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  1. Suppose he could have a comeback tour with cut priced tickets aimed at people in financal distress called "You Are Not Alone"
  2. Surprised Michael Jackson has defaulted 3 months in a row on the loan on his Neverland Ranch. The same amount would probably get something half the size over here At 5% on $23,000,000 your looking at $100,000 interest only repayments. He's dug himself into a huge cess pit, should have had everything paid off by now!
  3. Given that a lot of tat on the shelf comes in from the far east, most of which is bought in dollars, the weakness of the dollar means a lot goods made in PRC will be in effect cheaper for us, and have a knock on effect to inflation which will counter balance the rise in price of food products. Along a similar line, I'm not sure whats going on with petrol prices. Given that's priced in dollars as well, shouldn't the weak dollar be offsetting the rise in price of oil? On a personal note, I don't know what's going on with deisel maybe it's my area or unreported supply problem - yesterday It was sold out in a couple of places I went, today I had to go to 2 forecourts to find some to fill up on
  4. Black cab drivers and mini cab drivers earn $$$$ I'm sure they don't declare it. Yellow cab drivers in new york went on strike because they didn't want a black box in their cab tracking movements - sure they don't want the IRS having a look A lot of tradesmen don't declare, or underdeclare - some claim unemployment / housing benifits whilst working
  5. Is it possible to get details of your application sent to you without any problems with the mortgage company? I went self cert as the multiples were a bit more than the historical 3x salary etc. I gave all my correct details, but thinking back my FA went with, I believe a lender which didn't check income. I didn't question this as the rate was good and he didn't raise any problems with wifes or my salary
  6. 13p an hour a good wage are you dreaming? You can buy a few cans of coke for that much. What quaint village do you know you can buy a house for 20,000 Rupees? India inflation is high, house price inflation is booming as are land prices etc etc. e.g Mumbai is one of the most expensive places in the world for property and renting. (Albeit the gulf between rich middle class and poor is huge) a couple of years ago (from http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4436692.stm) the figures were as follows and is along the right lines - no doubt a lot of people will earn less, but lot also earn more (if you saw some of the programs shown on the bbc recently) Project manager: £5,220 Software engineer: £5,344 Accountant: £2,956 Sales rep: £2,464 Production worker: £964
  7. maybe because a lot of people are saying we are at the top of the current IR cycle. 0.1% isn't much of a drop tho
  8. UK jobless drops again - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6947423.stm The Office for National Statistics said unemployment fell by 45,000 over the quarter to 1.65 million, continuing a downward trend. woopie do, the economy is strong and healthy.....
  9. 8 years out of uni 130k, 15k+ a year Net .... unless you're in a well paid job or heavily subsised by parents this is bull*cough*
  10. There are words in the credit crunch article. The chavs are just waking up, up north from a boozy thursday night out, expect fat cats to regain it's number one position
  11. errr... a lot of people seem to think 6% is the peak, the news goes on about 1 more rise these last couple of months, on this forum most think they will rise
  12. I see "Fat cats: Your pictures" is number 1 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/6935471.stm most emailed and credit crunch number 2. 1 hour and attention is easily diverted
  13. Everyone that's not a bear is a troll I suppose. Load of crap really. Challange anyone who posts regularly to break out of posting for a fortnight (yes 14 whole days), and obsessing over house prices and come back not feeling less on their minds to worry about
  14. Seriously - any forum can be addictive. Cold turkey (in my case going away on holiday) helped a lot.
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