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  1. House prices to fall another 17% from here? - Citywire article 8th October 2009
  2. Falling inflation may not be a good thing. We may be entering a deflationary spiral. This usually happens during a credit contraction because people have less money to spend. Deflation may be the indication that we are now about to enter a more severe phase of the downturn - DEPRESSION! The fact that inflation is falling despite "Quantative Easing" shows how severe the downturn is.
  3. I think this also applies to us in UK. If you think it is a good time to buy property watch this this: Some of what he says: Bubble booms like this only occur every 80 years All assets will deflate- real estate, stocks and commodities Likely recovery in 2009 with inflation followed by another credit contraction and then deflation. This is the one time in your life you need where you just need to hold cash. Be patient. Everybody wants to buy real estate now. The real estate agents are saying it's like the 1990s. Its the time to buy prices have come down 10, 20,30 percent. No it's not the time to buy.The worst of real estate crash will probably happen beween 20011 and 2013 and the worst of the stock crash will happen between late 2010 and mid 2012. At best look at what your house was worth in 2000 and and at worst in 1996.
  4. May I remind you what happened in Japan - 80% fall in property prices and they still have not recovered after 18 years despite 0% interest rates.
  5. I agree with you. Even stocks are very risky. This credit contraction cannot be halted no matter how much money they throw at failing banks/corporations/individuals. They will only weaken the productive parts of the economy resulting in a far worse recession and possibly a depression.
  6. Warning to all prospective buyers: UK house prices will plummet: look at this scary chart "Except for a brief period in 1973, relative to stocks, UK houses are as expensive as they've ever been. That chart is telling you to sell houses and buy equities. It currently takes just under 40 FTSE points to buy the average UK home, a level not seen since 1980. We can expect that chart to move back to 20, or even to the longer-term mean of around 10. " ........ "Prospective buyers must realise that interest rates are being held at artificially low levels. What happens to house prices when rates are forced up, as they inevitably will be? What then? What happens to all those who are on the brink now, but just surviving? What happens to those on tracker rates, who haven't yet felt the crunch because their monthly repayments have fallen so low? What happens to first time buyers and buy-to-let landlords in a high-interest-rate environment? That is when we get Rodrigue's 'capitulation'. House prices remain out of kilter with what people earn. No matter what the government does, they will head lower until they reach a level which people can afford, which history has shown to be about three times earnings. And they will probably overshoot this to the downside because of the scale of the preceding boom and the oncoming bust. There is nothing anyone, not tycoon nor politician, can do to stop this inevitable course. All they can do is delay it. "
  7. Labour Governments Bankrupt Scorched Earth UK Economy for the Conservative Government "In conclusion, the Labour government's primary objective now is to deliver David Cameron's Conservative government a scorched earth economy whilst at the same time engineering a debt fueled economic bounce to maximise the number of seats the party will be able to muster in opposition, therefore current opinion polls and projections of seats at the next election grossly under-estimate the actual number of seats Labour will win. "
  8. Looks like slough is at the tipping point. I have been watching the market for a number of years and I have never seen this many properties come on the market in one go. Normally there are about 30 to 40 per 24 hours.
  9. Sutton Avenue is off Turner Road which is off Langley Road (Near St. Bernard's Convent). I don't think that these people are selling because of HIPS. I think that many are trying to cash-in on the boom.
  10. There are now 7 houses for sale on Sutton Avenue. It looks like there will be a glut of houses for a while before prices start to drop. Anyone looking to buy in this area beware!
  11. Just noticed sudden increase of houses on the market in Langley area of Slough. Sutton Avenue - one of the most expensive roads in Slough now has 6 houses for sale and they are not selling. One has reduced the price from £650K to £590K. Rightmove
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