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  1. Unpopular view I know, but I think we'll see base rate rises, and then wage inflation driven expressly by the cost of housing, leading to a real fall but not nominal
  2. So, China has previously exported deflation in terms of manufactured goods. But wages are rising in China, on-shoring has become more prevalent. Also, given the criticism of the CPI/RPI on this site, we all know that people don't subsist entirely on Ipods and chinese goods - there may well be inflation in services (how much more will the hairdresser charge?) and food prices. My view is that we are going to have inflation and then consequent wage increases over the next few years.
  3. well it's not too crazy... "4300 sqft and a delightful 60ft garden." and "benefits from gated off-street parking for three cars."
  4. couldn't resist (re: Bristol) Good things: The weather Countryside is not far away Good jumping off point for cornwall A critical mass of people cycle The downs are nice, few cities have such a space, but unless you are a student or a millionaire you have to travel a way to get there, which makes it equivalent to a country park elsewhere. Bad things: Many people have a very juvenile attitude - lots of very childish adults around. It's an old city - many small streets, difficult to navigate. Double parked cars since there's no driveways or garaging. Traffic congestion - london style congestion, but with a significantly smaller population. I still don't know how they manage it. Misplaced belief that it's the center of the world - it's nice enough, but it's a 2nd or 3rd tier city.
  5. I'm expecting the end of QE to cause bond prices to fall/ yields to rise. Carney saying that he'll only consider raising UK rates at < 7% employment - we are only at 7.7% so not that far away. Those on their own would imply rate rise, and reduction in buying power - however taken with the encouraging "green shoots" in the UK economy, I believe that wages will start to rise to keep pace with the high cost of living - which has been steadily increasing even during this ultra low interest rate environment. Basically it's the old "QE stored up a buchload of inflation, ready to be unleashed" I have a 10 yr fix.
  6. Hello, Regardless of the vitriol I may incur by posting this, I'd like to inform everyone I have now bought a house. I think that we've come to the end of the nominal falls, and fully expect wages to start to close the gap to valuations. Repayment mortgage is 30quid more than current rent, for a larger house in the same area. I will remain lurking, as this site is invaluble at challenging groupthink.
  7. My personal view is that we have reached the end of "nominal" crash, - from here on in it's inflation time, therefore I am actively househunting right now , looking to lock in low rates.
  8. I suppose my thought is that FTB's aren't buying are they. It's BTL / 2nd homers.... the question is will is discourage them?
  9. Make the point that that houses are 7x-10x salary for an entry level job. Make the point that high house prices mean it's not worth the young bothering to work.
  10. I sleep in a hat and fleece and have hot water bottle, basically because I resent using the heating in the uninsulated rental I live in. I also like buying food near it's sell by date = bargains!
  11. Please make the point that the reason we can't compete on a global scale against other first world countries is our high cost economy. Explain how Ireland and the US will be thrashing us in a few years, as house prices have been allowed to fall back.
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