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  1. Well yes, but it would be hard to argue with Bosher's own assessment of herself, and as we well know, the good Dr. once described herself as too sycophantic to work for someone else. Your honour, I present to you: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/sycophant
  2. So if/when this all blows up, what's the most likely scenario - that credit bought cars are repossessed en masse and sold off at fire sale prices, or that the credit companies simply tell the borrowers to keep on paying whatever they can? Surely it's the latter, forbearance seems to be the only way to stop the whole system from collapsing these days? On a practical point, you take away the car, you take away the ability for a lot of people to earn enough to pay you anything - you've got dick all chance of seeing your money back.
  3. It's amazing how making a lie big enough makes it believable, isn't it? If there's a shortage of housing, where exactly are the hordes of homeless people blocking the pavements everywhere you look? Let's at least call it what it is - a shortage of houses for sale. Which is a direct result of lender forbearance and govt / BoE support, in other words, a deliberately created crisis. But hardly anybody outside of this site believes that. Maybe they just don't want to.
  4. Is anyone any good with Photoshop? Even Google is struggling to find a family that will meet Fergus' requirements.
  5. Two smilies because I'm feeling positively dastardly this morning. So is this what its all about? Has Fergus finally had enough of non paying tenants, so he's decided to kick out all the undesirables and re-market his undeniably classy portfolio as a utopian dream for high earning, professional, perfect families? Like this?
  6. One of these days the stars will align such that forbearance is no longer the most beneficial strategy to the banks. All of these little judgements bring that day ever closer IMO.
  7. Gary likes to make out that he's the sort of guy who deals with problem tenants with a billiard ball in a sock. Whereas in reality, Gary is the sort of man who might try to deal with problem tenants with a billiard ball in a sock, before promptly tw4tting himself round the back of his own head and knocking himself out stone cold on the door step. Gary is excellent value for money.
  8. Henry, I'm pretty sure you're reading this thread. So thank you, that was a superb reality broadside for the good ship LL Delusion, delivered by someone who they can't dismiss as minority crack pots.
  9. All joking aside, I'm becoming increasingly of this view. Every time fatty hits the news it's for a more bizarre and unbelievable reason than the previous time, to the point that I'm not convinced he could be serious.
  10. I think the dull one has a point you know - I mean, you wouldn't chuck a Glade Plugin into the tumble dryer, or force a Bounce Sheet into a plug socket, would you. Everything in it's proper place and all that; I'm beginning to think I might have misunderstood him after all.
  11. Interesting. Where did soiled underpants come on the list? I appreciate that mould, decomposing bodily fluids and curry saturation are systemic and thus have better longevity, but for a quick topical application I would have thought shitty pants would be right up there. Simply apply to light fitting in affected room, and reap the added bonus of a nice visual effect, if you like pooh shadows on your walls obviously.
  12. I don't care what anybody else says. Whether he knows it or not, he's a comedy genius.
  13. Massive kudos to the pants picker for pointing out that George Osborne has done more damage to the private rental sector than anybody else save the Luftwaffe, but sadly Barbara comes and spoils the party with - of all the damned bare faced cheek - a little bit of reality: Oh. And in the absence of any obliging German bomber pilots, one can only assume that those empty houses wouldn't actually vanish off the face of the earth either. Double b***er.
  14. I don't know for sure, but surely she's already gone - it'd be a bit of a stretch for someone whose competence had been found wanting to be voting on the base rate before they departed.
  15. You automatically assume I was talking about houses. I was talking in broader terms about smaller but still significant investments the OP could think about making, considering that what was asked for in the OP. As usual I find the tone of your posts tiresome bordering on unpleasant, and I don't want to continue any sort of conversation with you. You've said what you want to say, I've read it. That's as far as we go.
  16. Yes, that's all great. Read it all before, got the t-shirt. Thanks for your input.
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