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  1. good luck getting a mortgage then. Can I have a mortgage, 100K please? There you go. That'll be 10K + mortgage repayments please. Err, on second thoughts....
  2. By December long term 100 day moving average will be between 10 and 15/share. I think this for the following reasons: They are saturated in EU/NA so the only way to grow users in by going to China/India. Good luck threre. Their ability to monetize users is unproven and based on past numbers it's only a dollar a user profit. There's no way that this equates to $100B. I personally don't think that the advertising models on the internet and Facebook's target audience are compatible. FB IPO is the biggest hype bubbble since the dotcom crash.
  3. Yep, especially as footballers can draw a pension at 35.
  4. It's due to a sense of entitlement rather than a sense of responsibility brought on by too many accessible benefits and social handouts. Also if local governments used their leverage as large buyers (like supermarkets do), they could renegotiate landlord's rentals downwards and do us all a favour.
  5. I recently spent some time doing Christmas shopping up London. While in the YSL shop on Sloane Street looking at purses for the missus, the real "1%" were in the shop with Maybach+driver parked up outside. If one spends any real amount of time in the Knightsbridge/Sloane area you'll see the gap between working class 'mass affluent' (50-150k) and 'wealthy'. This shouldn't be surprising though when you are talking about one of the most expensive areas in the one of the most expensive cities in the world which is easily accessible from both the western and eastern worlds. No wonder property like a 2 bed in sw1 costs 1.5 million plus. While someone might be in the top 1% of salaried earners in the UK, that person really needs to be in the top 0.01% to be 'wealthy' and afford central London property. In other words, HPC and house prices affect 99.99% of the population.
  6. have a look at http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/american-express-membership-rewards/1289011-uk-hugely-detrimental-changes-platinum-travel-insurance-january-25th.html
  7. getting back on topic. Amex have effectively removed some of the benefits of this card, and for me that's a deal-breaker so I'll talk to them once and vote with my wallet by cancelling if necessary. There's been lots of talk on this issue over on the flyertalk forums. Can't be arsed to link.
  8. Just on the beeb. La senza has filed for administration.
  9. Use the MSE tool linked earler. For dollars on collection ICE is usually best. If you want the luxury of delivery Thomas or Best are usually the ones to go for. You can do a bacs/fpi from your bank account and the money is sent by post, arriving within 3 days.
  10. I'm not quite sure what's going on there. They are owned by the same outfit as Victoria's Secret (Limited Brands)and they have a gazillion sotres in the US and are launching a flagship store next year in New Bond St. http://www.limitedbrands.com/our_company/company_faq_copy1.aspx Maybe they'll go through a restructure, close all La Senza and re-open as VS? Edit: just spotted that the EU/UK arms are seperately owned etc.
  11. is this still fallout from HBOS or is the LloydsTSB generated grief too?
  12. Funny that. I was recently in KCH London. The place has a complete wlan infrastructure on wpa2-ent
  13. The article is from the daily wail. They wouldn't have the brains to know the difference between a PC and a managed service.
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