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  1. Not arf! Those old fashioned manual push rotary mowers are making a bit of a comeback here.... Canadian Tire (they can't spell) have at least 3 different models on display! http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/2/OutdoorLiving/PowerEquipment/LawnMowers/PRD~0601526P/Yardworks%252B18-in%252BReel%252BLawnmower.jsp?locale=en
  2. This topic is straying, isn't it?.... although Honda is Japanese....
  3. It cost me about 300 quid back in 2001 (thereabouts). I'm sure they're probably about the same today. I couldn't find one when I first got to Canada and bought a Canadian made MTD with a Honda engine..... the engine is fine but the blade assembly has broken already! So much for Canadian "quality".....
  4. Mark, what are the "friendly societies" (please don't ask me to google!)? Are you talking about Co-Operatives?
  5. This is the start. Interest rates will rise.... first it will be one vote.... then two.... then a small rise.... then a bigger rise.... all backed up by puff from the "experts".
  6. Understood. I had a Honda petrol mower.... and a Honda petrol strimmer.... nice bits of kit. But I'd rather have those "tanks"! (just for a day).
  7. Nice post. I disagree with the part I've made bold. People are making provisions for themselves by contributing (in the case of health) to the National Insurance Scheme. A large percentage of your salary goes toward this. It's compulsory insurance, and because of economies of scale, it should be the most efficient way to ensure the most people are taken care of. The NHS is not free.... you pay for it.
  8. It's not destroyed yet. nulabia's job was to demolish the core foundations. ConDem's job is to finish it off.... by having a "predicted" coalition, each party can blame the other. Once the Country is on the verge of total civil unrest, the nwo will step in with a "solution". Is this me talking or my good old Boddington's?
  9. The Spanish only discovered electricity in 1980.
  10. More wisdom from ms. Jordan here.......... http://www.dailyfinance.co.uk/bloggers/christina-jordan/
  11. Although we can see it coming, we'll still bend over and take it like good little soldiers. We've been told to. Either that or a revamp of The French Revolution....
  12. Turn the Tech Colleges that were magicked into Universities back into Tech Colleges again. Simples.
  13. I've wanted to say this for a long time, even though it is annoying............. "LINKY"..........
  14. An Official Strike is not the only way to be heard. Have a ..... National Sick Day !! You can't be doing anything "illegal" if you're on a self certified sicky.
  15. How times change! A few years ago Apple were regarded as products for the arty farty fringe.... real nerds wouldn't touch them with a bargepole! Then Apple produce a couple of gadgets that the masses actually like and can afford....... and now they've suddenly become the new microsoft!!
  16. Have another beer and things will look different....
  17. Good job they're only charts!! (sorry for second post... I'm having trouble editing for some reason...)
  18. Although the timespan is much, much longer than I would have expected, the similarity is quite startling when you put them together.....
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