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  1. Back in the late 90s I was working for a telecoms company and we had a teleworking evangelist come in to address us all; I recall the line “If you like crowded railway stations and to sit in long queues on the motorway you’d better make the most of it now as in a few years these places will be empty as 50% of people will be working mainly from home!”, he presented a very convincing argument about working from home and how technology had made it easy… twenty years on and in my sector it is no more common than it was then, in the end, bosses like to see people sitting at their desks.. I think the big changer will be the Play Station generation who are used to collaborating via headsets, once they are the bosses I could imagine home working will be far more common.
  2. This is a headline I'm sure I've read countless times over the years and it's not apparently affected anything.
  3. This will be welcomed by the boomers who now complain about how fast everyone drives despite the ones I know regularly driving at +95 MPH when they were younger. The UK has been good to the boomers so it would not surprise me if there is not a major crack down on speeding soon.
  4. Let it run its course: When the hospitals, schools, services and Uni have to reduce their capacity because people can’t afford to live there anymore the city will get bad press and its house prices will start to fall, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Those people that can’t afford to live in Oxford will take their labor somewhere else where they can have a good life, that place will then benefit from their efforts.
  5. Foreign investors pumped £670m into UK student accommodation in one single day. Yet again it seems the way to make money is to buy accommodation and rent it out... I would have thought that business model has been spent but apparently not. I'm also surprised that student numbers did not reduce significantly after tuition fees were introduced but I guess the lure of three years of partying on credit which many will never fully pay back is very tempting at 18 years old!
  6. I disagree, IMHO he’s easily a match for the rather over rated Paxman, whom, towards the end of his time at Newsnight seemed to treat much of the program with distain. The problem with Newsnight are the producers who seems to want to cover what’s trending on Twitter more than what the core, rather Highbrow, audience wants to see covered.
  7. 1) It’s not that easy 2) You work outside all day 3) Most are self-employed and have to deal with all the extra stress that entails 4) You work in a different location on a weekly/monthly basis 5) If you envy them you should join them
  8. They were not really 'coming here' as Ireland was part of the United Kingdom at the time. They more than paid their way.
  9. I know a lady from Poland who has told me how much she loves the UK, she is amazed at the standard of living she has had here being a single mother and working 16 hours a week on minimum wage, she gets various benefits including housing benefit and rents a modest but nice house, her mother often stays with her to look after her son. She is a very nice and grateful for what she’s got but I can’t help feeling this is detrimental to the UK, she does low skilled work but due to state handouts she has a lifestyle out of reach of the teachers at her son’s primary school…
  10. I saw that report by the BBC’s Non-technical technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones on last night’s News At Ten and thought the same as most people on this thread. Why is this a news item? Dogs and cats have been regularly chipped for over a decade, just because some attention hungry individuals want to chip themselves does not mean one of the rare technology slots on the news has to be taken up with it. Realistically I can’t see forced chipping any time soon, they will entice people in with features such as health monitoring etc… but there is going to be a substantial minority who’d never agree to it and I can’t see the government pinning people down while they insert a chip into them. The biggest threat to our privacy is the smart phone and Internet, where those with access can build a very accurate picture of someone…
  11. That experience sounds shocking! It sounds like another world compared to the South East! Maybe comparable to Vermont vs Alabama.
  12. Reminds me of a online lecture given by some Bulgarian many of us on HPC have seen where he says in an animated way: “First you have a period of deflation and then comes the big inflation and then you have currency collapse”…
  13. It was a terrible tragedy but it’s not our business, are you suggesting we get involved in every active dispute on earth?
  14. Are you sure about that, I thought there was an option to move most apps, some may not allow it though..
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