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  1. I'd love to own a field. That's real power that is. Come feel the power of my field. All the most powerful people have vast fields. that's where the real money is eh. Sod financial services.
  2. It seems like the lights are on at the end of the disco in 2008, and the bird you were 'getting it on with' looks more like Vicki Pollard than Victoria Beckham. That's how the 'luxury flats' will pan out when the lights come on...
  3. JJB were advertising 90% off in the town centre today. Almost enough to tempt me inside. No wonder Wigan hven't bought any players recently. Dave Whelan must need some cash quikly!
  4. Had never used Maxjet before, but a colleague of mine hwo had too much time on his hands on day came to the conculsion that the planes were reconditioned from the Arizona desert... a potential lack of quality came to fruition when a market peer flw STN - NYC and a pane of glass popped out at 30k feet. Needless to say DIVE DIVE DIVE was the order of th day + 3 extra days sampling the delights of Rekjavik Not so good when flying on a 5 day business trip. Again have heard excellent things about EOS and also Silverjet, so maybe they weren't quite good enough for the routes they tried to take.
  5. He didn't state whether not supporting the 10% meant he wanted more or less..i don't think he felt it was enough to move inflation along. My guess is 25% over 3 years to keep pace with council tax...
  6. are those useless paper tokens insurance policies by any chance. it's not just full of banks you know. There is more than one industry in the City that actually produces something of value you know...
  7. That's chav 'first date territory'. Lots of those around with a bright future - exponential growth would be likely over the next 20 years!
  8. That sounds like a sound investment for the next 2 years. Loan 'em some money to tide them over, and then threaten to call it in unless they succomb to your bidding....think of the fun you could have with that. Probably illegal, but would make me smile!
  9. Everything goes full circle, or in cycles, depending on your outlook - it will change! Have a bit of faith...look at the Georgian excess and the Victorian austerity that followed. WOuldn't mind betting it follows suit.
  10. I suppose unskilled doesn't include the fruit pickers etc...after all selecting ripe strawberries is a skill. Probably has an NVQ too.
  11. Listening to 5Live last night, the glorius unelected bureaucracy by the name of the EU are sorting that out and giving temp workers the rights of full time staff.
  12. Surely it's not the cost of living that determines a wage, but the 'output' that someone brings to a company. If someone feels the need to get paid more, then get some skills to increase your value to the company.
  13. If it does have a 1/4% reduction there is an assumption that the lenders will pass this on to the variable rates...I wouldn't be so sure that this will happen!! Can see 1/4% reduction and no movement in the variable rates whilst the banks look to make a bit of hay whilst there is some sun.
  14. Hasn't that always been the premise throughout history?! It's just been done one of two ways, either through tax credits malarkey or by physically employing them as a paper pusher or 'Child Integration Executive Co-Ordinator for North F*ckwitshire CC...starting wage 125k + more benefits than anyone in the private sector could shake a stick at'. The only other way that El Gordo has done this is through the much doucmented Fiscal Drag & everyone else's indebtedness to our banking friends via mortgage repayments instead of through income tax. Would be very interesting to see quite how disposable incomes post tax & direct living costs compared over the last 20 years. Anyone have a graph?
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