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  1. Thanks for very useful replies...it's been four days and I haven't heard a thing, even in relation to the money I owe! It wasn't a complicated job and the quality of their workmanship is dire, it is stair carpet and actually starting to fray already as they have cut it far too short. My partne had to take it up to try to reposition the gripper rails and it looked as if it had been cut with a blunt breadknife. The job was meant to be done a week ago and they didn't show up then, so I was already pretty narked off with them. The guy who runs the place insisted I had the date wrong even though I wrote it down as he told me. Baffles me how such a well-known company can get away with such poor service. The moral of the story is, don't use the large carpetfitter on the Shore Road in North Belfast (with the misspelt name.) You have been warned.
  2. Can anyone advise me if it's legal for a company to quote a fee for doing a job (in this case having a carpet fitted) over the phone and then ask for vastly over that amount once the job is done? I was quoted fifty pounds and now the company is looking for £320. What makes me angrier is that my mother who is in her seventies was house-sitting at the time and she could easily have parted with the cash, but she refused to pay anything until it was sorted out. I haven't spoken to the *anker in charge yet but I just thought I'd check what my rights are. Unfortunately there is nothing in writing regarding the agreed amount.
  3. Limited appeal, maybe a very rich Rangers fanatic would go for it.
  4. So the housing market starts to collapse and the stamp duty receipts dry up and suddenly the government are falling over themselves to 'help first time buyers.' WHAT CRAP, where was the government when the market was booming and f***ing speculators were buying up entire streets of FTB homes and sending the price of housing stock into orbit. Do these people take us for total idiots, they did nothing to restrict multiple home ownership or irresponsible lending, half of them are in the BTL market themselves!! Sickening, especially if you've already paid a small fortune in stamp duty in the past two years.
  5. A small fish but a very significant trend... http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...amp;p=PNC389025 I know this developer is officially bankrupt. Apparently he demolished his own house to build these.
  6. If you consider that Glengormley is a nice area of Belfast (debatable I know), you should be spoilt for choice at the minute. Here's a cheapie, only two minutes from the motorway: http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...1195HF859178120
  7. Check this out. http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...amp;p=PNC383601 Oh dear, somebody is in for a serious reality check.
  8. Well done Sogy. Good luck with the move. Tho my heart bleeds for your poor landlord
  9. Sorry to hear that Sogy, 30 days is a crap period of notice especially since most landlords seem to be looking character references and application forms and whatnot these days. It's almost as bad as applying for a mortgage. A friend of mine is in a similar fix, his LL has served him with a notice to quit with the requisite two months notice but he hasn't found anywhere yet, due to lack of cash. He has to be out by the end of this month but needs another few weeks to get sorted. (He hasn't told her yet, she is a bit of a witch by all accounts). Can he stay and if so has she any right to enter the premises in his presence/absence, remove his stuff or whatever? Does he have any legal redress if she does so? Or does she need a court order?
  10. Ok I'm confused here. My parents, who live in Glengormley, are a bit concerned by some gigantic planning application which has just appeared in the press concerning 120 new apartments on the Carnmoney Road, that's on the site Tesco currently occupies if you know the area, and virtually on their doorstep. Now given that the backside has just about dropped out of the apartment market everywhere, including in their own street where a perfectly good house was demolished to make vay for five unsold concrete coffins, why would developers still be interested in creating vast apartment blocks in out-of-town areas? As far as we can see, no apartments in Glengormley are selling, so wtf would any developer risk building more? Or are planning applications really so behind that we are only now seeing 2006/2007 proposals make their way through the system?
  11. That's great news Sophia, are you buying at a reduced price too? Good to see that others in your area dropping asking prices. I've noticed this too, looking at properties in the N'abbey/Glengormley area in particular. Must be some more pragmatic EAs round there. North Down and Ards etc still ridiculously high though.
  12. Hi frugal people, I am going totally off topic here through sheer frustration more than anything else, but can anyone advise me where I would buy a sofa bed/futon (double) in the Belfast/ Gt Belfast/anywhere really area? I need this super fast (by next week) and don't really want to buy a 2nd hand bed! It really annoys me that nearly every store here takes weeks to get any large item shipped from GB, or else only has the most expensive models in stock. Dekko isn't a possibility as I am looking some change from £200. See trying to get anything quickly in this country!!! :angry:
  13. Whereas the HE used to retain a large permanent maintenance staff, they are now employing casual staff through job agencies, a lot of it migrant labour. This explains the short term contract bit. And I suppose the workforce shrinkage makes sense when you consider how many homes have been sold off and how comparatively few have been built.
  14. Agree that the collapse of the co-ownership option is probably a blessing in disguise in the long run, but has anyone else detected an annoying, VI-ish tone to the media's response? along the lines of 'oh dear now the first time buyers will be competing madly for rental properties and the price of renting will go through the roof.' There is a column in today's BT to that effect, not in the online edition yet. Rents are reasonable in NI, in line with our lousy salaries. There seems to be a real determination amongst landlords to force them to ridiculous London-type levels. Hardly surprising when you consider how many of them have been caught out by buying at the height of the boom. It would be a tragedy if FTBs were to avoid being burnt as buyers only to be crippled by gigantic, exploitative rents.
  15. I love this thread and seeing people admitting to being frugal and actually making a virtue out of it. Seems to me that there are so many rather dim, hollow people who can only feel they are leading meaningful lives if they are spending lots of money on a weekend. Is there any other reason for the Victoria Centre? The best tips I have are: - plan what you are going to eat in the week ahead before you go shopping. If you've got time, cooking each meal from fresh and making your own lunch to take into work every day will save you a fortune. - buy nearly new if you can, we got our sofas and dining suite from the 'Ads for Free', all excellent. - don't make the mistake of thinking that 'you get what you pay for' because in a lot of stores you don't. Primark's bedclothes have lasted me longer than anyone's. Debenhams' fell apart in the first wash. - like loads of people here, I think planting vegetables is a great idea, I'm planning on planting out our front garden this spring, because it's a free country and I don't really give a damn. Which extra activity also means - you don't need gym membership, surely the biggest rip off of our time !
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