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  1. Carefull here Mr Moderator - you cant intimate on this forum any knowledge of my internet IP and you certainly cant make derogatory comments ("little friends") about my work colleagues.
  2. Is the question "How many names do i post under?" Gosh, thats hard, let me think, wait for it....hang on its coming to me.......errr....only the one. Dont tell me Oldie - because i disagree with you on occasion i must be a troll?
  3. And that point, i do certainly agree with. It strikes me as dreadful that with all the mis-selling scandals over pensions and endowments that kids are not taught even the basics of finance. Those poor buggers whose occupational schemes have gone to the wall are now fighting for their rights in court and yet i think most people have little idea of the fact that finance is shark infested.
  4. I dont think the accusation "hothead" is justified. Also, i would hold off calling people ignorant - your post has at least five spelling mistakes in it.
  5. Interesting. Who would you appoint to make their decisions for them i wonder?
  6. Throwing in rape is just too much you nutter.
  7. If rents have become so much cheaper over the last few years why do we have the hue and cry about FTB being forced into mega mortgages etc?
  8. What a tripe post. How on earth do you (even to prove some point) compare the living hell of slavery to taking on a mortgage? Really, some people on this site take the biscuit!!
  9. The point re China is of great significance. This does present a horrible scenario.
  10. Try complaining to the NAEA - it may get the guy to desist from such nonsense. Whats really awful is that there are some people who would take him at face value and take comfort from such a nonsense statement. Yet again more proof of need to regulate the estate agents of the UK.
  11. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=39481 See attached post. You need a good crash to warrant leaving the market if your house is of a decent value.
  12. If he takes £385k to the bank and spends the after tax income then as we both say - his capital sum erodes by inflation. Only if his house remained at £385k value after a year of inflation would your (4) and (8) cancel each other out. My envisaged scenario was that his value would remain static - ie it would neither rise nor fall in real terms but would increase only in line with inflation. Assuming his house rose with inflation (remained static) then he suffers no reduction in equity and his costs are as i described.
  13. What have i said that is anti bear? All i said was that one voice should not be allowed to dominate.
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