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  1. With all the dirt been dished out as to the kind of lending thats been going on in the Sub Prime, Im sure their way of doing business is no better than this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=372Ah0Z_L1w
  2. I think the've pulled the plug on DOW. It shows a flat line for the last 10 minutes. Any Ideas?
  3. Holy Cow! I thinks more like Holy Bull! But I'm Bear offcourse.
  4. I picked bull cos I'm hung like a bull. Does it mean something else????
  5. The Bilderburg meeting (http://www.bilderberg.org/2007.htm) where the evil high preists of Money i.e Rothschild and other world controllers met a few weeks ago. These scare mongering tactics have their finger prints all over it. A classic way to revive a dying housing market.
  6. Try Detroit. there you can buy a whole street for about $10.
  7. Talking about Slavery.. In the early days the egyptologist estimated that it took about 50,000 slaves to built a Pyrimid, in the recent years they found evidance that the pyrimids were holy places and the slaves were not allowed to take part in these holy ventures. They also discovered that it was actually about 10,000 willing locals who built a pyrimid. It seems that a willing 'slave' person is about 5 times more effective than a forced slave. So Is slavery really over. I don't think so... They've just turned most of the world into willing slaves through their network of education, media, law enforcement etc and told us we are 'Free'. I've often debated with myself whether I should be more amazed at their cunning or our stupidity, I think it's our stupidity especially when we start programming our children from birth to serve them. God help us...
  8. Looks like corporate America has had enough of 'W'. http://movies.crooksandliars.com/TSR-Trump-Bush.wmv another video: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=01e_1174091038
  9. Christianity ebb away?? You MUST be a Zionist Free Mason!
  10. Those dirty, slimey, greedy, lying bastards!
  11. The people who matter wouldn't dare cry foul. They don't have the balls.
  12. If you borrow more you'll just be digging youself a bigger/deeper hole and you'll be in it for a very long time. Climbe out of while you can.
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