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  1. I'm not sure what I found sadder: That somebody took a comment from Cameron that was clearly full of sarcasm seriously enough to write an article or that the Express printed it. At least the author had the good sense not to put their name to it (unless their name really is Daily Express Reporter, in which case your career choices must be quite limited).
  2. I blame Star Trek. It showed us that people that do no work are very happy. We don't have the technology for the work to be done by a clever computer so we just put it out of sight*. It also suggested that having no money was a good thing and we're really close to achieving that too. * India and China for the most part
  3. I'd expect to get documentaries on Battle Hill in Newcastle and other 'real' estates. T.
  4. But surely Skynet will become self aware before then?
  5. The left hand axis in that chart solely relates to the orange graph line that shows continuous positve growth from 1980. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your comment. I'm not sure what will happen to prices either but I totally agree that the trend won't move much either way in the short term.
  6. I know that the question wasn't directed at me but Lodger looked at the way the trend line has varied throughout the vagaries of property booms and busts; I'd recommend a read of the thread but the gist was that: - the trend line in 2009 suggests prices should be, on average, £148k - the trend line in 1999 suggested prices today should be, on average, £111k - the trend line in 1989 suggested prices today should be, on average, £181k There was a pretty picture in the first post too. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=111424 Tom.
  7. Or, if you count the actual commas as well (and not just the words), there's one comma too many.
  8. Absolutely - he posted just before Gordon Brown left a comment
  9. This person may be destined for greatness but their geography is suspect.
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