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  1. yes that's true, the door can't be locked because she doesn't has lost the key and has not changed the lock. Can I use this as leverage?
  2. The contract states it should be but I don't know if that is actually the case
  3. she doesn't officially live in the house but has a room and an office there, she also seems to spend about 9 hours a day there and I have signed a six month contract. Main concern is getting deposit and advance rent back. what do you think?
  4. Dear Landlady The reason I don’t want to continue my tenancy is because I did not understand what the actual situation at xxxxxxx was. Before signing the contract you told me in an email it was a houseshare but since moving in you have told me that “you like to run the house like a schoolâ€. I have only now been made aware of your rule that I am not allowed any guests after 11pm. This was not explained to me before I signed the contract. This situation does not fit my understanding of a houseshare. I also think you are in breach of the contract in several areas: Section 2.1 states that “The Landlord agrees that the tenant may live in the [Property][Designated Room and Shared Parts] without unreasonable interruption from the Landlord.†I would argue that the fact you(The Landlord) seem to spend most days and evenings in the shared kitchen constitutes an unreasonable interruption. Also the fact that I am unable to lock the door from my room to the garden will invalidate Section 2.2 of the contract which requires you to have contents insurance, because your insurance will be invalidated. I also think it is unreasonable to expect me to keep my belongings in a property that can not be secured. Section 4.1 of the contract states that I am allowed to find a replacement tenant after three months, if I can find someone suitable. I would argue the definition of suitable would be someone in permanent employment with references form their previous Landlord. Given that in your last email to me you claimed to have 7 people interested in the room but none of these were suitable and that you have stated to me you exclude people based on their ethnicity I think If I am still here in 3 months we will have very different ideas of what is suitable. I think that the situation is sufficiently different to what I was led to expect to give me grounds for vacating immediately. I therefore request your agreement for me to vacate today and would like my deposit and 3 weeks rent refunded in full.
  5. I have just started renting a room in a new house and have only been there for two nights but for several reasons I wish to end the tenancy by mutual agreement with the Landlady and move out. Anyone got any advice on the best wat to do this and maximise my chances of getting deposit and rent back. Is there a document that can be signed by both parties to void a tenancy?
  6. Is it possible to have a stocks and shares ISA but hold the certificates yourself?
  7. She's not hot she's absolutely f*ckin hideous. She's got a mouth like that thing in Return of the Jedi that Jabba tried to make Luke jump into.
  8. Personally I agree with Property Guru. The OP was talking about Gordons mishandling of the economy and handyman took things off at a complete tangent with a post about how cheaply he lives. Who Cares.
  9. BNP are the only party that will put the interests of white english people first.
  10. if only Brown was still chancellor instead of that nitwit Darling everything would still be going ok.
  11. I guess Zimbabwe could be described as asset rich too.
  12. This is very interesting. It seems the changes are not as simple as they first appear and it is hard to predict what their effects on the housing market will be. If their is a crash I could see this as being one of the things which gets the blame pinned on it.
  13. Someone should tell him debt is real, house prices are a matter of opinion.
  14. So this could make a crash more likely as LLs who have entered the market recently will have a greater incentive to sell and would be able to accept less as they are not going to lose 40% of any profit they may have. Could help get the ball rolling.
  15. A net increase in the population of over 2 million people in the last ten years is not a small increase. 50% of the population of London was not born in the UK, do you really think an influx of people on that scale will have no effect on the price of accomodation or the quality of accomodation that is available. In my street about 60% of houses have been bought by BTLs converted from family homes to multiple occupancy and rented to immigrants. This is happening all over the south east, why do you think fewer and fewer British people are having families? Because family accomodation is no longer available to many working people.
  16. Change in value and increase in value are the same thing. If £1 has gone up to £2 it has increased/changed in value by 100% Some maths teachers!
  17. This site is a forum for open debate between bulls, bears and neithers. It is through looking at both sides of an argument that you can form a reasonable opinion. The OP has problems with people who don't agree with him and quite often becomes abusive.
  18. Funny you should say that. http://www.order-order.com/2007/10/fake-mi...nteraction.html
  19. The government lets in 200k economic migrants a year without any concern for the effect on the people already here and at the same time sends people back to Sudan and the Congo to be tortured and killed.
  20. priced out are *****ers. If you care about affordable quality housing for all make a donation to shelter. oooh I'm a proffesional and I can't afford to get on the property ladder, boo hoo. ****** off
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