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  1. +1 My gran used to live opposite a beautiful little plot of land called Ulverscroft (known locally as "the rough"), it was left to the national trust a few years ago by the old lady who owned it specifically so that people could continue to enjoy access to it after she had passed away. After taking ownership of it the NT have since banned all access to it for visitors and locals alike. If the old lady knew she would turn in her grave.
  2. Now I've read it properly I agree, it sounds like a disaster in the making.
  3. The NHS certainly lacks the customer facing qualities of private enterprise. You also suspect it's probably a bit top heavy. Some level of privatisation might not be a terrible thing, but I'd probably start by training twice the number of doctors each year (drive some of the top wages down) and finding ways to combine management roles if possible. If that failed I wouldn't mind seeing them try areas of privatisation. I think the only thing the end user really cares about is that it is still paid for out of general taxation.. which presumably wouldn't change whichever model they used.
  4. I'm not an expert but that is certainly my understanding. Provided you never remove the money from the ISA account and just re-invest it directly I think you are ok. The harder question is probably how to turn £10k into £100k
  5. Landlords already saying they're going to pass on the extra costs to their tenants.. good luck with that!
  6. There didn't seem to be any major changes to pensions which is surprising. Only an investigation into a ISA based system in future..
  7. Except tax credits are funded by the state.. NMW is funded privately.
  8. Anyone able to provide a bit of a running commentary of the juicy bits for those of us without streaming?
  9. Coverage on BBC2 starting 11:30. Presume the speech will start at 12..
  10. I know not everyone likes him.. but Peter is usually retty good value in these situations:
  11. Indeed.. I personally know a guy who is being made redundant there. Not looking pretty.
  12. I stand corrected.. For some reason I thought they'd also written off their public debts at the same time.
  13. This is an interesting point. It sounds a bit like Iceland, who we never hear anything about yet they refused to pay their creditors and are going from strength to strength. That is not the kind of success story you really want getting out. Especially if you are broadly a creditor nation..
  14. Not strictly true.. not sure how these work exactly but you can get two way internet from a satellite system: http://www.groundcontrol.com/maritime_satellite_internet.htm It'll cost you about a quid a meg though
  15. They live on Anglesey.. so yes.. sleepy valley type area. I'm not sure exactly how much superfast would be for them, but believe it is considerably more than the standard "2 mb" line they have at the moment,
  16. Thanks FreeTrader.. I was looking everywhere recently for an up to date graph showing M4 velocity. Perfect timing! [Edit to add: I read the full release.. I couldn't find the M4 data. Is that sourced separately?]
  17. Anecdotally my parents came across this issue first hand. Before their local exchange was upgraded to super-fast broadband they used to have a reliable 2meg internet connection. Since the upgrade the connection drops out and the speeds at times are painfully slow, even for web browsing. Response from the ISP was to upgrade to superfast (for a pretty massive premium). When they looked at changing ISP it seems that all the ISPs in their area piggy-back the same service provider, so switching would make no difference. Their only choice is pay superfast prices, or not get reliable internet. A bit more competition in this area might not be a bad thing.
  18. Not sure I follow? Hedge against the risk we decide to stay in the UK after all?Or simply bet that the UK will out perform Latin markets over the long run? Edit to add: I'm presently mid 30s so have at least a 30 year investment window.
  19. I will pre-empt this by saying I am not looking for "investment advise" but more any suggestions on the mechanics of how to achieve a specific goal. I am looking at retiring (if not moving) eventually to South / Central America and on that basis it seems sensible to have a section of my pension portfolio invested in Latin American stocks as a hedge. I don't have a huge pot so need to manage my costs and risk (and limited access to international markets) and have been looking at things like BRLA.L and similar investment trusts (I should disclose that I already have a small position here). Finally getting to the point.. A lot of these funds have performed pretty poorly and seem to be focussed on large single sectors/companies like O&G, Mining etc and are mostly biased towards Brazil. The fact that the region has performed badly makes me think that now is as good a time to poke money that way while the valuations are low, but I'm ideally looking for something that is spread more evenly around the region and in smaller companies that are more representative of the local economies. I think I'm probably asking the impossible.. do I just need to wait for a decent trust to arrive if/when it ever does?
  20. I guess it depends on where you take your point of reference.. Compared to 2009 the performance has been amazing. Compared to 2007 and before we have really only just made new ground. As a casual investor (mostly SIPP and a bit of spare change) I'm looking to move out of "recovery" stocks and spread my risk a bit.. because frankly there is nothing much that I "like" at the moment. The choice is that or sell and hold cash.. but I agree with your comment earlier that "bull" is the general market state and unless there is a whiff of stock bubble or global meltdown it would take a lot to convince me to start dashing for the exits. If we get another major correction I don't anticipate another 2008, more a pull back and general trend upwards again over the next 5-10 years or so. Hopefully there won't be any imminent hat eating to do
  21. I agree with your general view on a long term bull market.. I can't see central banks allowing any major asset devaluations at this point, AFAICT they need to inflate everything else to balance the property/debt bubble they have been supporting. I would feel more confident of a strong run if velocity started to increase, but appreciate it can be a trailing indicator. so far it feels like "recovery" rather than "bull run". https://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/M2V/
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