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  1. Updated the script to work with the recent propertynews changes, adds the buttons above the right column as the left one has gone. Think its working ok now..
  2. An hour? Google and about a minute to show you up, your "activity you engage in" is saying people should be hanged in a public forum different shades but the same thing, its quite funny
  3. It does add up, the Scottish one I'm interested in allows you to search by town and you can free text search the gazettes too. Even with the England/Wales one it is easy to pull the entire dataset by searching names to let you sort/search it as you want, a broken example with a csv: http://scraperwiki.com/scrapers/individual-insolvency-register/ containing lat/lon coordinates that is just asking for an overlay on a google map with pins containing their information. There is no tale telling, it happened. And for someone so publicly horrified by an opinion on what should happen to bankrupts you have your own opinions on what should happen to people you don't like. Not that much different eh?
  4. Go for it It seems its fine to bitch and moan about bankrupts on here, laugh at them on MSE, be shocked that its so easy to get out of however to actually do something about it is seen as heinous. It is freely available information made available as it is a legal procedure, it also confuses me why people think pointing out freely available information to people is so terrible and deserves death/disease/whatever "Go to this web site and search for your local town, yeah, I know them too and never heard of that!" easy.
  5. It's a small enough area so I know people they know and have not done it with total strangers phone book style. They are people escaping their financial obligations, crooks in my eyes, and I really don't give a damn what others think of it, you have your opinion I have mine. The information is published so people KNOW what they have done, the information is freely available and pointing it out to people that may have financial dealings with the bankrupts isn't a problem, if you think it is a problem maybe you should be asking for them not to publish it or make it available via web searches which is not going to happen as people need to know who and where these people are. It's worked a treat as I've heard the information coming back to me via other people.
  6. Used to get angry, now I keep an eye on local bankruptcy notices and as long as its not solely due to a broken business I will contact people that they might know or have dealings with seeing as the crooks like to keep it quiet "Cant have the Joneses knowing" and most people won't read the notices. There is still a stigma attached and its as close to having it branded on their hand as they deserve, its worked a treat so far.
  7. No and these supply problems will have one simple politically acceptable outcome now people/politicians are demanding something be done (the same people that have been opposing the water rates) new water bills for all, happy new year.
  8. Man, HPC on pensions is like Mumsnet on house prices...
  9. If you got it you may want to go and download it again as had to make a change due to me being a tool and calculating the percentage difference wrong
  10. Oh, I'm sure the Guardian will be unbiased in their handling of the information. There is a torrent available but its encrypted. Wikileaks are going about this release in a very political manner, they have changed a lot since they started out and I'm not sure it's for the better.
  11. Ewps, you need to install the Firefox Greasemonkey add on first https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748/. After that, clicking on install in the original link will install it in for you. Greasemonkey will add a small monkey icon at the bottom right of the status bar that you can click to turn Greasemonkey on and off in its entirety, or right click to manage settings or delete scripts you have installed. It's a handy add on and if you look on userscripts.org you might find scripts to enhance other web sites you use. This one could be a lot nicer but it does the job.
  12. Uploaded a Firefox Greasemonkey script to userscripts for property news that adds a button on the left column to look up the rateable value and another to link to the search result without having to do to the search manually. Only works with a full postcode and house number available and is likely a bit broken but might be of use to someone else: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/91406
  13. Do they even do this much? Always had the sellers show me around or have been given the keys to show myself about if its empty, not complaining though, less cretin exposure.
  14. As I've said a few times, they will cut back on public services and have even more people sitting idle rather than cut salaries/jobs. They really do think they are more important than the services they are employed to provide.
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