep thinking we have to remain "good Europeans." Recognizing that the euro is a faulty construct, does not necessarily mean going against Europe. Far from it: Europe's sovereign states could work together quite well as a Europe of the Fatherlands, in the tradition of Charles de Gaulle, toward a common, worldwide mission. But for that, we don't need a Monetary Union, nor do we need a totally bloated EU bureaucracy which fritters away monstrous sums of tax revenues, and in return for that, destroys entire industrial sectors with its absurd EU guidelines. Interesting article here: http://larouchepub.com/hzl/2010/3718euro_not_greek.html And are the euro taxpayers bailing out the Greeks or bailing out the German banks?
  8. I often wonder why politicians, who end up controlling vast sums of money, can get away with reneging on "promises" which are in essence contracts with the electorate, and yet if businesses did the same they'd be hauled in front of a Judge......
  9. "Paul" isn't who he says he is........
  10. Gold is out of reach at these prices. I'm sticking to fags'n'booze. And toilet paper. Highly tradable commodities....
  11. The first ever Prime Ministerial debate will be remembered not - as so many predicted - for a gaffe or a scripted put-down or a bead of a sweat. It will be remembered as a serious debate about serious issues and, I suspect, the first of many election debates to come. Politically it is the emergence of Nick Clegg as a serious player in this election which will prove to be most significant. The Liberal Democrat leader was given a great opportunity to introduce himself to the millions of voters who scarcely knew him and he took it with gusto. The question is whether instant polls suggesting that he "won" the debate can be converted into increased support for his party. If so, what matters is where will that support come from. With a hung parliament a very real possibility and with many voters saying that they like the idea of parties working together the Lib Dems are certain to find themselves wooed, attacked and scrutinised with renewed vigour. The dynamic between David Cameron and Gordon Brown, their personalities and their policies did not fundamentally change as a result of this debate, but there is now a third unpredictable factor at play with three weeks to go and two more debates. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nickrobinson/2010/04/and_the_winner.html Well, comparing the beeb's opinion to the running commentary on here there would seem to be a wide difference of opinion! It's all a circus anyway. Don't vote. Get the turnout numbers down to less than 10% and see what happens.... of course nothing will happen because the turnout figures will be "adjusted"!
  12. Congratulations! But why do you have to stop posting or dropping in? The site has developed into more than a discussion about house prices, and owning a home doesn't disqualify you! I've got one myself.... and I bought at a peak, knowing it was 'wrong' but had to do it for reasons that go beyond financial common sense! Good luck, and I hope it all goes well.....
  13. I get a window that won't load with a tiny "skip this advertisement" line. Click that and then you go to the link.
  14. Aussie comrades.... just thought I'd drop in the URL of a way to get around your internet censorship.... just in case the gumment decide to ban you from coming here. I hope you might find it useful. http://www.computerworld.com.au/slideshow/342549/pirate_party_how_bypass_great_australian_firewall/?eid=-6787
  15. SUSPICIOUS TIMING AND OVERHAUL THE OLD SOVIET TU-154 Moreover the timing of this ‘planned accident’ is highly suspicious. For starters, the 25-year-old aircraft had undergone a complete overhaul at a factory in southern Russia late last year, being delivered to the Polish authorities in December 2009. This makes a planned malfunction likely, especially given that the Katyn massacre ceremony, to be held 70 years after the atrocity, was of course ‘known in advance’. Issues contemporaneous with this catastrophe include: • Most conspicuously, the peak level of intergovernmental tensions surrounding the disposition and settlement of diverted and stolen funds, given not least that Poland was exploited during the Bush II Administration, when the US Ambassador to Poland was a known George W. Bush crony (to go into no further details here) and Polish institutions were flooded with the proceeds of illicit off-balance sheet trades leveraged off diverted and stolen funds. • The projected use of the Polish Army’s Ustka-Wicko base as a possible site for US missile interceptors. Russia objected strongly and suspended participation in the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe. • Contracts for Western aircraft. http://www.worldreports.org/news/283_polands_suspicious_second_katyn_massacre_tragedy
  16. China is “on a treadmill to hell,” said Chanos, who said in January the nation is Dubai times a thousand. Everyone is on about this Dubai "collapse"...... I thought I'd drop back in on a Dubai Estate Agents site and was dismayed to find this: http://www.bhomes.com/UAE/residential/sales/Dubai/Arabian_Ranches/Saheel_Villas/274753.xhtml A three bedroomed box for £690,932.77. It doesn't look much like a crash to me, as these houses were amongst the first to be sold in Dubai and could be bought at the time for about 150k (pounds).... Dubai has a looooong way to fall yet... and I'm sure China does too.... and the Uk...... and Canada...... and .....
  17. Estimates have put the value of the stockpile at between £100m to £150m, although the government has refused to confirm cost saying it was commercially confidential. That's the bit that gets me..... it's your money which is supposed to be wisely spent by people that you elected (OK, I know...) but they're refusing to reveal the cost? Is that right? How will it show up in year-end accounts? "Miscellaneous"? Can you imagine a business being audited by the tax office getting away with that? Any business except banks, that is.
  18. Quebecois is different to French, much the same as Pidgin English is different to Queen's English. -30 C...... and the rest. With wind chill (which is real, not like global warming) -50 is not unusual. The French aren't welcome because they refused to come to the aid of the Quebecois when the English were turning them over.... The best musicians that I know of from Quebec are Martha Wainwright and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.... and Leonard Cohen comes from there too.... but he's a knob. Apart from all that.... the peasants are revolting! The general populous, or "sheeple" are getting pis5ed off.... and showing it. The "ruling elite" don't have long left.....
  19. It's gone the way of the West..... there's nowhere to run to now.
  20. People are waking up to the rape and plunder executed by the monied "class" over the last few years. Have we reached the point of "enough is enough".... I don't think we're very far away. MONTREAL - It was a sign of the coming fiscal storm: thousands of people poured into the streets of Montreal to protest Quebec's bad-news provincial budget and prompted a police intervention. As governments everywhere try to tackle deficits after an era of heavy stimulus spending, Thursday's demonstration could be a warning of what's ahead in the post-recession era. Police in riot gear fended off a crowd outside the Quebec finance minister's office. Old Montreal's business district was awash in chanting, placard-waving demonstrators against a budget that will pile new costs on Quebecers, including a sales-tax hike and a historic health fee. snip... Police say more than 100 protesters forced their way into the tower, where some broke doors, dumped potted plants and emptied fire extinguishers. Officers in riot gear intervened and one man was arrested for breaking and entering, Const. Andre Leclerc said. "They did not manage to get inside the office of the finance minister," Leclerc said. More public unrest across Canada could be on the way as provinces such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia and Ontario turn to public-sector wage freezes. http://www.torontosun.com/news/canada/2010/04/02/13446936.html The word is it was pretty ugly.... and we're talking docile canucks here!
  21. Very well done Darkman.... pats on the back all round! I particularly liked the music choices.... audio is so important and you made some brilliant choices. What software did you use? Good job!
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