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  1. Actively looking to buy in Bury, Manchester (not going to get into why, a lot more reasons than money). Seeing properties go on the market, vendors dropping the price by £5-10k within a couple of months and then once they reach a certain level whether that be NE threshold or emotional attachment to a price they seem happy for the properties to sit on the market for 12 months plus. I had a quite astonishing conversation with an Reeds Rains regarding a property I wanted to view. He was unbelievably rude, firstly vetting me regarding affordability (house was 2.7x joint earnings BTW) after that
  2. The north/south divide in quite astonishing.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-17579480 Pfft, all you southern fairies complaining that prices have become out of reach in your favorite part of Bayswater, there is an easy solution....move to Salford. Okay okay, this is the city where someone was recently shot in the head for daring to walk the streets on Boxing Day morning but listen, it's only 4 times earnings for the average house.
  4. I consider myself to be staunch social libertarian, as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to my life and my choices, the state can f**k off. (So long as I don't infringe my neighbours liberty blah blah). While I wouldn't call myself economically socialist I do have an ideological temptation towards socialised healthcare, education and infrastructure, however that's as far as it goes. Bailing out private institutions with public money...are you kidding me? I believe you can be libertarian without being a GOP right wing nut job, unfortunately when you let tw*ts like George Monbiot loose on t
  5. Hilarious. I pass this house every day on the way home from work, nice busy road 3 minutes from a motorway. £230k is laughable, £115k maybe?
  6. Shame he later deleted the tweet. Good job Guido preserved it Order Order
  7. Average wage £18k* Average house £120k* Something has to give. *Figure plucked from my backside, but I'd wager not far off.
  8. We'll have to keep an eye on this listing. We're currently looking for similar properties in Bury and are hovering around the £140-150k mark, unfortunately, when they get to £140k they're getting bought much to my despair. Are you seeing the same on Merseyside?
  9. £116k for a 2 bed in Newton Heath? I love how the artist impressions are always set in nice sunny locations, Newton Heath sees the sun about twice a year.
  10. It's the insanity of the price for that location that astounds me, I don't give a toss how many bedrooms or bars it has got. I live on the doorstep of Moston and there is f**k all around there at all. A few rough pubs and a field, both of which you will get filled in off some scroate for looking at him the wrong way. Honestly I can go live near Hyde Park for not much more and if I had that sort of money to blow on a house in Moston then that would seem like a better choice, it just wouldn't have a bar.
  11. Hit and runs like this annoy me. You obviously believe your POV is correct, so come back and argue your case.
  12. So 14 months after your original post Sarah, still on the market and not a penny knocked off it. I'd love to know how many viewings they've had. I'd be stunned if they'd had more than 5. Moston is a shithole. No two ways about it, this property will never sell at that price. Some sucker may bite at the £350k mark.
  13. £20k for the house. £280k for the land and sea views?
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