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  1. Someone's wrong on the internet.... http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=285 Top 10 % earn above £946 a week or £49192 yearly. So you need to remove the bottom 90 % to achieve your figures.
  2. Just added today's points to the graph. Rightmove is showing 237 properties for sale and 139 to rent in Salisbury. That's the lowest number of 'for sale' and the highest number 'to rent' since I've been collecting figures last November. Drawing lines forward through both data sets suggests that by the beginning of July there will be more houses to rent than to buy in Salisbury. I'm not saying that will be the case but it is looking like there is a real overhang of places to rent. If it carries on like this there will be real drops in rent as landlords try to avoid 'voids'. If rents drop too far then they'll be making losses and off-loading back onto the for sale market. All those btls coming home to roost should start to dent the sales market and give us some more choice and value. It will take time to feed through. If you can wait to buy, it should be worthwhile.
  3. It may well be an EA tactic. A few years back we put our last house on the market but when we didn't get a high enough offer we pulled it off again. Anyway, the EA kept the picture of our house in his window with a sold sticker across it. Maybe some are doing the same with Rightmove.
  4. I think we've reached the watershed. Things are going to get hotter and dirtier from now on.
  5. Dead mans territory sound about right. You've got to ask yourself what you could spend that extra 5-6k of tax on if you bought at 250k instead. That would get you a pretty nice bathroom I would have thought.
  6. My feeling is that interest rates are going to have to start going up soon. Once that starts to happen we should start seeing real price drops happenning. Prices aren't going to go up any time soon, so its a case a sitting back and wait and see. In the meantime, if something comes on the market that really suits us then maybe we'll put in an offer. It hasn't happened yet though and we've looked at about half a dozen places so far.
  7. I can really sympathise, we're in much the same situation. Our landlord told us that he'd want to sell once our year was up but we know that the chances are he'll over price it. So we'd be in a position of having to pay over the odds or to move when we don't want to. The joys of renting. My feeling is; if we see the house we want then we'll buy it if its at the right price. If when he serves our notice he over charges for this place then we'll move into another rental. If there are no rentals worth having then we'll buy something cheap and make the most of it until the right place does come along. I think prices still have a way to fall and I don't want to get rushed into buying something that isn't right and then losing a huge amount of money on it. I really hope you find the right place - just hope its not the same one we want!
  8. It must be a tricky place to try and sell at between 250 and 300k, nobody wants to pay the extra stamp duty for something that is only a bit better than the sub 250k properties. Not sure what's happenning at Portway right now. I went up there a couple of months back and the plans are for a huge number of houses. They've only just started. But I drive past it every day and I can't see much going on there. It'll be interesting to see what Charles Church do. They're due to start there next month http://www.charles-church.co.uk/detail.asp...elopment_id=180
  9. I've spent too long on HPC - it can turn you into an obsessive! I'd be interested to hear how well your offers go down. We haven't looked at any on BF, we've been more interested in older houses which is what we've always lived in. If you like newer places, have you looked at what Persimmon are offering up on Portway? I must admit I've been tempted by a new build and their prices aren't that bad considering what things are selling for in Salisbury.
  10. Hi Babnye. You live just around the corner from us then. Sorry you've got notice to quit, I guess that's the downside to renting. We're renting and looking to buy too and we're not seeing much value out there. I've been watching the market like a hawk since before Christmas and there has been fewer and fewer house on the market. I've been keeping a spreadsheet of total number of properties for sale on Rightmove in Salisbury - you should see my anorak collection btw - anyway back in November there were 338 but now... 249. A 26 % drop. And it keeps going down. There are very few coming on the market but we've seen 6 in the last couple of weeks and its an eye opener to know the reasons they are selling. 1 was an old lady wanting to downsize we think 2 were due to deaths 2 were because of divorce 1 was because the owners had already moved to Spain. So nobody is selling up because they just want to move house. I think everyone is just waiting for prices to drop because almost everyone wants to trade up. And with very few FTBs able to get a big enough deposit together, the bottom end of the chains aren't there either. So the few houses that are coming on the market are because of deaths and divorce and anything that is reasonably priced gets snapped up by the buyers that are out there waiting. The silver lining though is the number of places for rent. I watch them too.. yes with my anorak on. Total number of properties to rent in Salisbury has gone up from 105 in November to 135 today, up about 28 %. Although it did reach a low of 87 at the beginning of Feb so I'm not sure if you can read much into it. Either way there has been a big increase in available rentals since the middle of Feb to today's figure. If that carries on then there has to be a downward pressure on rents and/or more ex-rentals coming on for sale. Time will tell I guess. Maybe we'll bump into you at our next viewing!
  11. Well I've started looking at some of the houses coming on to the market near me. We've looked at 6 in the last week or so. Interesting to hear the reasons for selling... 1 old dear downsizing from a 4 bed family house. 2 inheritance houses 2 divorces 1 couple already moved to Spain We haven't offered on any yet, prices are still too high and we're not in any real hurry. There's very little choice out there right now. Good value houses disappear off the market quickly but I've no idea how close to the asking price they're selling for. I'll be interesting to see when the prices reach the LR.
  12. People seem to get so up tight about animal rights. I can understand people getting a bit squeamish about cute fluffy animals getting hurt and lets face it you've got to be a bit of a nutter to enjoy killing a fox. But that's their problem not yours. If you want to get all aerated about stuff, work out what's important in reality http://www.redcross.org.uk/index.asp?id=39992 http://www.amnesty.org.uk/ http://www.bhf.org.uk/
  13. That's actually a pretty neat idea. You should email Gordon and tell him.
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