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  1. Agree with your points about mindless voting and noise etc. However, 35% of eligible voters didn't vote at last G.E. I wouldn't bother to watch it, just prepare for it as per others, as we know what has to happen in the end.
  2. I presume what you are saying is I choose water but am being forced to drink something else? I see your point but in the real world I'm personally not being harmed to the extent suggested above. (Yet!)
  3. And by not voting you are helping to change or improve that right? If you don't want the right to vote there are plenty of countries that can accomodate your wishes. Or what was the quote from a film, "Bullets change governments far surer than votes"?
  4. If you don't like the choices then spoil your ballot paper. Not turning up means you give up your right. I'm sure the political people really don't give a *oss about being embarrassed.
  5. I don't understand people who don't vote, it's a right you do have (even if you feel it is pointless). Vote YPP http://www.yppuk.org/
  6. Only party who really want an LVT, http://www.yppuk.org/
  7. The requirement to replace other taxes with an LVT would be easier for Joe Public to accept. Replacing nearly all other taxes with a tax on land is policy for http://yppuk.blogspot.co.uk/ Needs support and spreading of the message though.
  8. Spreading the word is as good a help as any. Forums/Twitter.....any way possible.
  9. Croydon on the 29th Nov. If enough volunteers can be found in these early days then for every seat that comes up (including Locals etc). Acorns and Oak Trees.....
  10. An LVT on residential and commercial buildings and scrapping of things like VAT and N.I. etc is policy at the YPP. http://yppuk.blogspot.co.uk/
  11. Agree with the previous coments. With a Trust set up it is doubtful that current homeowners who are looking to get some form of free care will need to sell "their assets". No flood of new housing forcing down prices from what I can see. Entitlement of inheritance and care paid for by the state seems to be the goal. Only Political Party I see that are looking to tax land rather than earnings is the YPP.
  12. In the examples above it shows the problem as soon as you start using house "price" as the device for calculating LVT. LVT is for location and amount of the land itself. If people want to live in flats then they'd pay a share of the "ground" they all live on. It might make "Gotham City" in certain areas if people really wanted it but at least the majority of Tax wold come from the people who own the most, and the best.
  13. On the back of this also, high interest rates = economy too strong, need to slow it down by raising interest rates. high interest rates = debt crisis, raise rates to bring faith back that money is worth more than paper. Can you have both of these as the same reason?
  14. Christchurch was under a few feet of water in 1980 when the River flooded. So make sure you keep a boat handy down there.....
  15. Bargain! You can have a balcony overlooking a noisy road or the car park! Dream! No mention of the service charge on the ad. Nice little surprise I'd guess for the purchaser.
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