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  1. We sponsor a child in Zambia through Worldvision. The key point to remember is that your money contribute to the wellbeing of the entire village as well as to the individual child by helping to provide clean water, school facilities. Contrary to what Dog says, I don't believe it is the sort of charity that promotes dependency, rather it is a small amount of money that can have a major impact on the quality of life and future for a large number of children.
  2. Definitely keep it. It's the first thing I look at when I come to the site and find it incredibly valuable.
  3. Just a minute, get your facts straight. Depleted uranium projectiles are not dirty bombs, they are just projectiles made of something denser than lead so that they go further and penetrate armour better. The levels of radiation generated by them are quite low so the biggest danger from them is if you happen to have one aimed at you. I do not agree with their use despite the claims the U.S. make for their saftey, but please don't make hysterical claims that are not justified.
  4. BHP Billiton, but you are a bit late, they have almost doubled in price in the past 12 months
  5. To be fair, the first article you quoted was from September 2003. The second article was from 3 weeks ago, and the correction "Brian" was predicting for the "next few weeks" hasn't happened yet. Brian sounds like a bullsh1tter to me!
  6. http://www.theage.com.au/news/business/hou...1701507041.html HOUSE prices will remain flat in Melbourne over the next few years as the lack of affordability continues to hurt the property market, according to forecasts by BIS Shrapnel. It tips Melbourne house prices will rise by just 1 per cent until June 2008. That compares with a 43.6 per cent rise in median prices to $359,800 between 2000 and last year. "Affordability in Melbourne is not that different to what it was a couple of years ago," BIS Shrapnel senior project manager Jason Anderson told the Building Industry Prospects conference
  7. Australian property 'over-valued' From: AAP By Shane Wright November 29, 2005 AUSTRALIA has beaten the world in over-valuing its homes – and property owners should prepare for price falls until late next year. A special Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report into housing markets in the world's richest nations has found Australia is the most over-valued property market. The report was prompted by sharp spikes in property prices in developed nations in recent years. The OECD found the estimated over-valuation of Australian homes in 2004 was 51.8 per cent. The n
  8. I don't know, would you believe me if I said the same?
  9. If you really want to find out how smart you are, do the Hoeflin Power Test. No time limit, although the author says that about 1 day per question (36 questions) is reasonable. Someone with an IQ of 120 or less should get no questions right. If you get 36 right you will have an IQ of 197+
  10. All this talk that oil and oil stocks will fall significantly because of fears of demand destruction is complete tosh. Demand is going to have to drop off a lot just to keep up with the supply destruction that the U.S. has seen over the past two months. see - 108 rigs destroyed in gulf of Mexico Just because the yanks can get oil out of the Strategic Reserve or import refined petroleum from Europe doesn't solve the problem. It doesn't increase global production one drop. This winter people in the U.S. still have to heat their homes and drive their cars, and that side of demand is not par
  11. What I can't believe is that analysts such as this get paid big money and they come out with such obvious b*llsh!t
  12. On this point I am in complete agreement with you
  13. Katrina knocked out the refining capacity, and Rita knocked out a bit more. What is not widely appreciated is that Rita had a far bigger effect on the oil production rigs in the gulf. It may have been downgraded to a cat 3 hurricane by the time it reached shore, but it was a real cat 4 when it was out over the water. From a current Bloomberg story - http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=ema...id=aYEzYnzPC1pw
  14. Ahh! So peak oil is a big-oil conspiracy to drive the price up. Funny, in the last couple of days, several key players in the oil industry have come out denying peak oil. The boss of Exxon says there is plenty of oil. The Saudi Oil Minister says there is plenty of oil. Vladimir Putin says there is plenty of oil. On the other hand the peak oil lobby tends to be a bunch of academics and ex-oil industry people with no apparent profit motive. I know who I would prefer to trust.
  15. I disagree, the bull market in gold is just getting started. The fact that this is a 17 year high in gold is simply a testament to the extent that gold has beaten back by central bank selling evry time it has rallied. Eventually the central banks are going to realise that selling all their gold is not a good idea. Maybe that time is now.
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