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  1. I appear as a guest on here as I rarely log in. TBH, the sexism, bigotry &, above all, racism. that is appearing more & more on this site makes me very disinclined to post/log in. There is still some useful information to be gleaned but there ain't half a load of dross to wade through. I suspect that many of the 'guests' are in fact members who can't face the flak/be arsed to argue with the entrenched opinions. Logging out now
  2. I too live in the SE. Am STR and with my heart would love to buy & get settled as have had 11 moves in the last 20 years & what I buy will, hopefully, see me out into the eventide home . However, I am very, very, reluctant to take my hard earned cash out of the bank and put it into property right now. The rental property I live in is far from ideal, but I just have to remind myself that it's waterproof, the heating works (well) and that will do. Head has to rule heart here.
  3. IMO - the most interesting thing about the whole programme was the parity of values that the EA's put on the propertys. Each property had 3 valuations; for one property the valuations were identical and for the other property there was one (out of 3) agents who valued at 10K more - and that was on a 400k.(ish) pricing. Seem to remember MUCH bigger discrepancies in pricing a while back.
  4. I'd do exactly the same as you, Charlie - only make it 500 miles away
  5. I was just holding my breath and was enormously grateful that the town (and area) that I live in was NOT mentioned - especially in the 'best'.
  6. Kick me off the forum if you like but I refuse to have an avatar on principle - next thing will be that you'll want my ID card no......
  7. Charlie, in exactly the same postion - mine has come back AND IS STILL HERE!!! Has yours moved out yet...........segues into 'O Happy Day......'
  8. Paluk, the broadwalk development is in the newer (ie North) bit of Sov harbour. I am renting in South harbour - having STR'd in June 2004 - and am amazed at the ammount of property for sale/empty lets just in our carribean 'court'. Also interesting to note that peeps 2 doors down are renting courtesy of W****y, whilst their house (Atlantic Drive) is having a 5 meter float put under it to sort out the subsidence. Who is going to buy all these empty props in S. harbour, when there are new in N. harbour? PS Fancy an HPC meet (Eastbourne chapter) sometime???
  9. pavement

    Hpc 2005

    Could someone please tell me what VI stands for?? Many thanks.
  10. Because a teacher of mine (many years ago) said that if he'd had a daughter he would have called her 'Pavement' as he thought it was one of the most beautiful sounding and resonant words in the English language - and I remembered that when I registered here with NO idea of a user name. P.S. - Vote YES for a tax on chewing gum.
  11. Oh I quite agree with you, Sparker, but think of the millions to whom that paper is a bible - when they see that headline on the front page!
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