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  1. is it time to dump them? more than doubled in 2 years, not too bad.
  2. 2 + 2 = 5. if people wanted to hold currency they wouldn't have bought (or tried to buy) gold. again, the question is why? incidentally, i'm not a gold bug but hate that patronising term.
  3. because the yield curve is inverted steve. eg if instead of buying 5K of gold and taking delivery today i said to you you could have the same amount of gold in two months for 4,500 and i'll do all the hassle of storing it etc for you - would you do it? basically backwardation says no - you would say i'd rather have it now. why? that is the $600 billion dollar question... i have a feeling i've given you more questions than have answered, but can only recommend you do your own research. i'm neither qualified, nor feel comfortable, giving others investment advice. best of luck.
  4. article says dump on 10th dec. it is now 14th and there is still backwardation. classic market manipulation rumours - just another buy signal surely?
  5. agree to disagree, best of luck with your strategy.
  6. wren makes the point about USD/gold - I think you are confusing two trades. depending on your circumstances there are better ways to trade currency than at supermarkets.
  7. theory suggests gold will be a hedge against a weakening dollar - hence the flight to gold.
  8. mr cook you probably can't get any more macro than this analysis i found with a quick google. whether i/you agree with the ultimate analysis i urge you to read it for the possible significance of the event beyond day to day market movements! http://marketoracle.co.uk/Article7784.html best, rentboy
  9. written in the 70s - that explains it. best of luck! (try reading japan in the 90s)
  10. who can say whether it is a good/bad time but if you are dropping 5K on gold and are unaware of the current gold futures, or even what is backwardation you are a ******ing idiot! only kidding - why not, fill your boots.
  11. wren - i think the gold constant is rear view mirror stuff for many reasons i won't go into. anyway, just wondered if people had skin in the game or were doing the usual armchair stuff. be well people, merry christmas.
  12. interesting point, but if i believed in deflation i'm not sure i'd be investing in gold at all...
  13. It seems too cheap not to? I'm dabbling on eCBOT but would love your opinion on whether this backwardation makes sense before I dive in...
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