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  1. You don't subscribe to the school of "sell in May and go away" then
  2. I imagine that isn't a huge concern to them.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Shipbuilding_Industry_Corporation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_State_Shipbuilding_Corporation Probably more of a problem for the French!
  3. Are you doing it for management or everyone? Is everyone doing one or just you? Have they given you any guidance on topics? What is the purpose of the presentation/s? I like your ideal of an intellectual theme and something you can be passionate about.. but agree with others that this is a very difficult subject to broach, especially in 10 minutes. Would something product/work focused be more appropriate? Or something economic but related to your industry? As others have said.. for 10 minutes, keep the theme serious but the talk positive and light hearted.
  4. Can't believe my off-topic post was relegated to off-off topic I thought it was quite an interesting story.. I guess my mistake was referencing a political party in the title..
  5. Broadest spying powers imaginable: SNP MPs plan to block Tory Snoopers Charter More here: http://rt.com/uk/257737-snp-surveillance-state-may/ Anything to stop the odious Theresa May
  6. Thought I'd drop in and see what's going on. Been pretty quiet in the MSM recently so I assume not a huge hell of a lot. Is Damik still spamming the thread with total boll0x?
  7. I can't argue with that, I should have said AV rather than PR. Either way, it's all academic.
  8. UKIP did pretty well under the circumstances and being such a young party.. Their main downfall this election was the British love affair with strategic voting. I'm sure a lot of people who voted Tory would have preferred UKIP.. The problem was they were more focused on keeping Labour out. Under these circumstances PR would far better reflect true voter sentiment.
  9. The irony being that Damik is the closest thing to a stereotypical Russian actor of anybody on this thread. He is the perfect planted "dissenting voice" deliberately assigned to badly and vocally misrepresent the opposing view but without whose comments and inflammatory remarks the thread would have naturally fizzled out months ago. It's doubtful in reality that anybody would go to such effort on a thread read by about 10 people.. but nevertheless ironic and humorous in its own right.
  10. I'm not sure I understand the complaint.. As tax payers we bought them, as tax payers we are selling them. As individuals we didn't buy them, and as individuals we don't profit from the sale of them. The sale simply goes on the government balance sheet either writing off the debt we originally took on or funding expenditure (depending on how you prefer to look at it). Sure, the BoE printed north of £400bn to make all this possible.. But the decision to distribute that wealth back to asset holders and asset speculators rather than the public more widely was essentially a BoE one rather than a government one. Or if any government it was Flash Gordon and Captain Darling.. but I don't imagine for a second they really had a clue what was going on.
  11. I assume Damik agreed with their decision
  12. Not that their gung-ho ultra nationalists are out of control or anything.. Looks like the same retards have managed to pop off some journalists with an anti tank missile. Who in their right mind puts these lunatics on the frontline when they're trying to sustain a cease-fire?
  13. Looks like the French aren't that concerned either.. Seems it's only Damik and a few boarder countries who have their knickers in a twist.. And the latter are probably only doing it to feed their egos / popularity.
  14. In other news fighting has escalated near Donetsk airport Kiev's department of propaganda blames the separatists: Then quietly admits: Not that their gung-ho ultra nationalists are out of control or anything..
  15. Mean while Kiev doing their very best to stoke conflict and tension again: The irony being:
  16. Good thing you said Red Dawn and not Red October.. From 2020 the Vanguard Subs (trident) will Be ready for scrappage.. the British nuclear deterrent will be more akin to something from pirates of the Caribbean..
  17. Given that we're moving out of Europe and down sizing that's probably for the best. Apparently the funding is so tight in the UK they're having to re-open old condemned sites like North Luffenham just to have somewhere to house the returning troops. Before they get rid of them if some rumours are to be believed.
  18. Doesn't seem the British share Eastern Europe's paranoia about Russia.. http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2013/mar/05/uk-withdraw-troops-germany-2016
  19. I don't make a habit of engaging with trolls, bit since this comment is so wildly defamatory/offensive I will respond only to simply assert that I hate neither gays, minorities.. or in fact any generic group of people you might care to mention.
  20. Are you really surprised that his history reading is confined to recent Hollywood blockbusters? I don't know why you waste your breath to be honest
  21. Some unbiased reporting from the BBC on Ukraine.. WTF happened?! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-32173627 An admission that plenty of East Ukrainians are voluntarily fighting for their independence.. Not all just Russian plants as some fantasists on this thread believe. Obviously another poor brainwashed soul for not wanting to have anything to do with Kiev..
  22. It is very brave/stupid of Farage to publicly address subjects that could easily be misconstrued or twisted by opponents. On the other hand that's why he's likeable.. He doesn't patronise the voter and has the courage of his convictions. He has huge leadership potential and under the right circumstance could be one of the best leaders this country's ever had.
  23. Except he should have been banging on the door of every property speculator pre 2007 and asking them why they borrowed more than they could afford and that their lack of prudence had risked the entire financial system. Or the door of the FSA and BoE who's job it was to monitor macro systemic risks and malpractice within the financial sector. But as always it is much easier to blame the banks rather than the greedy and the incompetent. After all, the banks did pretty well out of it.. It must have been their fault.
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