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  1. I haven't posted for quite a while due to a move to NZ in part to escape what appears may soon engulf much of Europe and the UK. Anyway settled in nicely, was able to buy a big 5 bed on an acre for £200k. Nice views, 5 minutes to surfing beach, ride on mower and broadband to keep up with the action back in the old country. So far its all worked out really well. NZ is remarkable for the open spaces and marked lack of something ...oh yes...people.
  2. James Tiberius - Don't be a fool. If you intend to buy the house and live in it as a home and not as an investment, and can afford it then buy it, today.
  3. Indeed. Their 'principles' seem to have taken a back seat to rampant HPI and other moneymaking opportunities.
  4. Britons 'attacked by Breton extremists' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...C-mostviewedbox Same old story. The correction will have a global reach. That's the thing about global villages..
  5. Is it time to have the Spring Bounce now?
  6. Everyone's an idiot except me.......[same old same old] Aren't 'human doings' just a sack of sh1t. I for one will bathe in the crash; like the crash was pure joy and I could wrap myself in it like a blanket. Gorgeous.
  7. It could be that in NZ house [asking] prices are aimed at 'rich' immigrants who have pockets stuffed with equity from a house sale? Just guessing.
  8. Since they don't use money in the 24th Century, I'm sure he'll be happy to hand over the keys to a needy FTB and in doing so 'enrich' himself. So much more beneficial to ones 'sense of well being' than having money. Folks in the 24thC are so evolved aren't they.
  9. The Blairite King is desperate to keep up her profile in the public eye and get the opportunity to stand again for a seat in Parliament after her humiliation against Galaway. The programme was low brow and predictable, neither party achieving any headway against the other. Typical white noise for a Monday evening. Utter Rubbish.
  10. The government have done what all governments do. That is talk, waste money on crackpot schemes and appeal to short termism and human greed. However this New model labour goverment have taken these characteristics to a new and dangerous level. They now find themselves backed into a corner leaving no room to manouvre the economy without causing the housing crash they are so desperate to avoid. Housing crash = Labour flung off into oblivion forever. (in addition they'll be lucky in that eventuality to get out of office in one piece)
  11. Are you Frank Grimes? Change the channel Marge.. If you're in Auckland NZ shouldn't you be in bed now getting some rest ready for your next day's thankless and back breaking toil?
  12. Liked the last bit of the programme about the Bulgarian family living in their one bedroom flat in Fulham. Their advice being to buy now and work seven days a week so your family can live forever in a one bed. Nice. What a fantastic prospect and what an achievement for government to have engineered this outcome for people. So much for social progress. Life was better in the 10th century! I also heard that a Scotish academic mentioned that there was growing concern with the state of housing in this 'country'. Mate, folks are way past concern.
  13. Wrong - the only thing that gets noticed by this government of hoodlems and snake oil salesmen is some type of direct action - see, front page.... http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1255541,00.html Petitions are toilet paper (used)
  14. "Call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit them hard and we hit them fast with a major - and I mean major - leaflet campaign, and while they're reeling from that we'd follow up with a whist drive, a car boot sale, some street theatre and possibly even some benefit concerts." Thanks to Red Dwarf
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