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  1. Regards the original post, I deal with the public sector and have first hand knowledge of the ludicrous regulation and insurance implications involved in electrical works. Yet another new level of regulative crap has recently come in. The insurance burden is now obscene. Trust me, it would be EASY to charge out at £200.00 for a single socket installation (on it's own) in a hospital and barely cover the cost of doing the job. You want a culprit, point at the wasteful nanny state. It makes me choke. The labour driven regulation on every other part of life is overwhelming, but on the economy they've just let everything go to hell.
  2. Could governments back the Financial Carrot with a Physical Stick to loosen up the bank execs? I know this is a crude thought, a bit "pulp fiction", and that if there were any reality to it we'd never hear about it. However, I just thought I'd put it out there... It seems to me that the world governments are throwing money at banks to ease this crisis, but that the bank executives have simply decided to keep the cash and let everything come tumbling down around them. However, every government also has the option of violence without legal consequence, which could be a powerful and direct incentive. Surely bank policy would change if the execs knew their lives literally depended on improving the situation? A scary (but affordable) solution for scary times? Just a thought that made me smile.
  3. Seriously, this is historic stuff. Remember this day. The sh*t's really going to hit the fan over the next week...
  4. This whole situation was so predicatable 5 years ago. We could/should be much better prepared. I'd like to blame Gordon Brown (who is an incompetent tit) or New Labour, but I honestly doubt any of our spineless politicians would've had courage enough to control the boom for the long-term good of the nation. Politicians just want short term re-election and to hell with the future.
  5. 3 years ago when I was active here I said that there was no crash, and I was right. I also said that there eventually would be a crash when economic distress bit down in households due to massive household debt. I don't think households are in sufficent economic distress just yet, but there is a lot of fear as the situation goes so publicly sour. Everyone can see what's coming, but they're not willing to admit it to themselves. Therefore it's a temporary stalemate as the housing market is paralysed. Nothing is selling, no-one is buying. Meantime, people are continuing to use credit cards to prop up their commitments. I think that the document I linked to in my first post supports my view. I think Christmas will be the tipping point, and we'll see the real action in early 2009. Recession and real, ugly economic distress for everyone.
  6. Lending to Individuals, BOE Statistical Release, published 29th Sept 2008. Relevant reading, I think. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/statistics/...Aug/lendind.pdf Discuss...
  7. I've been away from this forum for years. A long time ago I was critisised by many here for being bullish about the market. I said a crash would happen eventually, but that there was not enough widespread financial distress to cause a housing market crash at that time. Now, years later, that situation has changed. We're clearly in for some very troubled times ahead, and I expect widespread and significant financial distress by the end of the year. I haven't been paying as much attention to the specifics as I used to, so I'm scrambling to catch up a bit. I'm sure that there are a lot of theories buzzing around here, and hopefully some of them are based on proper analysis? I'm not looking for reassurance here; rough times are obviously coming and that they'll hit the bloated housing market hard. What I'm really hoping to see are some reasoned views on what's coming in the shirt/mid term? My questions are as follows; How do you guys realistically see events unfolding up to Christmas 2008? What measures can/will the "vested interests" take during that time (IRs, Stamp Duty, Subsidies, Write-offs, etc)? To what extent is financial distress (really) unavoidable, and who will actually suffer? Which property types/bands is it likely to affect first/most? Thanks in advance.
  8. Seeing certain housepricecrash.co.uk members complaining about trolls does make me chuckle. The hypocrisy is amazing!
  9. Wow. You're all still at it! The blind are still leading the blind at HPC. So tell me, what colour is the sky on planet denial? Where any set of figures that won't agree with you can be dismissed at conspiracy... How long before you can't ignore reality anymore? Come to that, how long will you cling on to the severely outdated "you are here" graphic on the home page?
  10. You just don't get it do you? No-one want's to chat with the HPC crowd; you're a bunch of nutters and everyone knows it. It's fun to just drop by and taunt you with reality, though.
  11. Culpability Brown, I'm in denial? That's rich. It doesn't strike you as funny that you can post that after being consistently wrong for so long? The proof of the pudding is in the eating! LL, I just don't care what you guys think. I have nothing to hide; people can look up my posts and see what I've said. As for refusing to answer points put to me, life's too short to debate fact against HPC faith and fantasy. Clever Dicky, I pretty much agree with you.
  12. Funny thing about memory. People here seem to remember things the way it suits them rather than the way it happened. Oh well, remember it whatever way you want. There's so much fantasy written as fact on this forum that it all blurs into a sea of gibberish. It amazes me how blinkered this "community" is. People here confidently assert that BTL is teetering on the brink, or that there's a recession beginning, or that inflation, oil and US IRs are going force up the UK base rate. The trouble is, none of this is presently reflected in reality; it's all just biased speculation. There are plenty of counter arguments, but they're ignored here. Much of what's taken as gospel here has little foundation. All of the HPC doomsday predictions have been proved false so far because extreme assumptions have been taken as facts. Why can't you learn from the past? As for why I come back and post here, why not? Visiting this place makes me feel like an atheist in the Moonie cult. Debate is futile here, but maybe I can get a few people thinking before they're fully brainwashed.
  13. Ha Ha Ha!!! What a sad site this is. You've been wrong for so long it's gotten to be a habit! You listen to each other, and you listen to your "community leaders" - ignorant bullies like Sledgehead & Consa - but you ignore facts and apply emotion and vague wishful thinking instead! You lean on each other for moral support because the facts don't support you at all! So you've got the high ground because I have to be right all the time but you only have to be right once? What are you on for gods sake?! I adjust to the facts. At the moment they strongly suggest that nominal house prices will remain stable and inflation will devalue them over many years. As new facts become available I will review my position and act accordingly. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THINKING AND BELIEVING. I joined this place a long time ago when it was an interesting forum for debate, not the church of HPC. I no longer care what anyone here thinks, because so few of you do. How pathetic is a site called House Price Crash that discourages all debate and keeps outdated graphs on the front page because the current data disagrees with them? How pathetic is it that actually considering the facts is discouraged; so much so that a sad act like Sledgehead spends his time trawling the forums for a moment a year ago when I briefly reconsidered my position, and then presents this as something bad! If you're betting your financial future on the opinions expressed here I pity you, and urge you to examine the facts objectively get a more balanced view. No? Too much like hard work? Worried you might have to think for yourself? Oh well, I can see you're engrossed in gathering HPC evidence from entrails, tarot readings, horoscopes and unsupported anecdotes. So I'll leave you to continue disregarding current data and the track record of constant failed predictions from this site.
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