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  1. harsh, but somehow there's truth in it. Well, with the economy demanding more from people with expenses, taxes, etc. Having a family with kids will tend to make ends meet. People have to be financially stable and practically prepared for commitment and marriage these days.
  2. I actually never minded if I was replying to a bull or a bear. Watching out for this would make me a prejudiced person and I'd really just like to stick to interacting with people, no matter if they're a bull or a bear.
  3. Took a look at the site. It's good, thanks!
  4. Well, the rules did say that pets aren't allowed unless you have a written agreement with the landlord, which would mean that once you get a written agreement you can own pets... right? If this is the case, then just ask for the written agreement. Do it before you buy the kittens, of course. The landlord may not be keen on the idea and refuse the pets. Your situation then would be more difficult.
  5. Hello there! I actually posted on other threads already. I saw this thread too late, sorry about that. I've been lurking on this website and forum for days now and I decided to finally. Both the site and forum contains some info that'll help me improve my knowledge on house buying and selling, and all the processes that goes with it. i hope to be of some help, too, when I can. i'm still a little raw over these topics, though.
  6. Well, no offense to China, but their political and social status doesn't really support the kind of economy that will lead to a healthy and promising market. One does affect the other, you know.
  7. That's true, but it'll be a little complicated to sell a cheap endowment. I'm also interested on what companies can benefit from buying cheap endowments and their criteria for buying one.
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